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The Unconscious realm has always drawn attention because of its mystical figures and symbols. Once at the beginning of my psychology studies I asked the question from my lecturer, what structure of the unconsciousness could be? He replied that it was a good start for research.

Since those years with my current understanding, I would say that the unconsciousness is the feminine or dark side of the whole, while the consciousness is the masculine, light side. The masculine is the straight forward arrow, the structure of the building, while the Feminine is the cyclical circle, the magic or the soul of it, definitely out of the box.

Does it mean that feminine or darkness is bad? No. Not even close.

Darkness or the Unconsciousness is everything what has not discovered yet, the realms of unborn opportunities, the unstructured part. It contains the whole Akashic records and all the knowledge of the entire Humanity, which we have collected since our existence, and much more.

The only thing we need is 'The Key' in order to acquire that knowledge. And that is where everything got tricky. The Key is much like Rosette stone, something which can translate the meaning of those symbols, but the key also needs to be from the same substance as the door, which it requires to open. So that key is also part of the unconsciousness.

Therefore, the structural, logical mind, the consciousness is only part of the solution. It can lead you to the door, but it will not open it for you, nor will it let you in.

Here it comes more tricky. While the unconsciousness holds great power (great natural power which can be used for good or bad), it became the target for all the power-seeking figures as well. All human has the capability to access their own unconscious realms but only few found the keys. The ones who started to realize the power of it, started to manipulate the ones who has no idea what kind of secret weapon they hold inside. Those 'unaware individuals' became the soldiers in a field they have no idea they are in ,and their unaware minds are continually targeted with manipulative propagandas in order to hijack and drive their power to serve as a support to their system. Mass leading is organized by programs and propagandas, with the aim to drive the individual from their own research and provide ready to go solutions to believe instead. You do not need to question anything, you do not need your values, we will give you answers, we will give you things to believe.

But that is not all. As AI has the power to spread propaganda to manipulate your brain to shut down the research, AI can be also used to spread awareness and call for questioning.

If there is a quest in today's world, it is the one to put up the light posts of awareness and shine the light on those manipulators and unveil the path, which leads to that door, where all the answers are waiting silently for the ones who found the right questions.

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Photo source: the door of Durin by Aronja

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On the margin of St. Patrick's day, let us celebrate the Ancient Sacred Knowledge of the Irish land, the deep cultural heritage of the Druids. Lets celebrate that despite all the patriarchal effort to destroy that gate to the Ancient Source of Wisdom, that Wisdom (Sophia) has been stronger and wiser than the hateful attackers, and hidden herself to survive the brutal massacre and her sacred womb silently waited deep down, buried under the mud forming and polishing the greatest diamond.

The sleeping snake, the symbol of Kundalini was always the greatest target against the ruling world, for the reason of being the key to reconnect to the Sacred Soul of the Universe.

Today, we are celebrating the Sacred Land and Ancient Druid Heritage of Ireland, the real Celtic heritage, together with all the hearts who survived and/or managed to find the way deep down to reconnect to that womb and reawaken the power of Kundalini and working on to rising it up together.

So Mote it Be.

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Updated: Mar 16

Everything started in the Middle East. That ten years I have spent there made me the person who I am today. It was never an easy journey. It was about the heart and about the resilience. How much you can take and how much you can turn into love. It speaks about the ingrediencies of your own kind. Do you let the world make you hard, or you transmute whatever is thrown at you and make the magic to the best outcome possible.

Standing up for others and for human and women rights were never an easy path. I admire all of the ones who walked before me and in this admiration, I based my foundation stones by drawing my 100 portraits of those role models, to connect to their strength to help me on my path.

Today, it is time to shine bright with the message what is carved in my heart, when I am stepping out to a new spotlight.

I started a fashion business with a message about powerful, independent women and I got the best team possible to make it happen. My focus and my mission is clear and straight and I hope it will be a blessing and a gift for everyone to make a change in this world.

With love,


Founder of T.S. Evita Artworks

The One and Only International Women RIghts Advocate of West Ireland

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