Theories, Thoughts, Dissertations

Different ideas, thoughts, questions are raised around couple of themes by examining topics with critical thinking and investigating available sources. While the articles are not peer-reviewed and therefore, cannot be used for scientific publications, the ideas are seeds, which can be planted to provide growth. 

Social Identity

This theme is collecting thoughts about personal identification within community. It is speaking about moral, culture, religion, media and all of these phenomena's role in forming our identity what speaks about how we relate to each other and how we use the mirror what is given to us, or how these mirror works,  and what does it reflect. 

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Control and Power

This theme is investigating the scale between Free Will and Surrender, the determination of existence, the purpose of one's life, the birth of the individuum out of the mass. It also touches the Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and other attempts of autocratic control-building.

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Altered State of Consciousness

This theme is investigating around the different kinds of Altered State of Consciousness (ASC) from NDE till Lucid Dreaming, their roles, effects and essences.

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This theme is investigating around the alchemical process of transcending dualism, it concerns the transformation, and shadow work, transcending emotions, thoughts, balancing out light and dark, and integration of the Whole. 

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The Feminine Aspect

This theme is investigating around the Feminine Energy, its differentiation from the Masculine Energy; the control and usage of emotions as a tool for healing, and the somatic/Body wisdom.

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Jungian Approach

This theme is a collection of topics about Jungian ideas, like Archetypes, unconscious realms.

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Short Talk about Anima and the mother figure in Jung interpretation

Jung spoke in deep detail about the archetypes and explained their importance in the individuation process. 

There is no individuation process without integrating opposites into each other by dissolving paradoxes. Jung also mentions that the whole Universe is based on paradox therefore life gets created when these opposing forces interact with each other and giving birth to the 'Anthropos' - a higher level existence by a sacred integration. 

These interactions are conflict sources, which gives the opportunity for reorganizing the already existing system and integrating the new 'opponent' part in a higher level. 

The Mother Figure integration and acceptance is a root problem in personal development. But this integration is more complicated for a man. 

Since women need to understand their own basic operation, it is an introspective process while for a man, the whole 'mother' substance is an alien which only exists outside, only in their unconscious as archetypical pictures. 

Anima is described as the numinous force which modifies everything it touches. It is also described as the Serpent or Snake or Magician, the Inner Feminine part of the Male personality. 

While Mother Figure is described on one side as the emphatic motherlove, the basic care, on the other side it is the untamable nature, the wild, uncontrolled instinct -the 'snake' character, the conflicting or rebirthing force.

In order to gain control over these uncontrollable instincts, religions, which are based on Patriarchy, denied and rejected the Divinity from the Feminine figure and downgraded it to a simple mother function, glorifying the mother's reproductive organs but rejecting the Untamable Nature, and their true Spirit. They reduced the Feminine figure to a simple Matera without the Divinity. 

The integration of the mother figure from the Male point of view therefore can lead into two different paths. On one hand it can be partially rejected and downgraded to a Matera without Spirit, which we can see in all Patriarchal systems.

On the other hand, it can call for a greater integration in this alchemical fire, and in case of full acceptance of the uncontrollable, Untamable Mother Nature, it can be an opportunity for a rebirth of the Divine Masculine. 


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Individuum and Rootlessness

Thinking about the debate of the meaning of personality and the elements of it, several different approaches were established. Is this a behavior pattern, the well-thought manner, the politeness, the cultural acceptance, the political viewpoint, the religious belief or nationality. What defines you? What is left after these conditions are excluded?

Or... if we go deeper into it... Can your uniqueness be grasped by ignoring all social or cultural environment? Can you exist without being influenced by any of the surrounding viewpoints even if it is political, religious, racial, ethnic etc.? Is there any possibility to be the observer without getting influenced from the observed environment?

The real question is - Can you be an independent observer while living in a well-controlled society or can you be - at least - an observer and NOT the observed?

There are three questions here and I would like to start with the last one: Can you be an observer and not the observed?

We are living in a world where everything is for sale and for the continuation of the business, the repetitive circle has to be established. So here comes the news, media, commercials, advertisements and every single method to get information from people's customs in order to influence them to buy more, to consume more, to spend more, to work more to have more money to spend; to worry about a common enemy and to base trust in the government, who plays the saver; and to have less time to think about that there is no enemy at the first place. Or why would you think at all anyway if your mind is fulfilled already with all these bombing images of the consuming market?

So, the starting point to emerge out of the observed category is to QUESTION everything and do that time-consuming research and find out your own answer!!! Not what the government/social media/church/community said BUT your own one from your OWN RESEARCH. 

But here comes the second question, strongly connected to the first one: If you can be an independent observer? 

Answering this question, I have two different points in my mind.

First the basic thesis of Quantum Physics stating that the behavior of the observed is changed by the fact of being observed. 

And second, vice versa the observer is changed by the result of the experiment or by being affected by the observed. 

Ancient Alchemists knew the fact that for creating the philosopher stone it is essential that the adept transmuting himself together with the observed object.

Jung explained it clearly in his study about Alchemy and drew example from Paracelsus' life, who lived in the border of Christianity and Alchemical studies. While honoring both, it gave him a serious and nonstop struggle of defining his place in the system. 

So, what defines you and where do you belong?

If you understand and see how the world try to manipulate you and trigger you to its own well-controlled rules of Society, you reach the point to emerge out of it. 

However, the emerge comes with a price. And that price is the rootlessness. 

In order to see more, to understand more, you need to eat that apple in the Eden and that will give you the view. 

The view to observe everything, to separate everything from yourself and integrate them all in a higher level. And for that you have to descent first before you can ascent.

And when you finally rise, you are not just one nationality but all, you are not just one race but all, you are not just one political view but all, you are not one religion but all. You are all in it and you are playing different games in different situations but after all you are here to experience; You are here to experience different situations in different set ups. Sometimes you are the winner, sometimes the looser. You can call it Karma if you like but after all these categories exist only till you understand that these are not important either. 

And if you finally understand that you can be the real observer and you can experience the whole Universe within yourself.

So, who are you again? The Whole Universe in one single drop. 


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Determinism or Free Will

The basic question of how much control we have over our life is as old as our existence and there are several approaches from several different viewpoints.

My understanding of the matter is limited by my present knowledge and represents a certain viewpoint with an openness of all other ideas, in a hope that this essay can still be used for the purpose to be giving birth to new thoughts.

Determinism - according to the dictionary - is the philosophical belief that all events are determined completely by previously existing causes. The Principle of Cause and Effects said that every single action has a behind reason or cause, which may not be recognized. 

In theological meaning the word 'predestination' is used, and the cause is narrowed to the controlling God or fate. 

Free will on the other hand, is the ability to decide what to do independently of any outside influence, or the choice between different possible courses of action unimpeded.

So, do we have free will or not and for what extend?

One of the Buddhist teachings says that every single soul decides about their journey on Earth and the pack of experiences they wish to learn during their current lifepath, and they made this decision long before they get born. Therefore the life-situation we are in, had been implemented by our choice already and our remaining tasks are to bring the best out of it. That theory gives an upper hand to the free will by placing an utmost responsibility and ownership to our hand. 

Presents always come with a price tag. 

According to Jung in order to practice that free will it is necessary to reach a certain point of individualism where the person claims their right for it. 

Not only he needs to claim the rights but also, he needs to reach the level where he had tested and understood certain rules and decided to accept them by his own inner 'forums'. 

This theory requires the acknowledgement of ruling principles. 

So, in that meaning the limit of our free will and the chance to extend that limit are paradoxically both connected to the LAW. 

Acknowledging and understanding the hierarchic system of the Natural Law is the first step towards to break the chain of automatism.

The next step is creating vacuum... It is the mental process of attain a degree of poise and Mental Firmness where the chain of action can be stopped. It is the moment of awareness and the opportunity to rise above things and letting it pass beneath us. 

According to Jung theory, in case of poise, the chain of action has been broken and the brain is forced to create a new pattern to solve the situation. That urge rewrite the wire and give birth to brand new ideas and a wider point of view both in personal and collective level. 

In accordance with the hierarchy of Natural law, and the principle of correspondence, it is the practice of obeying and respecting the law and transmute them to each other. 

Above all, the level of the free will is paradoxically bound to our connectedness to the center. The closer we are, the more freedom we obtain.


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The Grail pottery

They said in the Feminine journey, if you are one of those destined to be a healer, you have to visit the Ancient Mother Wound, the most painful one, the Original One. Most probably you will be pushed into it by your own personal life experience to finally manage to see HER.

The good mother has to die in order to reawaken the True one, who is able to hold the whole existence, all the good and bad, light and dark together in it.

And in order to be able to do that, you will be formed to be the Grail by blood and fire. You will learn tough lesson of responsibilities, and you will be prepared to hold deepening emotions.

Still, nobody spoke about the amount of anger which comes with it. The history never lets a girl express anger. You have to be the smiling one because that is girlish, even when they abuse you.

(I need to add here that there is a similar path in the Masculine healing journey as well, - since the Patriarchy caused serious damages in both sides - where the Man is finally allowed to feel all the range of emotions, NOT JUST the anger.)

For a woman, it is about decades of oppressions, abuses, betrayals, which connect personal and collective source of pain together. These emotions were waiting (thousands of) years hidden, restricted and forbidden, and when they finally came to light, the Breakthru feels like the biggest eruption with unstoppable molten magma running its course. Justice is the right word for it, and it hits in waves.

- How did they dare to do it? Who or what authorized them? or more closely:

- How I let it happen? What did it take so long to stand up? and why?

- Will I be able to forgive them, to myself or to my mother to let it happen?

And when it comes, it is time for the pit fire.

Hold that anger, transmute it while it is firing through all your cells and cleaning up all the wounds; let it through but also hold it close without grabbing it and learn to control it.

Standing in the storm unshakable, worrying about that a single slip of fire, which could sneak out of control can cause irreversible damage to your loved ones is the heaviness of how that Grail reaches its final firmness in the pit fire.

The gift is the regained ancient Power of the Feminine - and I am speaking about the real, pure, sacred POWER, the ancient womb, which created the whole Universe, which is available only for those who dare to see without turning their head away or closing their eyes.

And if you received that gift, start it over, use that grail to give birth to a better world.


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Birth of the light

In order to transmute the Darkness into Light, first you have to become the Darkness. This is the stage of the Negredo as Jung describes it, and without it, there is no conception. Only from the inside you can make the change. You have to let it through you while standing strong without a flinch to see it for what it is, to separate it into particles, conjunct it with your new perspective to let the fermentation begin.


There is no such a stage that you are enlighten and that is it, you arrived.

Universe is a never ending, always expanding quality and as soon as you start your trip down in the Rabbit hole, you will recognize that it completely depends on you, how far you can reach. The deeper you go, the darker the environment is, and the brighter the light you will find.

There are so many fake love and light gurus who state that the only true sign in the path if you are safe and happy in your place, and only good things happen with you because you are in the flow.

Just couple of questions for that level of ignorance:

Did Jesus Christ fail his mission when he got crucified?

Did Jesus say 'Comon' guys I am out of here it is so negative' or 'love and light only so get that negative vibe away from me?'

No. He fulfilled the prophecy.

He let the Dark take him and he became One with the Darkness. He went through it without a flinch. He dared to look at the center of it to feel it, see it, identify all the particles in it, because that was the only way to turn it around and create a spark of life in it.

And that is how the Sun got born in the darkest Night.


#lightanddark #birthoflight 

Altered State of Consciousness (ASC) - Castaneda-version

The theme is an exciting one and it drives our attention towards different dimensions and altered realities with the aim to discover more about the meaning of our existence.

Near death experience, psychedelics and lucid dreaming are just three methods or keys to open the door to that 'other reality' among the others. But any of these three are important and deep and equally enough to get a sight from the world within.

Let's check out one by one:

- Near death experience - I touched the subject in connection with Claire Wineland as I experienced that kind of 'exit' twice in my life as well. I am planning to go deeper into the subject but preferably as an outside observer this time. :)

-Psychedelics - There are great names in psychology who dedicated their life to investigate that kind of altered conscious. One of them is Ralph Metzner and his book named Ecology of Consciousness is one of the best summaries of today's scientific discovery.

The other name is Carlos Castaneda. He is an American anthropologist. His journey is also worthy to discover since he started as an observer and wanted to take the role of an outsider while discovering hallucinogens. During these experiences he faced with a dilemma how can be these experiences examined in the scientific field and how much can it be used as confirmed evidence without scientific approval. The dilemma leads him out of the scientific circles as the experiences requires a certain specific kind of sense which has no measure in the field of science yet and as it is not accepted.

This brought the questions forward how these kinds of altered realities can be examined for science and if there is any sense to synthetize these materials out of their natural environment. (DMT as a synthetize version of Ayahuasca for example).

In other words: Does that kill the magic if you synthetize them? How much alteration in conscious does the synthetization cost? How much the experience differs if you do the initiation procedure or if you just take the synthetic version?

He experienced Pejot, Datura and Humito and he published his discovery as a proper study in his book 'The teaching of Don Juan: a Yaqui way of Knowledge'. According to his biography, he left Don Juan right after this experience and he returned only two years later with a decision he made, to continue to go deeper even if the price is to be kicked out from the scientific circles.

He went deeper with his studies to experience other way and he published a book about dreaming called 'The art of Dreaming' in 1993.

He passed away in 1998 and the cause of the death was liver disease. We can say it was the price of the usage of these materials, but it was the price to give an insight into the other world. Maybe it is just a way as it is.

-Lucid dreaming - as the third way to ASC. You can find deep studies about it in the Tibetan Buddhist teachings and also Jung was the master of the subject. There are certain movies based on the theme for example Inception.

Both of that three gateways are powerful and deep channels to that altered reality and worth for farther investigation.


The Lucifer Effect

Back in the Psychology University my favorite topic was social psychology and I was eager to study how manipulation and programming works on people's mind. That was the time I heard about Zimbardo and his Stanford Experiment with the aim to investigate what happened back in Abu Ghraib prison, and how an average person turns into evil. In the short version he set up a prison scene inside the University and randomly selected guards and prisoners from the volunteers. The experiment had to stop after 6 days!!! because of the extreme brutality what the guards allowed to themselves against the prisoners, whom - again - was selected randomly. I would say that if you interested you can find a lots of videos, studies about that experiment but why would you do that if you can see the whole Stanford experiment in real in front of your eyes right now playing out in big in Gaza. The only different is that it has not stopped after 6 days but... it has been playing out for the longest term ever.... for 75 years.

One of the most shocking experiences was watching how some of my 'spiritual love and light only' friends turned into a programmed robot and became unable to pronouns 'Palestinian people' at all. They call it war, but I do not see any Palestinian army anywhere. I see only Izraelian army marching and killing civilians including kids, women, men, bombing hospitals, mosques, schools with the motto of chasing an invisible boogie man, while all the superpowers have intentionally stepped back waiting till a whole nation got wiped out and the area will be 'clean' to take the gas field and build their Nova City on the top of the murdered bodies.

The only problem what they did not count with is social media. They paid a lot for a powerful and expensive propaganda to implement a well-designed programme into people's mind and to silence several leaders of other countries but something unexpected started to show up under the surface, and it was bravery. It was the miscalculated 'human' factor what they discounted so eagerly right from the beginning. Who thought that couple of brave men and women would stand on the mid of the blood shed using their own camera to show the world the real face of Lucifer? And they tried to kill them...and lots of them has been killed right now while I am typing these sentences. But they made something extraordinary, they showed the bravest, brightest Souls to the world. They have shown hope and they have shown that the strongest force of Humanity is living inside the heart of the Palestinian People.

This post is dedicated to all the heroes who have been killed during this massacre and for all those press personals who are standing face to face with death each day with a camera in their hands to show the world the truth behind the propaganda.





@sarimaansour - R.I.P.

@farah_omar - R.I.P. - was killed 40 min prior of publishing this post

@saleh_aljafarawi - R.I.P.

Ayat Al Khaddour - @ayatkhaddoura.vo - R.I.P.

Belal Jadallah - R.I.P


The principle of gender in emotions

I had a lovely conversation recently about the roles of emotions in the mirror of the Kybalion principle: gender.

My question raised: why control and willing your experience is so important. Control came with the idea of conquering and power and as the Kybalion describes it, it gives utmost important to the mind above all.


But does it really superior? And who am I to dare to question this?

But still… is it possible that it appears to be true only because it was loudly preached in the last two thousand years or so? I believe Kybalion is a wonderful collection for all the principles of the mind, and all is useful guidance and truth.

However, mind without somatic, body experience is dead, and we see with our own eyes how the control-freak industrial revolution pushes the entire humanity to the verge of collapse.

But where is an end, there is a new beginning.

We have such an opportunity now to close that gap and make the shift back to harmony.

It would be time to reawaken that suppressed feminine essence and start to listen to the wisdom of the body and lift it back to balance. It requires to focus more on experience and the harmonization of them, than grabbing the control button of masculine side so desperately. After all, in all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

So, what about to lose the will, loosen the control, give up the want for the descension from the mind to the heart?

'Emotions aren't masculine or feminine. They are human. Normalize them.'


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Paradox and the Magnum Opus

The key is to dissolve the paradox.

Alchemy speaking about the Lapis Phylosophorum (Philosopher's Sone) which can be created by harmonizing the opposing entities.

As a theory, it is the same way, how life is created by that magnetic spark, which appeared by the results of pulsation of these opposing forces. The secret of life is in the reaction which started by affinity and pulse.

It is the Principle of Dualism, which says everything is dual, as light vs. dark, good vs. bad.

Jung speaks about Christian theories, which are giving priority for the light (pro-bono). (God is light and there is no darkness in him.) These theories claim that light is stronger than darkness, and they define darkness as a kind of lack of light. If is that so, why cannot exist light without dark?

What if dark is not empty but full of unknown entities? What if dark is the unconscious and light is the conscious? What If that two are not opposing each other's but have different values? What if God is righteousness (angry at sinners) and merciful in the same time?


Jung said about the Alchemical marriage that it is the conjunction of Eros and Logos. Eros is the feminine, the unconscious, the intuition; and Logos is the masculine, the conscious, the logic. Or Dark and Light. This is the pair with different quantities, and the task is to harmonize them. Those numinous qualities are much deeper than it could be described by words only.

The human nature has the urge for completion and perfection to reach that harmony, however completion and perfection are not possible to exist together. Since perfection requires light only, and completion requires light and dark together, a paradox appears. How is it even possible than?


In the Alchemical theories the only way to bring birth to the lapis philosophorum, or to create that harmony is, if it is born inside the heart and it is beyond and below at the same time.

In the human body as the vessel.

As above, so below.

The work of Mercury

Where Logic can't reach, there comes love above all law.



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Instead of the fake Hollywood, here comes the real Feminine

When the world is turning upside down and all the values are vanished or repainted and recalibrated by Hollywood, we need to speak about the Real Feminine, you know the Divine One.

The Divine Feminine consists of 3 equally important parts: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

The Maiden has the gifts of being playful, joyful, spontaneous, adventurous. She is Persephone.

The Mother has the gifts of nurturing, caring, healing, supporting, comforting, building nest or shelter and providing safety and warm. She is Demeter.

And the third part is the one deleted, censored out from modern history by the Propaganda since She is the most essential one, the One who owns the power of all.

The Crone is the guide who knows the way. She is Hecate with Cerberus under her command. She descended to the Underword as Persephone, she dared to face her fear and feel all the pain when she opened the birth channel to bring life into this World as Demeter, and she integrated all of them into herself. For her bravery she became the keeper of the key to the gate of Wisdom and through it, she has the Saint Grail in her possession.

She is the Crone, who hold the playful, joyful characters of a maiden, the nurturing and healing power of the mother and the full embodied power-essence of the Crone. She commands the Elements, and she has her own protection by Cerberus.

Whoever managed to integrate all the 3 parts and has the true Essense of the Divine Feminine will not stand silence where a nation, tribe is slaughtered in front of our eyes.

The One who has the Crone in her side dares to look at the eyes of the Child Murderer who tears the 3 years old out of her mother's arm or shot down the 7 years old.

She is the one who stand and shout even if the whole world is silently watching the Evilest Crime committed at daylight. Because with every murder, her bones get broken.

And the Crone is the bone-collector. She gathers all the bones, stands in front of them, and call upon all the Forces from Heaven to Hell, from the East to the West, from the North to South to reawaken the Lost and Rejected Power of Mother Earth.

Artist unknown


Transhumanisation in Harari style

Nowadays I hear worries about the direction our collective lives are turning. Recently I read the book called 'Homo Deus' from Harari and despite the fact that I do not share his opinion in most cases, and I see his perspective as a 100% logical masculine with a full denial of other realities, I do share his worries about having a life guided by machines or being surrounded by so called 'upgraded' people who are already half machine in order to produce and consume more from a dying culture while declaring 'own nothing and be happy'.

While I try to balance my own feminine and masculine side, by holding both the logical mind and the loving heart in equal term, I should admit that the view what is projected by the WEF is a threat to all our values and cultural heritage.

But I see something else as well, which started much earlier than the thoughts of turning towards to machine for upgrade, and praising machines as the new Savior. I believe there is a major root -cause what provided the possibility that it could even develop to become such a danger.

As soon as humanity declared a man-lead society, where women are second classes, humanity turned away from Nature and started to destroy Mother Earth. The disrespect towards women, especially in men-lead religions are the root cause of all the natural disasters we have around, and the funniest thing in that is that they promoting a solution to use more power, more male dominance to solve it???

Those brutal male-leaded intention mostly came from rejected man, who decided to destroy strong women reputations and their relationships just because they cannot have power over them. What is left is the animalistic desire and the degradation of the moral of society what is going hand by hand with the declaration of Transhumanism.

Yes, we are a technically advanced society, and I am typing this blog in my device and still I argue that the balance has to be made. There were ancient societies, much higher in technology than ours today. If you give a chance and a search about these stories in the border of history vs. myths, like Atlantis, besides your belief it is real or not, it can still teach a lesson. That society was supposed to be much more advanced than ours today and their abomination caused by greed and hunger for power, and it led to turning away from Nature just like nowadays.

AI is like money, it can be a tool or a weapon, it depends on the hand who hold it. When I see people turning to AI without any control, with full trust and looking at it like a salvation, and fighting and running away from vulnerability, I see the same abomination. Nobody can live forever, as death is the part of the natural circle of life. The moment you deny vulnerability and start fighting to have an utmost upgrade of power and the opportunity to live forever like a God, you lost all the value Humanity means. Do you really want to live like that?


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Why do we need our story?

Who are you? How can you identify yourself? What do you answer to the question when someone ask you to introduce yourself?

Your job?

Your title?

Your paygrade?

Your schools?

Your degree?

Your nationality?

Your religion?

But all of that are pre-set conditions, which exist before you, after you and without you as well?


What makes you unique?

When they ask me that question, I wish to tell my story,

how I have experienced the world,

what kind of wisdom I have acknowledged,

what is the 'truth' I believe in and stand for in all circumstances and

what kind of struggle and pain I went through to reach that stage.

You know, speaking about the pressure, which the coal goes through to become diamond.

Considering the fact that the lack of story will awake the mechanism of creating false narrative by people projecting their own unresolved shadow, and then acting out according to it, telling your story is also for protection...

....or for the exact opposite.

If the people become jealous, by the fact that your existence is pure evidence of living a life in a high level, which they denied and labeled as impossible, you can easily become a target of their anger for all their own unaccomplished dreams.

Paradox... the stage of

Do we need a story to explain people who we were and who we have become and what kind of road we have taken to become the new, if all of their interests are based on materialistic goals, and if their level can be described by the brand of their cars, or the property they owned.


You need your story for you... to understand why you are different, how each steps made you who you are, what kind of nightmares you have faced and understood to reach higher ground and what kind of patterns you overcame by recognizing them.

Therefore, your story is essential... for you... and for all the ones, who have the interests to open their mind and learn from others.

And then... when you recognized all your flaws, broke all your patterns, faced all your nightmares...

...Your story is not important anymore.


Some thoughts about Alchemy

With my greatest admiration towards Alchemy, I have to admit that the more I research, the more complicated it gets till I reach the point I feel totally unable to express my tiny insight of it. Yet I give it a try since lately I had an inspiring discussion about the topic, which triggered me to share that little piece of mine, which I discovered through the last couple of years from Maria Szepes, Jung, Paracelsus, Goethe, Newton, Terence McKenny etc.

Alchemy as per my understanding through how Jung described it, is the Doctrine of Arcana. In that meaning Arcana is the Essence, which holds Health, Wealth and Power in its possession. It means Arcana is the Quinta Essentia - the fifth element - the Spirit of Truth. This is the essence which turns the metal to gold, and also it is the Elixir of Life. It is a living being, it is the Spirit of the Universe.

However, it exists in the Universe in 'Saturnian' (impure) form, which needs to be purified.

While this essence in one hand was searched in the outside World, it also considers a so called "participation Mystique' elements, which makes the researcher involved, which means that the purification process also become an individualization process.

Jung referred it to the Myths of Creation. In the Beginning everything was One, and it was Darkness. And the greatest and highest purpose was hidden inside the Darkest bottom of the Unconsciousness.

In the seed, the life is still One and it has everything, including the fire, which holds life. In that meaning Darkness gives birth to Light.

The aim of Alchemy is to create that 'Lumen Nature' - Natural light by subtract the light-bringer (also called Lucifer) from the Stem Material.

Alchemy in this meaning consists of the separation of the Chaos (Prima Materia) to an active and a passive part and the conjunction, which is the Alchemical Marriage.

That is connected to the Correspondence Law or Opus Alchemicum (As Above so Below) and it states that the Alchemical Marriage cannot be done without the completion of the circle. The Earth cannot ascend till the Sky does not descend.

This process cannot be done without the 'corpus toxicum', the aqua of the philosopher, which makes the transmutation possible.

The Secret is in the Hermetic Vessel, which holds the Wisdom of God.

That Vessel is the rounded pot, jar or stone, which represents not just the Lapis but the Selbst itself. It also represents a Temple or the awareness, which is able to accept the Selbst. In another translation it is the Selbst holding the Selbst itself. It is a dual substance holding the wholeness inside, the harmonized balance of Yin and Yang or the Feminine and Masculine force, which works as a bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness.

As this Sacred Essence is the jar for the consciousness and the unconsciousness as well, it cannot be understood by logic and the closest we can get to it is by using the language of symbols.

Jung used an ancient sermon about a fish called cruribus to describe. There is a magnetic stone in its tail-vertebrae. This stone called Opsianus. This is a very rare stone, and it is so powerful, that it is able to detain the big, proud ships of the Ocean. This stone is derived from Saturn and black from outside like lead, and white from inside. It is the dual-essence of the Mercury. You need a certain procedure how to catch this fish, and even if you manage to take it out from the water, when you try to remove the stone from the tail, you have to be extremely careful as the dual substance vaporize when it contacts with Air.

There are lots of symbols in this description, from the difficulty of the task till the concepts of the 7-steps Alchemical procedure which ends in the Alchemical Marriage, which is the creation of the Philosopher Stone. One caution is important to mention, that the process of the stone requires certain, special, sacred discipline, not only because of the risk that the essence would vaporize but also as it is toxic and if someone tries to reach it without appropriate approach, it can poison him or drive him crazy.

This is one tiny little part of clue about the Philosopher Stone, the Lapis Philosoporum, the Sacred Essence, the Quinta Essentia, the Selbst, the Uroboros, the Essence of the One, the Imago Dei.

"Tis true without lying, certain and most true.

That which is below is like that which is above

and that which is above is like that which is below.

to do the miracle of one only thing

And as all things have been and arose from one by the mediation of one:

so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

The Sun is its father,

the moon its mother,

the wind hath carried it in its belly,

the earth is its nurse.

The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.

Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.

Separate thou the earth from the fire,

the subtle from the gross

sweetly with great industry.

It ascends from the earth to the heaven.

and again, it descends to the earth.

and receives the force of things superior and inferior.

By this means you shall have the glory of the whole world

and thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all force,

for it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing.

So was the world created.

From this are and do come admirable adaptations

where of the means is here in this.

Hence, I am called Hermes Trismegist [sic],

having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world

That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended."

(Emerald Tablet)


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Perfection or Wholeness

In most spiritual circles sooner or later you will meet the phrase 'love and light only or positive vibes only' and even in religious circles you can see the admiration towards saints and the denial of Evil.

The sense of perfection is deeply rooted on a false believe that Perfection leads to Paradise and Peace, and it neglects the simple fact of human vulnerability.

Jung has a dissertation about comparing perfection and wholeness and he was deeply examining the issue of how perfection leads to suppression of the unwanted parts and how these unwanted parts of the human unconsciousness take the lead and break through the restriction later, causing much more damage than it can be even imagined.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, requires you to face your own mistakes and to acknowledge them. It does not require you to repress them or shame them, it only requires you to acknowledge them. It is because of the reason that simple acknowledgment is the key to transfer unconscious motives to consciousness.

Your job is not to deny the darkness and chasing the light, your job is to love yourself in the Darkness.

What is Darkness? The common misbelieve is that Darkness is bad and Evil.

In fact, Darkness is the ORIGIN, the Mother, the Womb, the endless vessel of potentials, the essence of All, the birthplace of ideas. The duality does not work here, as it consists of both good and bad. It is the Whole. It is where we belong, the beginning where we came from and the end where we return. Therefore, denying that part of yourself is denying the existence itself and chasing perfection will lead to the only one possible consequence, which is madness.

So, what is the solution then? - You may ask. It is simple and profound, and it can be expressed in one word: LOVE. Give yourself the permission to feel, to experience and to observe everything and every single changes inside you, which comes as an effect of those experiences. Examine the effects, and analyze them. Acknowledge them what they are and what they stand for. Are they protecting you from pain? Why? Where is the source for that memory of pain? Go down there and find it. Bring it to the surface and heal it. And with practice you will learn that all of your reactions are teachers about yourself, and you will also learn that Darkness is a sacred place of wisdom, and you will learn to love yourself in all your perfect imperfections. And that place is where you can find Peace and Wholeness.


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Where is the place for the Divine Feminine in the rationalized mind?

I had a wild idea to investigate around rationalism and the body/mind concept in order to find answers to my hypothesis, that divine feminine energy is somehow included the 'body' concept and was rejected from the rationalist mind.

I started my investigation on the line of monism and considered about the idea of the One Substance what exists in all, and nothing exists without it. I kept it as a basic point connected to Spinoza ideas about that only One Substance exists, and it is neither mental, nor physical. I would like to put that point down that Spinoza spoke about the Substance as nor body, nor mind.

But go forward with the historical line and explore Kant's idea who gave an utmost priority to the mind above all by stated that nothing at all existed outside the mind. And then came Descartes declaring that his whole existence based on his logical mind.

As a Jungian psychologist I would like to ask one question. Where did the unconscious part of their mind vaporize from that account? Did that just simply disappear without any kind of sign?

Most probably it did not, because the fact that religions exist are one of the greatest pieces of evidence that the unconsciousness needed to be taken care of. Archetypes, the God and also the Goddess figures arrive back at night in dream-forms and affect our everyday life and patterns.

While Descartes said that there was no room for mental state to be corrected because if we had them, they were true, mental hospitals show something different.

So there need to be something out of the conscious mind. Is that only an empty body with no independent senses?

Leibnitz claimed that body and mind must be distinct and introduced the monad, as the principle of continuity, the substance which has the power to represent the entire universe within itself. He also claimed that if matter reduced to its ultimate particle, it ceased to exist.

So, we have a Monad, which has everything what can be manifested on Earth and according to Spinoza it is neither physical, nor mental.

Jung is one of the greatest minds who investigated unconsciousness and worked with the so called 'shadow' -self which is very much alive and influences every single segment of our life.

So, if the idea of dualism extended to the concept that there are dual-pairs and consciousness has the dual-pair with the unconsciousness, what is the dual-pair of the mind? Do we still accept the thesis that our existence strictly consists of body and mind?

According to Marion Woodman, rationalism took place, right after the Plague claimed thousands of deaths. Men were so afraid of that uncontrollable source which could take life without any logical reason, that they forced everything what is unexplainable out of acceptance including death, sex, erotic and the one connected to those things - women.

The accepted woman figure reduced to the Virgin Mary - introduced by the church, denying two of virgin-mother-crone triad archetypes - and declared the other two as unaccepted whores.


The great split was created not only between the body/mind but also between the virgin/whore, and it led somehow to leave the middle one out of the equation. The dual pair killed the Soul.

Meanwhile that Soul did not cease to exist, it just went underground and continued her existence in the unconscious mind.

We are living in the 21. century where the mind/body, and virgin/whore split unfortunately still exists however there is a great hope that we return and explore that denied partial of the One Substance and manage to integrate back where it belongs, to create a whole and sacred trinity between Soul, Mind and Body.


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Culture or if the taste of the Apple is worth the price to leave Eden?

Nowadays I had the pleasure to participate in a meeting about the cultural influence and it triggered me in so many ways. I decided to put my thoughts down with a disclosure that my thoughts represent my opinion only and obviously cannot cover deeply the whole topic which has so many layers. But these are my thoughts about one segment of it.


What does it mean culture and how much influence it has over us?

Yung once said, nobody could say that they were immune from their culture. It surrounds us and it is in our blood, we are fed by it since birth, and mostly unconsciously it becomes our motives, automatic behavior, unquestioned opinion.

Starting off from birth, it is the closest social influence from family, extended into the society you become part of later. Conformity is the essential part of our life, if we want to be part of our community, which can lead sometimes extreme unquestioned blindness.

Can we fight against the conformity? Or can we even recognize that we are being conformed to a program without outside triggers?

There were several case-studies about this topic. Just think about the famous Milgram or Stanford experiment.

Community provides the social/safety net and most of the time people do not question its rules since they are satisfied its establishment and they do not desire to extend their interest outside of the border.

But what if you are the one who has the inner trigger to get that damn apple and figure out the knowledge of the snake?

There comes the price. If you taste that damn apple, you are forced to leave Eden. And it is a huge price, it is just for advance-level.

If you join to another culture - despite the fact how much willingness you show towards assimilation - you cannot exclude yourself from the effect of it. Culture is like air, you breath it in and it becomes part of you. And the more time you spend in a certain culture, the more effect it has upon you.

But it also gives you that "sacred knowledge", which was promised by that famous snake. You will have the sight to recognize in your surroundings the differences in response, in the smallest gestures, in forming ideas or opinions, in instant reactions. And these are those instant scents, which can help you to track down your own unconscious behavior, which came from that root-programing you received in your first 7 years.

The question is, if you have enough strength to override it?

How can you take over and make this unconscious behavior become conscious and how can your flashlight on that shadow?

And the other - may be more important question - what are the consequences of that knowledge?

As it was said to Eva back then, there is no way back. Your own root-culture is still there but the farther you drift off, the harder to find any kind of connecting dots to rejoin. Your life is highly influenced with the 'outside culture’ and as it becomes the part of you, your reaction and behavior will not match anymore with the root-culture.

Even if you wish to reconnect, that connection will never be the same as it was before. In one part, you will remain outsider from your own root-culture. That part will belong to somewhere else. But that somewhere else will not take you in either, as you are outsider for them as well.

There you are, in the 'NO-MAN-LAND', you belong to nowhere and at the same time, you belong to everywhere. And it is in your hand now to build upon it and create your own.

Maria Szepes once said that nobody can be enlightened without climbing up to their own Mount Everest to receiving their very own declaration of truth. And that truth will be the foundation of your own religion, and that religion is the one of your own destinies.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes once said that you have to build your own culture for yourself, and the ones belong to you, will gather around you to create your real soul family.

She also said, as a woman, with the sacred gift of your womb, you have the ability to walk in and out of the gate of 'Life-Death-Life' circle and visit two worlds, bringing information in and out without any kind of trouble.

So, if you really want to know how much influence you have over the culture you live in?

It depends on you. If you have the strength to leave behind the safety net provided by your root-culture and take the price of being 'outcast of Eden', you will have the chance to find your own declaration of truth and with that declaration you can build up your very own culture. And with this new one of your very own, you are able to override and use the culture you live in for your own favor.

The only question is, if you are strong enough to take that damn apple?


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Necessity of Aggression

Recently I had a conversation about the necessity of aggression in the 'warrior' personality. The opinions could not divert more. It was not only the definition which I felt was wrongly chosen as there was a great difference in the intention together with the whole idea of readiness for an attack, but also the lack of second initiation. I rather agree with Gandhi 'an Eye for an Eye makes the whole world blind' and I believe that the real power comes from the decision 'not to attack' and the skills of transmuting attacking (aggressive) forces into peaceful one.

To become a Warrior, a Man needs to go through several initiations and lots of that so called 'Dark Night of the soul' when he faces darkness and his own dark side as well. The quality and the initiation of the warrior depends on how he went through that dark night and what he picked up as a lesson on the way.

Did he see the POWER? Did he manage to see both the Dark and the Light part of it? And did he managed to dissolve the dualism within himself and emerge that two back to ONE again? Did he accept that dark power equally together with the light? Did he understand the deepness of it? Did he learn control over himself and face his own dark side and listen to it?

Because if he completed these deep shadow work, he would reach the level to the next initiation to connect with the opposite gender and reunite in harmony. In that stage he needs to face his deepest fear of dissolving in the Feminine Darkness. But if he can show his own earned surrender and trust in this stage, he will pass through here as well and will come out at the other side with the taste of the Divine Love, ready to operate from a much higher level from the level of that unconditional love and forgiveness.

It is an extremely hard task, a hardest task of all for a MASCULINE. Therefore the real warriors are only a few. They are the one who are ready to make peace and ready to protect that peace in every moment. They are the great protectors and peace-lovers. Their power is not in the readiness of attack or the alert with aggression. NO. Their power is in the silence, in the complete stillness and Peace where everything can happen. They are the master of the skills to choose what to react on and with what tools and in what manners by thinking with their heart and feeling with their mind. This is the true Warrior who returned back to the source and brought back the heart-centered guidance.

When we had a conversation, I had to face passive aggressiveness and rejection of my viewpoint for the simple fact that I am a woman and most probably my point of view came from my PMS.

As far as FEMININE has not been raise back to their own throne to the Temple of Sophia, where their gift is to lead the MASCULINE back to their own source, aggressiveness still will be the guiding force.

One of the sad examples was that just one day after that conversation, a girl, who interpreted her soul through playing violin and teaching was brutally murdered not so far from my village. She was only 23. She just went to run daytime.

We are living in a very important time in Human history when each of our movements and actions are counted. Therefore, it is extremely important what message we are sending out and what kind of vibration we contribute to the Whole.

When the Emperors of each country trying to build up tyrannical system, it is essential to have our great Warriors up in the front and compensate that aggressiveness with their calm, heart-centered guidance.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.


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Protection vs Integration

Personal and Moral development is a fascinating topic around people who search the meaning of life. The question 'How far human can reach?' always brings curious minds together.

The 'seeker' who got tired of the squirrel-wheel, figures the way out of the Matrix. According to Kolberg it is named 'Post-Conventional Stage'. It starts with questioning the norms, and instead of blindly following them, a desire awakens to check behind the veil.

But it is just the beginning. It opens the door to a brand-new world with multiply perspectives. It walks you to the top of a mountain and show you around. As your research deepens, you meet thousands different ideas, theories, motives, drives till you reach the point where your fixed one-central-focused Self is in danger of explosion.

The choice is yours: return back to normal or integrate; blue or red pill.

If you chose integration, you are one step closer to the dangerous line the 'normies' call 'crazy', because you try to consider multiple perspectives without taking any side in it. That will leave you without ground, no reference line, no place to rest. The Self is expanding but has not find the new 'home' yet.

It is the land of Chaos with closed doors. Other people with a fixed-one-point-perspective will attack you, all your unresolved trauma will trick you and you will be kept here till you find the key and the map to go forward.

Does it right to fight back if all perspectives are acceptable including theirs? Does it right to protect and build walls if your aim is integrating everything without any border?

How to be a loving person if you want to hit back hard? How to integrate the whole without the dark side?

Questions which lead you to a painful metamorphosis. It is to awaken a new way of understanding, empathy and patience. It is the point when Eros meets Agape, and the new heart has been born.

This is the establishment for a new home. And when it has been down, a narrow road will be set to invite your Self to start the most sacred journey of all, its descend to the new pure heart, where all creations begin.


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Source of Hallucination

While Studying ASC (Altered State of Conscious) I wondered how much of our life experiences interfere with the experiences we have during hallucination. (Under the word Hallucination I understand the ASC experience.)

Carlos Castaneda's book called the teaching of Don Juan, gives a unique description of his experiences of three different kinds of 'sacred plant'. He explained a certain kind of event-set which was completely unfamiliar to him, and he could not manage to recall it from any kind of previous memory? Is that coming from a completely transformed fracture of memory hidden in the unconscious or came from another 'unknown' source? And if there is any kind of 'unknown source', how can you describe that?

There is another theory I wish to connect to that thought it is the famous Saphir-Whorf hypothesis. It says that language is able to rewire our brain. It also says that the structure of our language affects the speaker's worldview and modify the way to recall information. So, if we use that hypothesis and think about how the same thing can be translated to slightly different meaning just because of the language-structure we use to describe it, it leads to the theory that these language-structures are also able to alter the retrieve-stage.

So, the question is, in case of psychedelics, how much two experiences differ from each other if they came from the same socialization, speaks the same language and have similar life history? If those experiences are completely different, can it be assumed that there is a third source here which need to be investigated?


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One of the most difficult things what they did not mention in the process of opening up and integrating bigger part of the Universe is how hard it is that you cannot share the experience and understanding with the one living in closed boxes.

Universe is an ever-expanding miracle which wants to show its marvel to you as much as you are open to receive it. But for receiving it, you need to get out of your box and let your identification go to integrate others.

Letting race, nationality, religion with all identification off is a very hard path.

People identify with them to the core, and they believe in it so desperately that their entire existence based on it, and they do not see anything out of these boxes. Even if they have a chance to travel around the world, they will go with their own familiar tribe, to create their box in their new destination, and will repeat the same old patterns without the slightest chance of experiencing others as they are.

The path what you took when you opened yourself up truly to someone else, to another culture, religion, race etc., will change you at the core, and it will shatter your illusion. That never happens without pain.

The integration process takes time. At the end your identity got doubled. And from that moment, you will see the world through a double lens, first you see it through your original imprinting and also through the imprinting of your newly discovered culture. That double or later multiply layers give you the access to see and differentiate the mass, like a Prisma sorting the lights. But it also gives you a deeper sense of emotion. You will feel with them and become one with them in their happiness and in their sorrow. And you will stand sometimes alone, because your surrounding has no Prisma, and they cannot feel or even identify the depth of that Beauty.


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Thoughts about Stoicism

I had the pleasure to have access to a discussion about the Philosophy behind Stoicism and as always, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the inspiration it gave me to investigate deeper and find my own answers. Because how else can you make your own path if you do not question every teaching you receive.

So, with all due respect, these are my thoughts about the Discussion of the Philosophy of Stoicism.

There are four topics I wish to explore.

These are





What are they? What do they stand for? What is their connection to us?



The theory of Stoicism states that being control of your own faculty is the only way to being control of your life. That means strict discipline over every segment of your life.

During the discussion it explained while we do not have control over our body, material objects, our reputation, our commands over others, and everything out of the reach one's own mind; we have control over our opinion, our pursue, our passion and our decision.

While listening to the list of things out of our control I wondered, if these things are necessary completely out of our control. I do understand that we receive a body right upon birth and it is not ours. However, receiving such a great and beautiful gift does not make us a responsible holder for it? Does not make us our duty to taking the best care of it and figure out the mechanism and keep it as fit as possible? And also, does not it apply for the rest of the list?

Moving forward to the list of items, which we can control, it is our behavior and our thinking and our emotion. That leads me to my second topic:


Stoicisms claims all the emotions are the weakness of the body. Are they really weaknesses? Or are they the best tools we have to experience this world in the deepest level.

Yes, I understand the necessity of discipline. What I am saying is, rejecting emotions lead to repression and trauma. Living them fully without grasping it, on the other hand would give you a view which cannot be experience in any other way.

I believe the control you need over your emotion is to SURRENDER. It is the act of allowing emotions to happen without judging, grasping or repressing them.

The great question here is if surrender can be a type of control or the exact opposite?

Going towards with emotions comes passion. Stoicisms claim that passion is something you need to sub do. Why is that so? Passion by using wisely as compassion, can be a guide of your heart and can bring you to your true call or virtue. You can call it intuition, compassion, passion or love but it is the necessary element what gives the alchemical heat to make the rigid and hard substance emerge into all. Into the Nature.

Here comes topic third:



In the discussion it was mentioned that you do not need to please others, because your only one duty is to align with the Nature, not the people.

I believe people are part of the Nature too and sometimes they bring the most difficult and hectic task, but they are still part of the Nature. As the Buddhist teaching says TAT TVAM ASI: see yourself in the other. As far as you can see the other as yourself, you understand the universe. There is no separation. If you believe that you are supreme, you separate yourself from the Nature, from the One, and these separations are all based on EGO.

Question of control came back in this topic. The great question here is how to serve the rest without giving up on yourself. It is the real mastering task to set up healthy borders in alignment with your own need and necessity. There comes the rule 'love yourself first' because if you are not taking care of yourself, how would you take care of others.

So, there is again the control of the mid-ground, what you give out and what you hold back. As far as we have this human body and living in a world ruled by dualism, we need healthy borders to operate.

There is one more question about Nature, and it is the essence of Nature. Genesis said in the beginning there was darkness. The whole creation started from Darkness. That darkness has it all! That darkness has had everything what we have today. That darkness can be the symbol of the Womb giving birth to life. That darkness can be also the symbol of all the unconscious. But that does not mean darkness is wrong. Darkness is the opposite of light and together with light will be whole only. Nature consists light and dark. And in this, we are ruled by.



And that Law considers the Yin as much as the Yang and does not judge any of them. The Perennial Philosophy searching for the infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change.

There is infinite, unchangeable reality, in my mind it is the central of the circle. The central point is the only point, where there is no centrifugal or centripetal force. If your aim is to reach there, I believe it can be done by surrender.


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Anima and Animus in Moral development

Anima and Animus or the differences in moral development

When Jung was speaking about the Anima/Animus archetypes, he explained that every single person has a different gender archetype inside them, influencing his/her behavior through the unconsciousness. The only way to catch these different gender identity-figures is in action by interacting with the other gender. Most of the time these attributes are projected into the others and very difficult to notice and it is much rarer to acknowledge them.

Anima, the feminine archetype of the Man's psyche, has a much more detailed explanation than the Animus, the masculine archetype of the Woman's psyche.

As Anima/ Animus are considered the part of the unconsciousness, which should be faced and acknowledged to become conscious, it brings an extremely difficult task on both genders. 

Jung speaks about dualities like masculine-feminine, light-dark, conscious-unconscious, Logos-Eros, Full-Empty as the two sides of every substance. 

In theories Feminine described as the dark part, the unconscious part of the whole, the Eros, responsible for the emotion and intuition. 

While the Masculine is the light part, the conscious, the Logos, everything with logic. 

The conflict exists with or without recognition inside each and every human being. And as far as the two parts are not harmonized inside the person, he or she cannot reach his/her full potential.

In an interaction, Anima shows herself in a Man through emotions.

While Animus shows himself in a Woman through reasoning with justice over heart issues. 

But... if Anima is in Man and making it conscious means to understand and acknowledge the emotions, how can you make the Animus conscious?

If Animus is the 'shadow' of the feminine (the unconscious part of the unconscious) does that means it is ergo conscious? How can you work on making the Animus conscious, if the Animus represent logic? How can be the logos unconscious? 

How can you integrate the Animus to the conscious other than becoming Persephone and let Mercy lead?


#jungian #anima #animus 

The Frankenstein of the Patriarchy

There is a smearing propaganda actively going against Feminism. Just like long time back the Swastika, which is originally the ancient sacred symbol of the wheel of life, was used and smeared to become the symbol of fascism, racism and apartheid; the same way how the 5-pointed star, the symbol of union of opposites, turns into the meaning of some demolishing force, they diluted and distracted the real aim of Feminism as well.

Patriarchy turned against the sacredness of the Divine Union between Man and Woman and turned it upside down. They replaced the woman’s ancient wisdom, and dismantled their roles of being the one who brings Souls to this Earth. They lied and changed the script stating that the life was coming out of the rib of a man, and the church sentenced the woman under the supervision of a distorted male by changing the meaning of ‘Wife’ to something what is a simple tool – not even a person – for grabbing prestige.

Women either returned to solitude and started to seek for their own tribe underground, by reconnecting to the Mother Earth and finding the ones who still live according to the ancient truth, or they gave up on their heritage and started to fight for power. The split has been made, and the divine trinity of feminine: Maiden-Mother-Crone was diminished into category of 2: mother vs. whore by reducing the women to animal trait by their breeding ability and classifying them into either mother if the pregnancy followed by marriage or whore if it does not.

Patriarchy, seeing the desperate attempt of the feminine brand to stay on ground while losing their ancient root, offered two ways to be accepted by minimum terms into the society.

Women could either scream and scratch their way up to the Career ladder OR they scream and scratch the eyeballs out to get married. Either way it speaks about emptiness. A woman shell who is emptied from the ancient heritage, needs affirmation from outside sources that she is something by title. So here comes the result, lots of young women came down to chase men. They dress up and put tones of make up and go to hunt the man and kill all the competitors.

And the man, oh the man. Patriarchy offered all the power to rule and destroy. The ancient heritage of man being the Protector, Provider who is actively participating to be Present in the Union has gone. They turned away from the inner Call, what calls them to fulfill their unique purpose on Earth and gave up on their divine role of standing up and went instead for simple greed and power.

The man lost his structure. Why would they keep one if they are surrounded by women who do anything for them, even the fighting, since they became the hunter, and the man became the trofie. So, the men were just sitting there, and watched how their structure got jellied, and melt into some kind of anthropomorphic things with no real purpose, no call, no vision, letting those empty vase of beauty sat on their laps till one get pregnant. Then the knocked-up one is the winner who takes home the trofie. And here we are. The married man, letting the jelly floating around, is in the pub getting drunk each night to avoid the screaming wife at home.

While all has been said, done and destroyed by the Patriarchy, the Ancient Feminine essence was still working underground collecting Her own tribe, a new tribe of Women and Men, who returned back to the original code. Now they are ready to restart and clear the mass what Patriarchy caused. They are the true Feminists with the aim to lead back the Masculine to his Soul.


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The Social Dilemma vs. Media Propaganda

The Social Dilemma' Documentary is an excellent example of carefully fabricated bits and bobs, mixing true danger and myths in an exact amount to manipulate you into a hidden agenda.

On one hand it draws attention to the addiction, which is triggered and caused by those social platforms, showing how people are getting under its influence how it modifies their personality for the worse.

On the other hand, it labels critical thinking and different perspectives as the sin of society. And here is the point where I would stop and separate facts and fictions.

Yes, it is addictive, and it can affect the psyche and especially towards kids and young adults it can be quite dangerous. It is also a high level commercial platform with a designed algorithm. It is AI, the brain, the logic. In an energetical code, this is the masculine logical part.

But life is about balance and heart and brain need to be balanced. One cannot exist without the other. Yin and Yang always work together and complete each other, the same way as conscious and unconscious.

It was predictable that as soon as the social platforms get out to the public, it would find its own way and sooner or later the shadow-self-will wink in. The overreacted surprise showed by the CEO in the documentary about the fact that it got out of their hands deserves an Oscar specially the part how they try to pass over their responsibility.

Since humanity exists on Earth, there were always conflicts, different perspectives, revolutions, demonstrations, bullies. Social media did not invent these things, it just highlighted them and speeded them up. Those conflicts and revolutions are the birthing places for development. We need those different ideas what challenging the status-co in order to move forward. Stigmatizing it as misinformation shows either lack of understanding of the working psyche or carefully manipulating force in action.

What is misinformation and why it is so threating to who and for what?

Not so long ago in Canada, group of people who believed that they still have the freedom to decide about their own life and have the right to decide over their body stood up to raise their voice. They used social media and they managed to draw attention to a real threat just like Martin Luther King did long time ago.

But their own PM labeled them as the 'fringe minority with unacceptable view' and started to use methods of dictatorship in order to cut them down.

My question is: What kind of world these PMs want to create where there would have no chance to challenge ruling ideology and there would have no chance to express other perspectives?

Or what if we change the ruling perspective and check behind the scenes and see it for what it truly is: a different 'fringe minority' on the top, who is threatened of losing control.

Social media is highly addictive and can alter brain-patterns and shorten the ability of holding attention and focus. It has several negative aspects but also it has something else. It can be a tool to express different points of view.

What if I tell you that first time in history, you have the chance to turn the table?

What if we start to create values such as harmony, unity, love and acceptance and inject back into the Matrix?

Let's give it a try and let's see what happens then.


#socialdilemma #mediapropaganda #media #mainstreammedia #manipulation #misinformation #criticalthinking


When the 'purpose of life' as a question appears, the first answer I hear is 'to find happiness' and in one point I agree. But what if....

We came to Earth to have the greatest adventure to experience life in Human form.

Just think about it. Your Soul incarnated to a physical body just like a space suit and entered to this Earth through the womb of your mother. 

You would say the purpose of life is to find happiness, but happiness is the place where you came from, from the forever bliss, where your soul is in perfect balance and peace.

What if you came here to understand time, to understand the whole spectrum of feelings. In that aspect, this is the greatest opportunity to find out how to control your physical and mental body through several experiences which all of them (good and bad) were given to you as a gift to master your skills to become the observer and the ruler of the emotions, feelings and thoughts. 

The moment you master it, may you find happiness, but you also will have a container or Grail if you like, to hold all kind of emotions, thoughts in your possession and use it at your command. 

And when you are truly mastered to be in an observer position, in your 'happy' or 'bliss' state while in Human form, may you manage to put all your life experiences in a line and find a theme, the key behind it, a certain kind of Divine Order, a special meaning for it all. And that moment, you will truly understand what your life purpose is... to becoming the One, you destined to be. 


#purpose #lifepurpose 


In Frank Herbert's book called Dune, there was a spiritual female leader among the Fremens called Sayyadina, who was pure, committed and had great vision and skills. Frank Herbert went into great details to explain a ceremony how a Sayyadina becoming a Reverend Mother (the Highest Priestess). The initiation which she has to go through is the alchemical process of the Magnum Opus. During the ceremony, a special poison was given to her to drink, and she had to transmute it inside her body, and change the elements of the poison into healing remedy to be able to offer it to the people of her community. It was a deadly poison but also the greatest healing remedy if the transformation was successful. The agony she went through was a true test of her becoming the highest priestess, which endangered her life as well.

There are very few of us who dare to face the dark and transmute the essence of it. They say Saint Grail was hidden for a reason. The skills of changing the energetic vibration of a phenomena by breaking the pattern and using that dark essence and transforming it into pearl is the highest quality on planet Earth. And the most needed one as well.


#saintgrail #magnumopus #alchemy #transmute #sayyadina


Imagine, that there is a parallel universe existing around/among us. But the only way to see/feel/interact is to understand their language and their way of interaction and their way of lifestyle.

Imagine that their world is not in our 3D rather in 4D. Their time/space continuum is not linear but rather a complicated matrix with connecting dots sorted by core-points.

How will you manage to do that jump to reach and understand them? How willing you are to expend your way of thinking outside the box?

While studying the ASC in connection to memory storage and retrieve I gave a try using the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis on it and one of my favorite movies came to mind.
Arrival is an extraordinary one. It is something special not just because of the different viewpoint used to approach the theme of aliens but also because it brings deep philosophical theories to the table. 
What if we change perspective and try to understand ‘time’ out of the linear concept?
What if the act of stepping out of the cultural programing let us understand other kind of communications and widening the area of understanding the Universe around us?

What if we reach the certain level of IQ and EQ which develop the tool to recognize pattern in different kind of communication instead of closing down or attack it?
Would you dare to communicate straight and open and share your world and take the risk of being attacked just to understand and find the way to the other?
Would you take the ride if you know what will be the cost at the end of the journey?


#time #sapirwhorf #communication #lineartime  #paralleluniverse

The hidden treasures in ASC

The level of conscious and its working principles were always popular themes of interest. It may be triggered by the universal question 'why are we here on Earth and what is the purpose of it.'

We can speak about Lucid Dreams, Near Death Experience (NDE), Psychedelics, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Hypnosis... etc... All of these methods bring us to a different level of experiencing and show us an other aspect of that universal questions.

Metzner stated in his book called Ecology of Consciousness, that there are two main reasons why we turn into the process of altering our state of conscious. One of them is the requirement of healing and the other is to access higher guidance.

What is the real shocking experience with it, which keeps us on the edge?

One of the most shocking and unbelievable gifts in it, is the ability to take you out of the linear-timeline and show you something much bigger to understand. It shows you a spiral timeline which rhythmic circles allows you to grab visions from past or future.

In case of your healing inquiry, it takes you back to relive the trauma again with a help of your guide and the help of your much more mutual self.

But it can take you to the future as well and can show you something about your ability, which you did not managed to figure out yet. In that case it gives you a dose of inspiration and motivation to go forward and open up your life for another direction.

It does not only do that stretching with the timeline, but also does it with our spaceframe. Astral projection is a theme of several sci-fi moves, and it is too much to imagine in everyday life sets, however the idea gives a brief summary how can someone experience and see things happening somewhere without his/her actual presence.

The sacred plant 'Ayahuasca' for example is said to be able to guide you through your certain life-experience from another angle to help you understand the behind reasons and to lead you to forgiveness.

There is a specific area closely connected to time and space frame changing, and it is called the 'remote viewing.' This special area is investigated by military forces and CIA as it has the ability to give sight into happenings and events out of your own experience. Since it requires objective mindset from the observer.

Moving forward from the time/space frame, the next chapter is the world of senses. Altered state of conscious offers a different, widened awareness with sharpened senses. During experiencing any of these methods, the participant experiences certain kind of six-senses to feel and connect to the Nature and the surroundings in a very deep and meaningful level, mostly see and feel the energy-web around. Yogis and other practitioners added that these sensation-experiences can be expanded in time farther than the duration of the actual experiences by practice.

One more additional reason which is obviously presented in all the previously stated ones, that you have the opportunity to experience and connect with a third-level Guide. You can call it Buddha, Alah, God, Jesus, Light, Energy, Hand, Mother Earth, it is your choice and it wont be mad at you because of the naming. But that meeting will be definitely a life-changing experience and the greatest opportunity to understand a tiny little fragment of that extraordinary Wisdom we call existence.


Frida vs. Siddhartha

Herman Hesse books always hide a spiritual journey within, sometimes it plays out in your mind later in totally a different way than how it was expected.

Siddhartha was the first book I have read from him, and it almost made me throw it away till I got to read the book Damien, and I finally managed to balance them out.

Everyone praised Hesse's masterpiece for me and maybe it was my expectation which suffered the great hit, but that book was everything but...

All I have seen is Siddhartha, the prick, with zero responsibilities, full arrogance marching through everyone without a slightest consideration about them. And that is when it became interesting, and where the journey began.

So, I went back to investigate why I have so much rage against this book.

It happened that my life played out in a way that the same day I was to do my research about Frida's life and at the evening settled with Siddhartha and that two lives were like the two end points of the scale. Both of them hide a spiritual journey but with the opposite qualities, and I highlight 'quality' here as nothing good or bad just simply different.

If I try to explain my point of view about them, it is the two different spiritual paths of the Male and Female journey. The Masculine is ascending to find the God, the Feminine is descending to find the Goddess. The Masculine follows the logic, and Feminine follows the emotions. The secret ingredient is to dare to sit with it and let it teach you, whatever it wants to teach. And if you are doing good, there will be a time where that two will finally meet.

And when Siddhartha finally managed to hold his dying Kamala in his arms, perhaps in that exact moment finally they truly meet at last to see each other crystal clear and an integration taking place, where Kamala found her greatly missed understanding, and Siddhartha reawakened his blocked emotions.


#siddhartha #fridakahlo #hermanhesse


Nowadays I have real difficulties to somehow get over the injustice, what I see in global scale, how a state is committing the worst war crime after stealing the land from the indigenous people by humiliating and torturing and ethnically cleansing them, while the rest of the population looks like in a coma-delirium stating that they see nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong… like they are blind or on crack. And they just go on with their life noted that it is not their concern.

On the other day I participated in a meeting about tribalism and among the positive treats self-esteem and identity were mentioned. I raised the question, what if you have more than one tribe you belong and one of them wish to kill the others? What happens then? How can you not tear apart yourself in the mid?

The answer I found was not from that meeting but came to me from a book (Miguel Ruiz: The Shaman’s path to freedom). He was speaking about masks, which you take on and off as a tool but never forget that it is only a tool/mask and nothing more.

Having a nationality is something that you have born into. But we can speak about tribe in professional, artistic, religious categories as well. If you could not reach the state to figure out who you really are out of the cage of your nationality/religious-artistic-professional group and you are still using these titles as a badge of honor, truly identifying with it, you are a prisoner. You distract yourself from experiencing the bigger picture to integrate the whole.

You are not a nationality, degree, race or religion. You are a unique vibe with brilliant colors in its aura, and you shade its colors into gray as soon as you identify with any labels.

Only the one who dares to be isolated, alone, facing with his shadow is the one who truly see the unique identity without labels.

On that level you will realize that all of these titles are just flavors to use but not your identity. And the more you open your mind, the more of the Wholeness can integrate into you.

Compassion and understanding will emerge, and you would never walk away from someone in need because you won't see them as a race and definitely not as a sub-race. You will see the magnetic aura colors vibrating around them and would never close your eyes in front of the most documented gen0-cide in human history.


#compassion #empathy #understanding #racism

Sabine Spielrein

Nowadays a movie called 'Dangerous method' was recommended to me and I was eager to watch it because it was about my favorite psychologist Jung and his counterpart Freud. As an extra gift I found a misremembered, forgotten woman, who's contribution to the field of psychology is as meaningful as the above mentioned two, still her name has been forgotten.

As the story triggered my interest, I researched towards and found another more detailed movie about her life, it's called 'The Soul Keeper'.

While Dangerous method gives a catch of insight to the debate between Jung and Freud, it also brought Spielrein's points forward like feminine sexuality, death-drive and self-destruction. Her dissertation about 'Destruction as the Cause of Coming into Being' gave a new approach to psychoanalysis.

The Soul Keeper gave much more detailed picture about her work and life still it is a shame in history how can such a remarkable woman with such a great result be forgotten if she was together with such a great name.

Another interesting point of the story that her whole scientific work starts with the facts her being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Being one of the biggest brains in psychology while misunderstood, forgotten and stigmatized with mental illness is one of the hardest paths but very feminine unfortunately.

photo source: unknown


Vulnerability vs. AI

Let's speak about vulnerability and why it is so important in a world where AI is planned to take a lead to create an artificial world where sickness and death is to be eliminated.

There is a big difference between Authority and Authenticity. Yesterday I was writing an article about power and how power plays its part in our life sometimes to shine us sometimes to hide us. But the main importance is that it will do everything to keep the control in its hand. Just because you have authority it does not mean you are authentic and does not mean that you are your Self either. Actually, the question is if you have the authority or do the authority have you?

To be True to your own Self, you have to show up as you are, to show how life and experiences formed you, how you managed to turn those experiences into lessons and how it led you to find your own purpose to discover your own unique colors. That is how diamond appears.

Do you see now? Vulnerability is the key. Your life, your histories, experiences made you the unique one with a unique message what is yours only. That is why you came to this Earth, and that is your unique contribution.

There is a crack in everything, this is the place where light enters.

Imagine a world where there is no crack. There is no lesson to learn, there is no place for improvement because everything is frozen into a kind of perfection.

We have already experienced what happens when Logic goes without Heart.

We tried religion, it led to war.

We tried Science it led to dictatorship.

The missing ingredients are "surrender" and "love".

Life and Death always goes together. Denying one evidentially led to destroy the other one as well. The real circle is Life-Death-Life where the Death is the middle state for rebirthing into a new life.

The real diamond is made under pressure and the real pearl is the result of pain.

Do you want to be real?

Dare to wear your scars!

Dare to show your Self!

Dare to show the lessons!

Dare to show your tears!

Dare to love!


#vulnerability #ai #authenticity lifejourney

Movie Matrix or the Jungian Quaternity

Matrix is a kind of movie, which speaks in symbolical language and gives extra meaning with each re-watch.

It is one of the best descriptions of the Hero's Journey and there are several studies published about that. I would like to give a brave trial to write about just one segment of it, and I would like to leave it open for progression.

Jung gave us deep studies about hermetic philosophy and the Philosopher stone. He stated that the Stone symbolize wholeness, same as the Mandala.

'Reduce your stone to the four elements, rectify and combine them into one, and you will have the whole magistery.' Tractatus Aurelius

My idea is to find quaternities and Jungian symbols in the movie.

LAPIS means the round stone, which unites the four elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

I found two opposing pairs here:

If Architect represents the Mind above All ('All is Mind' - Kybellion) - Logic, counting and balancing the equation; Masculine principle, Animus The Sun, The Father, Apollo;

the Oracle represents the Heart, Intuition, unbalancing the equation, Feminine principle, Anima, The Mother, Luna, The Moon.

Meanwhile the other pair is Mercury/Gemini - The Son - which symbolizes Jesus and the Devil/Snake, as the two opponent forces, the consciousness and the unconsciousness - Neo and Smith.

If Adam Cadmon - the Filius Philosophorum wants to be whole, he needs to descent to the Hell (Hades and Persephone here the Frenchman and his wife) and later ascent to the Selbst to complete the journey (as above so below). The Selbst (here the Source) is the One. The Selbst also has the Corpus Toxicum, the philosopher's water, which is able to change Mercurius to be able to accept the unconscious or devil part.

Jung said until the water and fire elements are united into fiery - water, the union cannot be made.

Jung also speaks about Melusina as a watery spirit, able to see the future, create storms and has healing power. Melusina is the one who trigger the unconsciousness for individualization. Does that mean that in this sense Melusina represents the Oracle/Anima as well? In that line, could the Jungian symbol Ares represent Smith as the fire element and the salamander, the snake, which chasing the seeker forward, which in the end dissolve the Oracle in himself? Jung was speaking about the process when the unconsciousness dissolves the intuition if conscious logic is unable to comprehend it. 
Still for the whole person we need to unite both opposing parts, the conscious-unconscious, Jesus and the Devil, Logos and Agape.

Jung said that the secret is in the hermetic vessel. The wisdom in the vessel, which was gained by the individualization can lead Neo to the union.

Neo once claimed that the problem was in the choice/freewill. Jung said that sacred union has to happen in the heart. If the heart filled with air, it could break out and ascent to the Selbst. Can it be said that the free will is the key to the equation? It could be the reason for the human part to understand without pain there is no progress, without sacrifice their is no salvation.

And at last an extra quaternity for the feminine-roles.

Captain Niobe has a supporting role with a deep symbolical meaning. She is between two men; one, who represents hope (Morpheus) and one, who represents doubt (Commander Locke). Niobe is the one who takes the ship called Logos (Logos means Hermes as well) to go through the salvation from below to above to save the dock.

With this meaning, she became the part of an other quaternity of Jung, which is: Agape-Logos-Eros-Serpent or Oracle-Niobe-Trinity-Neo.


These are few thoughts and questions came to mind. If there is any expert out there, I am open for new ideas...


#matrix #jungian #quaternity #hermetic #philosopherstone #lapis

Perception, stereotyping, scapegoating

Both of these words are very interesting topics in Psychology, and I really wish to investigate deeper, and this movie gives an opportunity to do so, however I postponed it for such a long time since I was not felt to be ready to face with my own wounds either. But having the courage to reach to the bottom can bring up clarity and healing. Not to mention that it is a TRUE STORY.

Stereotyping is - to explain it the easy way - a kind of method of sorting life out by categorizing them into boxes. The only problem with it is that these boxes came from somewhere else and are so stoned into their place that with time it takes away the ability of thinking. It turns the person into a robot who pushes and pulls boxes in an empty room.

That is how a person of certain nationality and religion can be labeled as terrorist without any kind of further investigation the same way as an attractive woman from certain nationality can be labeled as prostitute without any kind of deeper investigation. 

It is easy to label, it takes no effort. The mind can stay out of the game and rest, withdraw and degenerate. But it gives something else as well. 

The stereotyping allows the user to pull the trigger and push out all the repressed anger from their entire life to that person because he/she 'DESERVES to be punished... He/she becomes the scapegoat and suddenly sits opposite to an angry group of people, with whom he/she has never met or spoken but he/she forced to take their anger and attack because it is accepted by the 'boxing system'. 

And all of a sudden you are the most hated individual in the entire community for a simple reason that you exist. 

But the real root of the problem is the ignorance, which conquers and overrides perception and awareness. 

The development level of the brain depends on differentiation. The more differentiated your brain, the more you understand the world around you. That is how the very dense materialistic world moves forward to lighter and lighter sublime categories.

There is a saying that in order to find the TRUTH someone needs to get through thousands of mirrors and must remain sober enough not to get destructed by the reflection but to be able to go forwards and find the little entrance door hidden among them. 

To be aware means that you are able to separate projection from reality, and see through the motives, triggers, expectations not just of others but of your own. This is the process of clearing the boxes out from the room even the smallest ones and fill the place with brain waves which can be wired with continuous training into the highest sublime frequencies.


#stereotyping #scapegoating #psychology #perception #TheoryOfMind

Siona (Dune)

Nowadays transhumanism, gene-manipulation and mind control are among the current affairs, so it is not a surprise that Frank Herbert's book, the Dune received lots of attention.

'God Emperor of Dune' is taking the challenge to dive deep into the root causes, and he envisions a future by following the logical steps of the so called 'Golden Path'.

We found ourselves in an era, where all the Divine Feminine are already dead, and the twin-brother completed his journey of the perfection of the mind and he became the only logical, possible outcome, a Giant Phallos without heart.

Frank Herbert shows the highest brilliance when he takes the side of the Worm and does all the attempts to absolve him by giving an insight of the Beast's thinking process. He shows the enslaved humanity in slow motion, and it takes time till the reader figures out that something went terribly wrong in the making, and we are standing in a totalitarian dictatorship where the emperor enslaved the Divine Feminine and toying with humans like puppets. He kept an army of female for their protection-instinct and for breeding purposes and his only accepted woman companion is a gene-manipulated hybrid, who is obeying him without questions, just like an extra-sweet Virgin Mary.

But despite of all effort to create total control over their fear of Chaos, and despite the fact that he owns ALL the minds within himself, the ultimate power of Nature found a way to break it through and a little girl came to question the nakedness of the emperor.

He tries to demand her, but this language is not working on her. She voluntarily takes the challenge to go with the Beast to his own Territory without any kind of protection showing her willingness to sacrifice everything for the truth.

Siona is the last hope, deeply connected to the Essence of Life. She cannot see the future, as her life is about surrender, and about the absolute trust to the Unknown. For the exact same reason, the mind-controlling Beast is unable to see her thoughts.

Her vulnerability and courage are the key, which lift her beyond the Worm, and that is why she became the ultimate result or the ruby of the Golden Path. She is the only one who reaches Wholeness, by reawakening and integrating the rejected, third part of the Divine Feminine.


#transhumanism #frankherbert #dune #dunesiona

The Morality of the quote 'An eye for an eye'

Recently I had a discussion about morality and the biblical quote 'eye for an eye' came up with a question, if we really need to fight back in case of a personal assault.

'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind' as Ghandi said and I truly admire his perspective. But how can you find the right action in accordance with religious rules vs. your own morality? or how can your own morality raise above regulations and automatic defensive reactions?

After this meeting one of my new, good friends provided me his perspective and it gave me an insight that despite the fact that the 'eye for an eye' considered barbaric, it led to countless new regulations, and resulted in moral development. It was also the case with similar other 'barbaric' rules. The point what he made is despite the fact of the morality of the rule, at the end it caused the change of the whole legislation.

But are cruelty or cruel rules necessary element of moral development? Or from the other aspects of it, do we need to answer assault with assault?


As per my point of view, aggressivity breeds aggressivity and if I answer with the same method, I just sink down to the mental level of the attacker. So, I avoid the attacker as I do not want to involve any kind of aggressivity, and I think that the main reason of his/her aggressive act-out is his/her own inner conflict with him/herself with which I have nothing to do.

But if I withdraw, I look weak in the eye of the attacker and in the eye of everyone involved in a situation actively or passively. It can lead to a suggestion that everyone who assaults me can go without any kind of punishment, ergo I can transform into a black sheep of the community, victimized by the attacker. Is that really the case?

So, do you need to fight back or not?

I believe that in order to answer the question, we need to justify if the situation is based on an ego-game, strictly for establishing power or hierarchical levels or if it is based on personal boundary's trespassing?

As per the ego-game, I believe this is clearly for the ones, who has not dealt with their own ego, and therefore they centralize their whole life around material issues and demands. Therefore, answering to a challenge of that kind, is absolutely unnecessary as it is more profoundly considering the person inner conflict and has nothing to do with the other person.

But what happens when the trespassing is an intentional boundary hurting? In that case we are speaking about a clear sign of disrespect of personal space and according to my belief, it requires a clear and loud territory declaration, as I am responsible for my own Self. I wish to emphasize that Im speaking about boundary declaration and not counterattack.


But how can I differentiate which is the ego-game and which is the trespassing? Standing up and declaring my own boundaries is healthy and necessary response.

But standing up just for the ego-sake to declare that I am better than another, is absolutely unnecessary.

The real value will shine through the toughest darkness, just because of the quality. That is how it was made. The real diamond is real from the process, which it went through and therefore there is no need for any price-tag to be able to shine.

So how can you choose your own morality above the regulation? 
There is a level of development, where the diamond becomes ready. From that moment, it shines with its own light even in the midst of attacks. The source of the light came from inside therefore there is no need any outside source. It simply shines and does what it has to do, what it was destined to do. Therefore, it is in peace, because it knows that the one who created it, will provide the protection as well.


#eyeforaneye #moraldevelopment #morality #consciousness 

Perception of Pain

I had a conversation with my wonderful sister Piara about a picture she found on the internet on the other day. We, two, had different impressions about it and it triggered my interest if may the picture call out something personal from our unconscious. I ran a pilot test just like a kind of Roshard-test. I have to add that I am not an expert in Roshard-test analysis either, but I was very interested in the results.

Our theory was that the interpretation of the picture depends on the individual personal development/background experiences etc.

I believe that the picture has a hidden (in-built) trigger to provoke the 'core wound' or so called 'separation wound'.

Our hypothesis, that the interpretation can go more than 2 different ways were supported straight away by the first three responses.

I was amazed by the interest the post received in couple of hours. The honesty and openness went beyond all my expectations.

The picture we are speaking about is a woman facing a man, hugging him while he is putting or pulling feather out or to her back.

My first impression was cruelty came from the 'dangerous looked' sting under the woman's skin and there were others confirming my feelings towards it and expressed that the way the man putting the feather under the woman skin is a painful procedure. There were others who still expressed the feeling of pain and hurt but the direction was the opposite and they claimed that the feather was pulling out and not putting in. In that way it can be seen that the man removing the 'angel-kind' from the woman, and it caused pain.

There were others who claimed that the picture has a clear meaning to backstabbing somebody, the man may be a cheater.

It was also claimed that the picture is an expression of Narcissistic and Empath relationship, or the expression of sadomasochism.

The summary of the 'painful impression' version expressed that either pulling or putting in, it is an impression of intruding to the other soul and make her be something she does not want to be.

But... there were others with different kinds of view...

There were the ones claiming that it is the expression of pure love where the man helps the woman finding her way back to Heaven, and again here the feather represents the angel-kind.

It was also claimed that the picture express that love gives wings, where feather representing freedom and flying.

There was another claim that in the picture the man holding the woman who is dying, and he does not want to let her go, he does not want her to die, and he is fighting for her. Here the feather represents death or end of existence.

And there was a complex view - which I like very much - if the picture expresses the self-improvement to accept our feminine and masculine side and try to make it whole again, while this transformation and self-development demands efforts and sacrifices which can be hurtful. In that meaning feather represents the Divinity.

Seeing the different kind of views, it can be seen that the symbol of a simple feather can speak about the world of the person and their way of thinking and how they are finding their way in Life. It can express - fear about death, fear about left alone, fear about backstab, fear about getting hurt, fear about rejection, fear about losing yourself in a relationship. Or in the 'positive' side - feather can represent the desired goal, the wish for Divine Unity, the utmost feeling of love -with freedom inside or the uniqueness and angel-kind of personality as a desired aim or get back to 'Heaven' - in a meaning of a perfect and safe home.


Examining deeper that two opposite point of views - the main difference is the existing or the lack of 'pain'. What does it mean pain and is that necessary? Do we have to make sacrifice to reach a desired goal or is there another way?

If we think about 'pain' as a feeling, the same way as love or sadness, experiencing it gives the opportunity to let it feel and let it go. This way of thinking required to be in the observer seat out of the feeling itself, with a clear intention not to grab or hold back the experience.

There is another theory I remembered from the book I read from Coelho - Eleven minutes - the deeper examination of pain. In this meaning pain is a door for purification.

There are different viewpoints of this matter, and I would like to stay in the middle line to let everybody decide for themselves. I believe that destiny or karma is something much more complex than to decide within a two-dimension scale. There are people who's life is very hard and full of struggle while others seems like playing with their cards all the way. There are different theories for example reincarnation-theories saying there are tasks we brought to us from our previous life to complete. And there are theories saying that reaching a desired goal need to be earned on a hard way otherwise it won't be respected.

The 'necessity of pain' is a very complex and deep theme, and a lifetime is not enough to scratching the surface however every scratch will take you deeper to understand something mystical and sacred about the meaning of life.


Religion, rituals, Philosopher Stone

Long time back when I was 9 years old, I had a terrible car accident which resulted in 5 days in Coma. I came back with the message that Love is the most important think in the whole existence. My mum wanted to help, and she did her best and she assigned me into a Christian church. That journey took almost 10 years and left me deeply traumatized with a feeling that I am a sinner, God is a faraway reality from me, obviously a Male and he will never ever accept me to the Heaven as I am, just only if I obey his servants (the priests) and follow all their instructions.

It was very hard to jump out to nothing and give up an ideology I based my life on, but something was not right. All I wanted is to go back to that Love I felt back then.

Long research has followed that jump and I had the utmost privilege to experience some of the religions deeper. I am not an expert, and I will never be. But I wish to share my understanding as far. It is only mine, but it exists as a fractal of the truth as all the others. Here is my version:

Long time back there was a Philosopher Stone shining brilliant into the Universe. The Stone was the Key to the way back to OUR TRUE HOME.

Human was created and with it, greedy and power-sickness arrived, which leaded to war. The Stone was exploded to thousands of pieces. Most of the pieces were grabbed by the religions and all of them claimed that they are the only holder of that Sacred Key and therefore they used their power to force people to obey them. They dictated war against each other, they killed children and abused women cursed them by a so called 'original sin'.

Those religious leaders understood one main ingredients of the human psyche that the unconscious part needs to be dealt with. They created their rituals for their own benefits, and they implemented a part in it suggested that you do not have the capability to find that Key without them.

But behind all of that there was some Divine Secret about that ancient explosion. Millions of small fractals were hidden away from those greedy leaders and all of us has gotten one.

The genius plan concretized in the process of the remaking of that Key by your own effort. The stone after all was well hidden from all the greedy hands inside your heart. And by respecting your body as your own Temple and using all the experiences to find the pieces of the puzzles, you in all meaning would find a way to get back to HOME.

The how is only yours. The ritual is only yours. It is your Body, your Temple and your experience. It is your DNA and your most unique brilliant spark. Your task is to wake it up and shine... Shine Brilliant as you destined to be since YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE. So please go ahead and use your vibrant, unique energy and create HEAVEN in this Earth. You have everything what you need to do so.


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The Twisted Truth about Climate Change

One of the most concerning topics nowadays is the Climate Change, and under this umbrella there can be found lots of very powerful manipulations.

Do not misunderstand me. We have to do something.

BUT... Whatever we decide to do, need to be aligned with Mother Earth and NOT with the wealthy and power-greedy apparatus.

Since the beginning when I read Klaus Schwab's pamphlet of 'Great Reset' it was obvious, that in it, the balance was override with the aim of power-concentration in one hand and for that, they needed an emergency in order to establish a largest surveillance system ever. So, it was Covid. Canada was the role model, and it was greatly showed how a once called freedom country turned into tyranny where civilians' bank account got frozen as a penalty for their opinion.

As I said, we need to do something. But the most important thing is how.

During my research I found Vandana Shiva and her work as an agricultural expert. She gave a deeper insight about the necessity of biodiversity and explains how the same power-oriented mechanism is working on destroying our Natural habitat in order to create fields to establish artificial food-chain which would raise their income more in the expense of our health.

Most serious example is the case of the Dutch farmers and how it was decided that the European Center of meat production was needed to be dismantled because its existence endangering the fast-growing artificial food markets.

It seems there is a gap growing between an approach which has a hidden agenda of concentrated power, and another one with the intention of aligning deeper with Nature.

As Gus Speth explained once: “I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, and climate change. But I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed, and apathy... and to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation. -And we, scientists, don't know how to do that."

So, what does that mean?

Aligning with Nature requires more 'surrender' instead of control of Natural forces and requires working with those forces in harmony instead of using them and abusing them.

It is our home and our future, and our quality of life depends on our decision. Do we choose the AI planned design and marching into a robotic world where sooner or later the AI will override our will by declaring us harmful and disposable or do we choose Mother Earth and take one step back, slow down and start to listen to our instincts.

Science is not all. The violent way of logic through the Patriarchal system has made enough damage already.

There is a deeper understanding beyond. That is the Great Wisdom, which cannot be understood by only logic. This is also the source for your gut instinct.

Our solution to the problem lays in that source, and it is our task to find a way back there and harmonize mind and heart. Our future depends on that personal connection you individually establish with Mother Earth. The quality of that bond is the key to that secret garden where our future can be planted.


#climatechange #motherearth

At the gate of Bardo

We have been speaking about several keys to reach ASC (Altered State of Conscious). We mentioned hypnosis, meditation, NDE (Near Death Experience), Psychedelics, certain type of holotropic breathwork... etc...

All of them can lead you to a state where your existence opens up to a new dimension and you are able to connect to that Universal Oneness and understand something new and bring it back to this life.

Let's speak about lucid dream this time. We had one version, which was described in the movie of Inception, or we met with this phenomenon when Thomas Edison was speaking about the technique where his mind opened up to new ideas... (rather than stealing from Tesla). He called it hypnagogic state.

This is the state between the fully wakefulness and the sleeping state.

Imagine that you learn how to control it, and you will be the leader of your dream, or you can dream with someone else together and meet in the same dream... or what is more... build a connection with someone through dream and bring it forward after physical death.

It is just an initiation towards the subject, but it is a note on the side to show the direction where I intend to give more attention.

If you have any studies and ideas to share about the topic, please feel free to comment or send.


#bardo #luciddream #dream #hypnosis

Eros and Logos, Feminine and Masculine, Heart and Brain

In a healthy body, heart and brain work in harmony with each other. They are equally important, both of them are essential, but they have completely different tasks. 

They cannot exist without each other. 

There is a theory of Jung, which I would like to draw parallels to this idea. That theory describes Eros and Logos as the two complementing / opposing elements to create the ALL. 

Eros is the Feminine Principle, which is responsible for intuition and to understand and transform emotional impacts. That could be the heart function. 

While Logos is the Masculine Principle, which represents the logical side, therefore that could be the brain function. 

We can go deeper in that idea and see Logos representing Atman in the Buddhist theories. In that case it would be described as the Alpha and Omega, the life essence of the Universe, the energy of 'I', the creative power. But it is always combined with a passive energy, representing the silence the empty space where the creation taking place. That one is the dark matter, which is actually never empty but deep and full of undiscovered elements. This could be the Eros. 

If the previously mentioned duality of Eros-Logos or heart-brain is used to describe our today's Patriarchal Society, it can be seen that the priority is given to the brain over the heart, while the heart is being suppressed. The result is an imbalance state between the brain and heart, which will cause disease in the organs of the human body, just like it can cause problems, and can lead to uncontrolled emotional outburst, or war in Patriarchal Society.

So, what is the real role of the Heart? And why is it so important for today's society?

Jung said that the alchemical marriage supposed to happen in the heart, and emotions lead us to enlightenments through pain. Jung even describes the heart as the alchemical fire, which initiates the transformation of the process. Therefore, heart function is responsible to translate these emotions and transform them through LOVE to wisdom. 

All conscious and logical ideas are useless without the heart, which gives life to them.

Therefore, healthy body and healthy Society can be reached only if the work of the brain and the heart is harmonized in the highest level. 


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Cancel culture

Cancel culture is the sickness of our Society and the definition is slightly changed. It is a phenomenon when people are not willing to look at the reality, do not dare to face their actions or the consequences of their actions, and for the most, they do not dare to FEEL. They became numbed, deaf, ignorant. They are walking dead. They are the binar code of a robotic system.

What they do not know is that witnessing, holding the ground of the suffering people, feeling their pain is the only way to heal the wounds, to reach back for the Soul, to reach back for the Unity to reawaken something what was forced to be silenced for way too long.

So, hold your ground. It is Sacred. The strangled vein won't be strangled for long. And when the bloodstream reaches the blocked areas, the pulsation will clean the blockage and the new Life will come.

Artist unknown.


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Transhumanism or the death of the Body-Mind-Soul trinity

When I was reading the third book of Dune from Frank Herbert, there was an idea stuck with me. It said, 'If you change the environment, the thought-patterns will change as well.'

Everywhere there are thousands of broadcasts and propaganda speaking about the different 'always positive' effects of transhumanism and all of them speak about the urge of 'saving the world' by using the terms 'We are in it together', we have to do it 'for the greater good' or simply forced us by the threat of losing jobs, earnings and losing the ability to go out and live a normal life.

When the situation is ceased to flow in a natural way, and there is an over pushing outside force aiming to one single direction with total control and rejection of questioning or investigating around it, that is the hugest alert which shouts for a full stop and rethink.

During the last three years multiple crisis has hit us but if you standby and remain the observant you can see the fear-mongering systematic-play around a centralized power-manipulation and well-planned mass-hypnosis whispering to take more and more from a gene-manipulated experimental injection with a hidden lists of thousands life-endangering side-effects.

I will now take the rejected ground of questioning and investigating, and I will invite you to have a look at the other side.

Our body is the most unique and highest advanced level of technology, which uniqueness came from the dualist ability of merging the two opposites (conscious-unconscious, masculine-feminine, thoughts and feelings). It was not created to just survive. It was created to thrive. That is why it got the name 'Temple of the Soul'.

Body in that meaning is the channel to the greatest Source (which was named as Mother Earth, God, Universe, Great Architecture, Soul).

The Ancient wise ones knew there was a secret path. It is a way to use your body as a channel. Bhagavad Gita speaks about the seven doors in your body which need to be cleansed. Tesla made several research about it and when he found out that the Energy which can be tapped, was higher than all imagination, and it was free, they silenced him.

By forcing technology over the body, the propaganda kicks out the dualist balance, which naturally harmonized in the body, and by rejecting the unconscious or feminine parts, they close the door in front of you which could lead you to that Source.

They substitute it with medications, injections, virtual 'reality', and other drugs and entertainments and imprisoning you to become dependent on their own fabricated reality.

The real question remains: Are you really want to just survive? Or do you want to thrive?


#callingforhome #transhumanism #ai #backtotheroots

The Two fires

Nowadays I had the opportunity to chat with someone about Stoicism and that opportunity brought up some thoughts in me.

I do admire stoicism, the idea of subduing your emotions and thinkings and taking control over it by mastering it. But I also have admiration for the mythical world and especially the Myth of Maat, who stood with the scale and worked for balance and for justice.

Therefore, for me the idea of subduing feelings and thinking comes with moderation. I do share the idea to subdue irritation from outside sources or inner troubling feelings or thoughts, but I do not share the idea to move out from the World and live without any kind of interaction since it considers the other end of the scale. They say you can live in the World but not of the world.


In simple term, I believe that the moment when you were born into Earth, you came with a special call which goes with responsibilities. Your task is to figure out and find your call and take the stand for that call.

Most probably that call is wired into your childhood trauma and if you carefully examine your life you will find it fascinating how everything on the way lining up to lead you to a special purpose by finding the way of healing through it and providing the guide to others by it. There is also a view which states that you were the one who had carefully chosen your circumstances to be set before your birth in order to learn those lessons, which seemed to be necessary for your personal development.

But there are other views, which state that your purpose on Earth is to subdue every single things which wired you here to reach Nirvana and became completely empty.

But what if the answer is in the moderated middle point in it as well? Truth is always half truth till you reach the stage when you see both sides of the coin and find the paradox. As soon as the paradox is recognized, the balance is reached and the issue resolves itself.


There are certain esoteric views about a double fire which has two flames with two different colors. A deep red, which comes with effort and burns with pain, and the light blue which gives pure light without any wired karmic depts.

I believe when you manage to turn passion into compassion, that compassion will lead you to find the task you are destined to fill, and through that task you would be not only able to subdue your feelings and thinking, but you could also purify your heart by letting it broken to let the light in, which eventually will lift it up to balance with the subdued mind. And by following your compassion, with each step you take, you are forming your very own path on which you can fulfill your special service to Humanity, integrating more and more from the Whole till the red flames clear to light blue and you reach the basic source of Love.


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Sacred Feminine Rage

I want to speak about the religions first, how they ran off the right path for political influence, and financial support. I want to speak about all the ideas how they denied the Divine Power from women and slaved us from our True Nature.

Women are powerful beings. It is Mother Nature, who gives life and takes life as well. Both Goddess of Life and Death. Do you remember Lilith? Do you remember Shakti? Are they weak, silent, obeying creatures? Are they???

Or do they have the voice to rage and stand when the whole gender is raped.

No I am not speaking about the toxic feminine, and I would like to draw a straight line to show the difference. Toxic feminines are the ones who are the prostitutes of the Patriarchy. They use their manipulation games to reach higher position for ego, greed and selfish purposes and they are not afraid to destroy anyone on their way even if it is woman, child or man. 


The REAL woman‘s rage is SACRED. It has a purpose, it has an aim, it has a direction, it has a sacred mission to achieve. It is not here to gain or abuse power. It is here to create BALANCE, to fight against INJUSTICE and to stand up for all the women who forgot their real, true nature on the way by serving Patriarchy and believing its lie that feminine is weak. 

Divine Feminine is powerful. It is the creating force of the whole Planet. But to reach the true, pure basis of that Sacred Energy Source, you need to be pure as well. No manipulation, no power-game, no uncontrolled emotional outrage. 

Just Sacred, Aimed, Holy Fire of Restoration. 

Blessed Be.


#callmethemotheroftuambabies #sacredfeminine #sacredenergy

Trust and Doubt; Religion and Science

According to the definition, doubt is a mental state in which the mind remains suspended between two or more contradictory propositions, unable to be certain of any of them. Doubting is inherent to the human brain.

In other words, we have a special gift, which makes us different from the other species, the ability to question situations/concepts/ideas etc.

And there comes trust, which is to allow credit irrespective of the circumstances.

Nowadays I had the pleasure to participate in a discussion about religion and science investigating the possibility of them in exchanging their roles. The conversation was mind-blowing and triggered lots of thoughts.

From my point of view, I would say while religion answers our unconscious needs, science entertains the conscious parts. We need both of them to operate. But...

The problem starts, when instead of using them as a tool of getting to know ourselves more, the tools become the weapon of manipulation and the source for power-seeker.

In an ideal world, questioning cannot be a problem, since all doubts call for deeper investigation, and leads to deeper roots in both field. Challenging something or someone brings things to attention or brings the person out of his/her safe zone and gives them the opportunity to evolve.

How many times I heard people saying to me that they are blessed in their little safe bobble where nothing can happen to them. Yes, the ship is also safe in the harbor but that is not the task of the ship. A life without development slowly loses the real-life energy and the stagnation or automatization densifies all parts into a solid form. When it reaches that so called 'crystalized' state, there is no more change possible, and the energy is not able to move anymore, that is death in the energetic point of view.

All religious systems originally have been built around a certain idea or vision, which with time, has distanced further and further from the original idea. The energy which has been fed the original discovery, has vapored out from the literature and it changed places with dogma, the crystallized, solid structure of the once infinite view.

Nowadays, we can hear the statement 'trust the science', and it should alert the danger what happens when questioning is not allowed anymore, and the system becomes so rigid, that the science turns to be a dogmatic religion as well.

What is the solution then?

If we remain open, and dare to question everything, ourselves, the world, the religion and science, we have the chance to trigger the particles into a whirlpool and always find something new and unique to evolve, which would fulfill our life with fresh energy.

If you want to trust in something, trust the unknown. Trust the Universe and surrender your whole Self to the fact that nothing is under control. And if you do so, that trust would show you the original life source itself.

"Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery: teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear, and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun." Lakota Prayer


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Solar Plexus on Power

I have been working a lot with the Solar Plexus in the last few months, especially with the “power” motive and its quality. For a very long time I believed that power is wrong. I saw and experienced different types of power-abuse, so I blocked myself from expressing it.
I played with it instead. 

When I was leading my team in that famous double decker aircraft, very often it happened that the upstairs crew did not meet with the downstairs crew during the flight so we could hardly remember the faces of the other half of the team. Once I had a funny experience when in a layover one of our crew could not recognize me neither as his senior nor as his crew and started to flirt with me in the hotel lobby by telling me stories about, he is being a prince in the Arab land. I went with his game and entertained myself in silence since I knew next day I would be in charge of his performance. He soon realized his mistake right during my briefing. 

I provided the general info and my usual expectations only and left the issue out. For the rest of the flight, I got the hardest worker crew in him watching over everything without rest. I was laughing and I was proud of myself that I showed that expressing power is not necessary in order to reach positive result.

However, Jung once said that any content is integrated only when it becomes aware of its two faces. Here comes the Paradox.
When I changed my lifestyle and in hoping for peace and quiet I settled down in a village-set, I continued the same method - no showoff just stay silence - let them show themselves and when they figure out the truth, we will laugh together. The problem was that they did not figure out anything. As time passed the rude comments turned to harassments, which developed to abuse and just like Lucifer effect I found myself under severe nonstop prolong attacks which started to demolish my mental health.

The lesson came when I figured out that back than the only way I was able to play the game was that my position as a leader was based on a strong power foundation of the company. I actually expressed power since I wore my uniform.
This lesson took me 5 years to learn and to realize that power is neither good nor bad. It depends on how they use it. Is it used as a tool, a weapon or an aim?
Solar Plexus is a founding chakra, if it is blocked your personal power is inactive and cannot flow through.
Two questions remain:
Do you allow to your real Self to step out in full power? And are you using your power as a tool for serving others?
#solarplexuschakra #solarplexus #selfesteem

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Imagination, Dopamine and the self-healing system

Nowadays I tried to explain meditation to someone who has never done it.

I described it as ' it is a story about you. You need to close your eyes and imagine what is said to you just like when you listened to a fairytale when you were young. You imagine what you hear, and by imagining it, your brain switches on a special light-panel inside you, which creates extra warmth, happiness, and healing to you. 

When I was writing the La Loba meditation, my aim was to write a story in a way that not only includes the major elements of the myths but also connects the archetype, the symbolic meaning of the elements. I used symbols in a way Jung mentioned it, to trigger the subconscious mind to awaken the ancient Anima. 

Our brain is the birthplace to many ideas and the birthplace of future reality. It has the power to create, and it is on us how we use it and how deeply we can explore it. 

While I was doing research for my dissertation about creative mind, I compared the brain activity among meditation practitioners and visual artists in a dimension of using imagination. While my research material was based on tests, I believe it is worthy for deeper investigation how the brain uses imagination and what are the effects of it.

I believe dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters what is involved in imagination. By definition it is the neurotransmitter, which helps to control the brain's rewarding and pleasure centers and helps regulate emotional response and certain movement. 

The low dopamine level may be the cause for addictions and dopamine deficiency is the cause of Parkinson's Disease. 

Dopamine is also connected to the immune system as the dopaminergic system modulating the immune system. 

If I continue in this line, I will assume, that while using creative activities and/or imagination, we activate that dopamine (release or block of its reuptake) and the dopamine-level gets higher in our body causing pleasure, happiness, and empowering our immune system. 

I would say that imagination would be one of the keys for self-healing. 



An Osho teaching says: "All relationships are of possession, the husband possesses the wife, the wife possesses the husband, the parents possess the children, and so on and so forth.

To possess is not to relate. 
In fact, to possess is to destroy all possibilities of relating.

If you relate, you respect; you cannot possess. 
If you relate, there is great reverence. 
If you relate, you come very close, very very close, in deep intimacy, overlapping.
Still the other's freedom is not interfered with, still the other remains an independent individual. The relationship is that of I-thou, not that of I-it -- overlapping, interpenetrating, yet in a sense independent.”

I had the opportunity to travel all around the world and catch a sight of different cultures and different kinds of relationship beliefs.

I saw relationships based on economic cooperation, especially on countryside, rural areas, where people depend on each other's help and create relationship for the purpose to share the workload.

I saw relationships based on agreement of the elders' and mostly for the reason to keep the wealth inside the family, or inside the 'friendzone' or to make diplomatic connection to another wealthy family.

I saw relationship based on religious beliefs, based on the same common ground of their religious value. It keeps them safe and blessed as far as both of them follow the rules.

I saw relationship based on habit as a kind of "we grew up together, we know each other, we will continue because it is what we know, and it works."

I saw freshly new-wed couples right after the graduation to make the binding from the fear not to lose each other.

I saw set-up dates where both parts felt awkward and while they hate the whole situation, they may find a lottery-love.

I saw that kind of strange encounter when one says to another "you are single, I am single, none of us like to be single so be together from now on, because it is still better than being alone."

I saw lots of kind and I had to add I truly believe that the purest and deepest relationship can grow only from two independent individuals who experienced and understand aloneness and chose to be together in freedom and in a special kind of interconnectedness. This is the relationship what is NOT based on safety, habits, religious beliefs or fear from the unknown/loneliness but the exact opposite. It is the relationship what gives you the opportunity to grow to understand yourself more and expand in new areas you have never ever known that exist. It is the one which gives you the motivation to go forward and dare to step up and be yourself in all your colors.

It is the one when you look at the other as a unique constellation and you respect and ready to learn who he/she is.

And for that first you have to be alone, to get know yourself and to get know your own demon and make him/her as your friend.

A3, marker pen drawing from my favorite movie ClaudAtlas


#relationship #connection #relatedness 

Listen to your Dreams

There are several ways to reconnect to the Divine Feminine Source. All of them is an underground journey, back to Mother Earth, to the Sacred Womb, where humanity conceived.

This is the place of the Sacred Darkness, what contains the essence of all things. It is the Saint Grail of the Divine Spark, which holds life itself. This is the place to find the true essence of existence.

Lots of people afraid of the Darkness, as it is not logical, it is unreliable just like death or sexuality. That is the reason why men tried to rationalize it. When the attempt failed, they repudiated the whole idea completely together with everything what belonged to it, including women. We became the whore, the unwanted, the sinful. Only few knew that in reality, that deep, dark source is the real Grail for the Truth. Only that few who dares to gaze in the void can have a grasp of it.

Are you the daring one?

Because if you are, I can show you one way of many how to reconnect and find out your true nature.

Before you go to sleep, ask the Divine to reveal for you the secret what you have to know about yourself and prepare a note next to your bed.

When you wake up, note all the details, whatever unreal, irrelevant it seems.

Do it each night and try to see the similar symbols occurring.

This is the field of dream-analysis. Since all dreams are unique, giving a general vocabulary would be useless. But there is some guidance to help you on the journey to identify archetypes.

- Basement, underground, underwater scenes always the sign of initiation into the unconsciousness, into the deeper knowledge and always comes with fear, which you need to face to enter.

- Water, beach, any kind of watery surface is a sign of Baptism, also an initiation to deeper knowledge. Being afraid of chocking or disappearing, dissolving in the Darkness is the most ancient fear from the Divine Feminine, and the most sacred trial, which the candidate needs to meet.

Note all the male and feminine figures occur in your dream. All of them unique representations of you. Anima and Animus in its original appearance tells you everything what you need to know about yourself. Write down and analyze those figures.

Jung's deep studies, and Marion's guidance speak about how the Anima and Animus make their entrance as scary figures. Do you remember the fairytale Baba Yaga? She is the hag, the ancient sacred doorkeeper. It is not an easy journey, as it asks you to face your own shadow and accept it fully. But this is the entrance of the Most Sacred Place to your true Divine Self.


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Survival vs. Moral

I made an experiment lately about the meanings of moral and survival, since the topic seems on a route of losing ground for the worse and I used 'true experimental design' with the most obvious field-experiment, namely social media.

This experiment turned out to bring much more results than I expected to have, since my theory was tested not only by the meaning but also by the reaction to it as a special added moral-test layer.

So, the experiment started with a comment I made on the famous Darwin quote (‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”) and my claim was ‘What Darwin never understood/innerstood is, there are much more important things than simple survival. Being fully HUMAN is one of them, even if it costs your life.’

That simple claim created a heated conversations which generated more than 100 comments and it provided a deep mirror of the status of our society in the measurement of moral, in the shadow of ongoing wa1rs, gen'ocides and the desperate authority trials to establish total1itarian power-control.

The first little bit shocking result was how many people jumped to the occasion to drop an ass1ault by acting as a kind of superior intelligence, which turned out quickly that it was not the case. It was what Darwin would say ‘quickest to respond’ without a necessary depth of understanding the matter in hand.

I made my own reflection and examined myself and my emotions too, and I had to add, that after several insults, I was sorry to observe the change in my tone of voice as well, which was corrected later but yes, conclusion had to be made: Violence spreads violence and the extra effort has to be made to keep the dragons at bay.

I had to conclude that our survival instinct on reacting to the assumed threat are insults and violence. The lauder the fitter, the quicker the better.

On the other hand, it also somehow enforced my point that there have to be something deeper, a ‘human element’. The element, which is able to keep emotions at bay,

be able to measure up the available responses

be able to create unique ones

and add the essence of care and unity, which most of the cases the skills, what requires to work against the survival instinct.

My hypothesis is, that in case the 'care and unity' is missing from the elements, it would not matter how powerful and clever or quick is our adaptation to change, the loss of moral will eventually lead to catastrophe.

My point of view is that survival factors for human is a bit different than for other species, since with our evolved cognitive abilities, and consciousness, a special kind of responsibility is added, which is that we have to take care of our environment if we already tamed it. The missing element is caring (if I do not want to say the word Love). But that thought necessary requires to merge biological point of view with sociology and widening the scales into interactions, and it brings the word ‘interconnectedness’ into the mix.

The other layer of this experiment was given by the conversations, which I reached after cutting myself through the low-level assaults. Most of the time the conversation ended at the simple repetition of Darwin results, and hardly dared to question forward, that is definitely a failure on Darwin scales, since they could not manage to adapt to change either.

But there were some unique comments here and there providing surprising, unexpected insight, and an inspiration to think towards.

I received feedback that ‘altruism’ was eventually mentioned among the factors of social instincts in Darwin’s studies. In that point I had to add that the beginning of my claim ‘what Darwin never understood/innerstood’ was actually not quite right. He did understand/innerstand. Just the famous quote did not provide efficient highlight to it.

I consider that missing part with a great concern especially in our current status, where the quickly developing AI is disqualifying our soft values by concentrating only on the powerful or physical ones, turning us into some kind of robots.

Following the recent development of our political affair, we have the opportunity to eyewitness how AI is used to target highly danced population in order to magnify the level of casualties in Palestine and the quick development of the automatization and transhumanism have a trend to reduce and reject the quality of ‘vulnerability’ which still is the key factor to understand the true essence of humanity.

My conclusion is: Responsiveness is not enough for survival, if we are concerned about improvement of Humanity on the scale of evolution. It is in the method of response, the choice we made, where the answer lies.

More preciously, it is the ability to stop the urge to respond, remain calm, and turn against our own survival instincts in order to save and bring forth something uniquely human, which others would let to die in the altar of gaining power.

Special thanks to Josephine Edge for providing the platform for the experiment, as she has one of a kind page with so many inspirations and heartwarming quotes.

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Integration of the Dark part or the dreaded step to become Whole

It is a normal human instinct to direct your steps always to a better outcome, to nicer surroundings, to a problem-free life. It is especially true when you have a past with trauma. The first response is to go far away from all the memory what has the slightest effect to remind you what happened. You desperately avoid everything which could reawake the memory. You choose a location what has nothing similar than the traumatized memory and change topic every time, when someone is getting closer to that.

The bittersweet catch in it is, that you cannot run away from your past. The more you run, the more it will chase you. You can run to the other end of the world, the same exact trauma will somehow regenerate from nowhere and hit you hard till you are not able to stay and listen to it.

That crying girl inside you desperately needs your attention to acknowledge her pain. She wants to tell you how she was abused and left behind broken. She wants to tell you how much injustice she saw in the world, which she should not, if the world is such a positive vibe only as you described to her. She experienced the opposite. She wants to show you her wounds and tell you how her treasures were destroyed and stepped on. And that experience was so hard, that it broke her down completely. She wants to show you the broken pieces left behind. She wants you to acknowledge her and accept her with her TRUTH as it is.

It is a hard job, and it is not easy not to turn away. But these broken pieces became real diamonds now. If you manage to see them as they are, collect them and place them back where they belong, they will be the cornerstone and the gems of your own structure.

That integration will lift her up and will create a channel for healing and transformation. That crying will stop and a voice will sing again.

That voice will come from the deepest vale and will vibrate through the whole membrane. It will sing like never before, because that voice will be filled with wisdom and the purest light originated from the darkest part of the world. It will be the invocation of the SOUL of Creation. It will be louder and louder and will call upon the ONE, who was denied, rejected and forbidden for centuries by the religion and the culture.

It will call the Great Goddess, the Dark Madonna back alive.


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Feminine Rising

Let's speak about the men population in this patriarchal dominion, who demand rights over women, who believe that women are their property and can use and abuse them as they like and punishing them if they wish.

Or let's speak about that certain women population who assimilated and accepted the patriarchal dominion so much that they became the slaves of it and ruin their own gender with a hope to gain a portion from the dominion.

Let's speak about the other genders - acknowledged by the ancient native American cultures before time - who are always under attack.

Facing false accusation, slanders, disrespectful and humiliating offers is very hard to handle in daily bases and it is not limited into certain region. It is everywhere.

The more educated, enlightened you are the more threat you receive, because you are the danger of the system.

When I had a discussion with another Priestess, a sister of mine, she wisely told me in case of humiliation, you can do one thing, look into the eyes of the situation, feel it, let it through you and thanks for it. What is going through you, cannot hurt you just if you resist.

What is going through you is an energy of attack. The attack against that pure life force pulsating and rising in you. Because even if you are silenced, your existence and present shines over the place and radiates that energy. And you have a voice. That energy speaks through you, protect you and lift you up.

You came from the Womb, you came from Mother Earth and you are the president of that life source. You are entitled to all the gifts Mother Earth has, and you have the source inside you to connect to the eternal power of Life. Anytime, anywhere... it is inside you.

Let Mother Earth take care of the rest. It is the time of no action. It is the time to observe, be present and feel. It is the time to see, to clear your vision. It is the time to understand and connect the dots. It is the time to prepare.... Prepare for something much bigger to come. Prepare to the feminine rising.


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What does it mean culture, and why it is, or it is not important?

First, I was wondering how many aspects of culture we can find. The culture of nation, culture of a company, culture of a religion, culture of an ancient heritage, culture of civilization or culture of intelligence etc...

On one hand culture is important as it gives structure to a society how to behave, where to find your place and your task to fulfill the need of the whole.

On the other hand, it can easily lead to automatization and dependency. People follow orders for the sake of conformity without even questioning the order's moral quality.

Speaking about reporting-culture for example, which was so important back in the Communism, we can see how it remained active in lots of company-policy by promoting people who bring information about their mates. While reporting culture can be beneficial to a company as far as it is for safety reason and the report addresses general query and does not pointing fingers to anyone.

The quality of the reporting culture also depends on the structure of the society if it is based on individualism or community as operating unit.

Moving towards and speaking about culture of nations as a firm base of the society, it gives firm boundaries and a safe place for the ones inside the nation with a strict condition to comply. It connects the individuals who feel belong to it, but it also separates the ones who are considered outsider.

The content of each culture gives specific values to the community and also it can declare certain kind of social behavior unwanted.

It can be seen how certain people driven by their cultural belief, are ready to punish others just because according to their belief system/ culture, the behavior of the certain individual is not accepted by their culture.

Also, we can speak about ancient cultures which hardly exists and seem to become extinct. It could have great amount of wisdom and value inside (like Maya or Atlantis) while history put them to an end. If we take time to rediscover it in deep, we will see that all the high-values come with a price, and the once fruitful political/moral system required extremely high sacrifices on the other side.

So, what is the solution in the end?

As every matter on Earth has positive and negative sides, I believe culture works for its purpose as far it remains simple guidance for the individuals in a respected place to be acknowledged. I believe it depends on the personality and much more the development level of the personality how to deal with the cultural influences and how much he/she aware of the impact of the cultural effect to his/her own life and behavior.

Certain kind of people have to have firm rules to follow in order to operate. But I believe there is a point in a scale of development when the individual starts to ask questions and determines their own needs and requirements outside the collective. And there is a level when the economic necessity wont be the only condition to determine their choice but also, some kind of moral requirement calls in and starts to urge for a personal set of boundaries.

I believe studying ancient and other cultures including their history, roots, operations, morals and values, helps to give a deeper understanding to see the big picture, to see how the culture plays its rule inside the community. Understanding its general operation, it leads us not only question its moral but also it gives the unique skills to separate their parts and investigate deeper.

After all we are visitor here to observe and experience life in as many aspects as we can. So let's investigate as much as we can, take it into parts and put it together again, and go forward on our own destiny with the values we saw and learnt from it.

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Purpose: IKIGAI

Have you ever thought about the purpose of your life? Why did you come to this Earth? For what reason? Do you really think that it fulfilled by marching on the squirrel wheel?

There is a theory about the meaning of existence, which says all of us arrive on Earth with a special purpose, which only you can fulfill.

I truly believe in it and more. I believe that you stepped into to this earthly existence with a special vibration code, which only you have, and you received it together in a package with 'Free Will' which allows you to take it or waste it.

So, if you are clever enough you take most of your effort to figure out the uniqueness of that vibration and the way how to put it in the best use.

There is a special word for it in Japanese: IKIGAI, and as all Japanese words, there is more meaning into it than just one single explanation. Ikigai is sitting in the crossing of your passion, your mission, your profession and your vocation. It says that your purpose is the real calling, which connects your heart, your mind and all your experience you have collected as far.

It is much more than surviving. It says you are on the right path when you finally leave behind the mud-fighters, and all the pigs, who pushing each other down just to get higher in the competition.

It is when you turn your attention towards what you really love, what you really admire and give that one a go. That is when you step on the narrow road, or when you get that machete and start to cut your own path through the jungle. That is when the real existence starts, when the 'Power of Creation' (alias God) aligns, and you start not only existing but creating your own world.



It was never said it would be easy. It is exactly the opposite. Most of the time your deepest call is the hardest one because it requires you to stand naked in front of your own self and see through all your failures, desires, mistakes and hopes in the mirror of your values. It requires you to jump out of nothing and follow your intuition and trust that the same One who planted the seed in your heart will also plant the next step ahead of you. Most of the time, you won't even see it, you just need to believe it will be there when you arrive there.

Because it does not matter how many people stand in your way, if you do something with pure intention and love from your deepest calling, there is no weapon on Earth, what could stop you.


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The Role of the EGO

As the exploration of the Self is reaching deeper levels, and the awareness extending, the role of the EGO is inevitably coming into the surface. What is it exactly and why do we have it?

My approach I wish to examine this topic is through the spiritual lens, from the point of view that our aim is to become ONE with the Universe, and how the concept of EGO provides a paradox to that matter. So, do we need it or not?

Social Contracts requires each person to take up a role to be useful for the society for example a teacher, a student, a doctor etc. But going further there are other roles, which provide another layer or scale to this segment, to be a mother, a father, a daughter, a son. Roles with culturally defined obligations. These two layers have already determined the individual in a certain kind of box and cultural norms have a strong force to push the person into a well-walked path into a behavior pattern which has existed and seen before and attached strongly to it. That is how the daughter starts to behave just like her mother, and the teacher starts to teach the same topic to their pupils exactly the same way as all the others. The role became a second skin, and without questioning people growing into the shame of a concept. But that concept is not just tasks and obligations anymore but contains all the shadow habits picked up on the road, which all turned to unchangeable behavior patterns, while the real Self is slowly put to sleep.

But before the EGO get the perfect bad reputation, there is another side of it.

Ego also works as a pattern-recognizing system to comparing those patterns to each other to help you navigate. The same way as the EGO learns what to do in the role of teacher or mother, it also learns who or what harms you and records an image into your defensive system for further recognition. It is the survival mechanism. The snake's bite causes death so people take necessary caution for every single creatures what even just a little bit of a reminder of that snake. And if we want to go deeper, it has to be noted that the danger of the snake is so deeply implanted that even a new born baby has the awareness of it. Does that mean that the 'danger pattern' of the snake is genetically coded to human? Who knows? But it shows one thing for sure, that EGO have a necessary part we need for survival. It creates patterns, categorize actions, people, things and sort them in order to help you navigate your life with ease. You know that if you get close to something or someone, which will cause you harm, you will avoid it in the future, and if an event causes you happiness and prosper, you go forward to it. So, it seems all good. Or not?

And that is where it got tricky. You experience an event what cause you enormous harm, but instead of proper investigation of a real cause, you define the whole event as a damaging one. And the entire situation will go down to the restricted zone, and you avoid everything what could even just remind you of it, and you limit your area of experiment as well. You throw the baby out with bathwater.

Or on the other side of the scale when you experience something cause you happiness, and you start blindly bond yourself into it without recognizing, that a certain addiction took place, and you numbed all your other senses.

According to my point of view, and it is just my humble opinion, I would say that EGO is a great tool if you can use it what is it for but not more. It can help you navigate and draw a map, but it should not be the commander who deny access from learning or force you behave in a certain way because of you identify yourself with the role and take that role so serious, that the masks became your skin.

After all the real Self is the one you will find, when all the masks have fallen down, when you dare to face your fear, analyze them, take them into apart and learn that damn lesson about their working mechanism, and their roles. That is the method what will expand your horizon, instead of limiting it, and that is the way what leads you towards to alignment with the ONE to the entrance gate of your real Self.


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Archetypes - Dakini

In Jung's circle, the definition of Archetypes is a common topic. But what is Archetype exactly. If I try to put my understanding what I have reached as far: Archetypes are symbols of different aspects of human experience expressed by the unconsciousness as a message to deliver. Most often we meet them in our dreams, where our mind is opened up for 'other realms' or to say it 'safer', where our mind is in the receptive open state to emerge into the unconsciousness. Archetypes are the most ancient phenomena of the human existence, and the pure evidence to our Oneness. Each person of the Planet, no matter of origin or religion, dreams about the same figurative symbols: The Elderly Wise man, the Empress, the Seer, The Hanged Man... . etc. These are the symbols movies; novels use to connect with the audience. All of them comes with a different meaning. But that meaning is beyond our binary system of black or white, yes or no; it is a bridge to connect and also to guide further beyond the logic.

Other than the basic archetypes - Jungian Archetypes, or the figurative illustration of the Tarot mentioned - there are other thousands of different aspects, which are known, identified and researched. In the Far East, most of these archetypes are celebrated as Gods or Goddess by their expression of representation.

But these archetypes are not only dream-symbols. These are also embodiment of a Divine Origin.

Dakini, the Dancing Goddess, is one of the archetypical forms of the Divine Feminine principle. She embodies the pure Feminine Wisdom beyond reason and intellect. 'Dakini is translated into Tibetan as 'sky goer'. She is a Tantric priestess and a female manifestation of wisdom.' (Watterson)

There is a way and sacred practice to reach alignment with Dakini. But this practice requires devotion and strength in order to hold the fire which comes with it.



It is a gift if the alignment takes place, as it gives way to your truest Soul expression and connects you with your full potential, but it is also a responsibility. Clarissa Pinkola Estes mentioned it as the Red Shoes, and we know couple of very famous women - Janis Joplin or Amy Winehouse etc. - and watched their story how that fire went out of control and took their life. It is a very powerful gift, an enormous inside fire, which can give light and can burn down obstacles. It can be used for building or destroying, all of it depends on the beholder. It is the Soul Expression, the true Divine Feminine.

And if you have ever experienced it, you understand why the life of Human Being is such an extraordinary opportunity to find and live through your own Soul purpose.


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Warrior vs. Oneness or Both

There is a paradox, which stuck in my mind lately. It is about opposing the Oneness theory with the Warrior spirit. More precisely are you allowed to take side if you believe that all is One, and Tat Tvam Asi - I am You?

Below are just my ideas how I found the way beyond those two opposing territories.

You came to this Earth and received a body and received several different experiences which formed you who you became. The experience you received also was influenced by your gender, race, nationality, religion which provided a perspective, a special window to see through. You have the task to step out through this window to see and experience as much perspectives as much you can and return to the Oneness seeing yourself in all.

But you are still in this dualistic Earth in your human body which has needs and is able to experience emotions (like pain and happiness). Even if you decide that you want to be a guru and do nothing just observe everything around in your Yoga mat chanting OM, your body is still here and visible and others can see you, feel you and you take up space. You cannot “not affect” your surroundings. 

So, what if you instead of chanting OM, you step out, and try to figure out why the hell you got so many experiences, what is the connection among them, what are the special skills emerging out of them and start using those skills for real. God did not send you to this world without talents. Do not hide your talent in the ground.

Go out, use them, live them, serve with them. And if you see injustice, shout out.


The 'Woke' Ones

We have this new cultural identity called the ’woke’ ones, who are so enlightened that they see through all the lies of our society, they promote themselves as spiritual leaders while sitting in a pedestal spreading out wisdom quotes from someone else’s experiences and introduce themselves as the ones who have the philosopher stone in their pocket, therefore they demand admiration and rank at the highest level.

Let me tell you something about becoming enlightened.


It comes with terrible pain. It comes through the deepest darkness. Your heart needs to be broken to let the light in. The real Philosopher stone is just like the Pearl, made by sweating around the toxic dirt which went into the shell. It is the result of the Dark Night of the Soul. Actually, it is a result of thousands of Dark Night of the Soul, when you finally reach the bottom of the Rabbit hole, face your biggest fear, and embrace your true Self with all the weaknesses, vulnerability. Enlightened is the liberation from the slavery of your Soul.
Do you know what holds your soul in Slavery? The fear.

Recently I had a wonderful meeting with my Philosophical Society, and we were speaking about ’duty’ and its deeper meaning, how you find your call, your purpose. There was a reference made to The Lord Of The Ring movie, when Frodo ’volunteers’ for the duty to take the ring. If you remember they are settling around a round table and a fight almost breaks out among the participants, because all wants to take the ring. So why Frodo then? Why him? I heard lots of very good reasons, for example because of his pure character, his incorruptible personality, his pure heart etc. But my personal favorite is that he is the only one around the table who is afraid of that ring.


Your call is not something to sit up to a high throne and dictate people around from you woke status.
Your call is the one what makes you shit in your pants.
That is how you know.
You are connected to that call, because it has a root-wound deep inside you and you have an urge to run to the other end of the world from it.
There is nothing fancy, high throne in it.
But there is something much more powerful and important in it. It holds the liberation from your slavery.

There is a saying ‘If you want to know where to find your contribution to the world, look at your wounds. When you learn how to heal them, teach others. (Emily Maorutian)



Imagine that you are standing in a beautiful garden surrounded by all your favorite flowers and trees, listening the birds and feeling that your body is light and full of energy. Imagine that the pain you felt starts to dissolve and evaporate in the air. Imagine that you can go back to reality without it.

Psychoneuroimmunology - a new field investigating about that tiny, invisible border, which connects your emotions, your mental state and your immune system together and pulsates all the impulses through all of them.

What if....

What if you can use it for your own benefit and instead of letting the emotion taking you wherever it wants, you change the direction of that impulse by giving orders to your own immune system to heal.

Does it seem impossible?

Psychoneuroimmunology is a new field, but it is worthy for the interest.

What if we are really able to awaken the self-healing system of our own?


Identity, Nationality, Race, Socialization

Multiculture makes things complicated or the one what opens up your eyes to see deeper truth. The Big question what comes back time to time is what defines who you are? Are you the nationality you were born, or the nationality you socialized or the race and skin color you have? Which one? Or how can be all together?

All of us has a point in our life when we seek the truth about the real identity and belonging.

I tell you only what I have figured as far. It is not too much but at least it could be a starting point and you can add your own version to it.

I believe you are a very unique energy, a kind of special formula, trademark (aura), which was emerged from one or several race/nationalities to experience life from different viewpoints one life after another. But what makes you unique is that certain energy color and pattern which you radiate, and which you are almost unable to notice because it can be seen and feel only by the others around you. This is the true essence who you are.

And yes, it can change color-shades by effect of certain emotional or other influence, but the basic uniqueness of the color-essence will remain the same.

The other part of the questions is the belongings? Where do you belong in case of having more than one nationality and socialized more than one society?

I believe you belong to all. The more you encounter the more you are, and the wider is your acceptance for the others. You can be that unique color in lots of different palettes which makes our world just much more beautiful.

Does that make any sense?


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The Unconsciousness and the Feminine Realm

The Unconscious realm has always drawn attention because of its mystical figures and symbols. Once at the beginning of my psychology studies I asked the question from my lecturer, what structure of the unconsciousness could be? He replied that it was a good start for research.

Since those years with my current understanding, I would say that the unconsciousness is the feminine or dark side of the whole, while the consciousness is the masculine, light side. The masculine is the straightforward arrow, the structure of the building, while the Feminine is the cyclical circle, the magic or the soul of it, definitely out of the box.

Does it mean that feminine or darkness is bad? No. Not even close.

Darkness or the Unconsciousness is everything what has not discovered yet, the realms of unborn opportunities, the unstructured part. It contains the whole Akashic records and all the knowledge of the entire Humanity, which we have collected since our existence, and much more.

The only thing we need is 'The Key' in order to acquire that knowledge. And that is where everything got tricky. The Key is much like Rosette stone, something which can translate the meaning of those symbols, but the key also needs to be from the same substance as the door, which it requires to open. So that key is also part of the unconsciousness.

Therefore, the structural, logical mind, the consciousness is only part of the solution. It can lead you to the door, but it will not open it for you, nor will it let you in.

Here it comes trickier. While the unconsciousness holds great power (great natural power which can be used for good or bad), it became the target for all the power-seeking figures as well. All human has the capability to access their own unconscious realms but only few found the keys. The ones who started to realize the power of it, started to manipulate the ones who has no idea what kind of secret weapon they hold inside. Those 'unaware individuals' became the soldiers in a field they have no idea they are in ,and their unaware minds are continually targeted with manipulative propagandas in order to hijack and drive their power to serve as a support to their system. Mass leading is organized by programs and propagandas, with the aim to drive the individual from their own research and provide ready to go solutions to believe instead. You do not need to question anything, you do not need your values, we will give you answers, we will give you things to believe.

But that is not all. As AI has the power to spread propaganda to manipulate your brain to shut down the research, AI can be also used to spread awareness and call for questioning.

If there is a quest in today's world, it is the one to put up the light posts of awareness and shine the light on those manipulators and unveil the path, which leads to that door, where all the answers are waiting silently for the ones who found the right questions.


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