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And there will be a time when true values will be crashed in front of your eyes and all you have left is the deep knowing inside in every cells of your body, that what makes you Human is a magic which can not be taken away from you because it lives inside you, inside your heart and it will live through the madness and will shine bright even in the darkest night.

We are collecting donations for families in Rafah and we have some update.

First is for Amal a 24 years old lady with her husband and 2 kids in Rafah. She had a mental exhaustion and she had considered selling her kidney for saving her kids out of the ge*no*cide zone. Just received confirmation from her. She is alive and well and she extremely needs our help. Please click on link for donation to give her and her family a chance to live.

Second is for Banan and his family of 5 with a 1 month old baby. We received enough money for a pass of one person. Thank you for the donations. Right now we are waiting for the bank to let the money transfer since the bank put it on-pause.

The third for family of Ahmad.

The fourth for Hosam and his family and two little brother.

The fifth for Amal’s release fund for food:

The sixth is for Sian’s fund for food:

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Recently Im doing a deep research of the somatic wisdom, its necessity in human cognitive evolution and its history as a preparation for the second part of the video recording about the reason what went terribly wrong with the Industrial Revolution.

As I am collecting the historical evidences I reached the stage exploring the deep importance of the Cathars. During the investigation of its practice which eventually let them being massacred by another inquisition just like what we have right now in the Middle East, I found a very interesting territorial remark in my book.

Guess where is the ancient heritage of one of the true somatic practice originated…

I had a lovely conversation recently about the roles of emotions in the mirror of the Kybalion principle: gender.

My question raised: why control and willing your experience is so important. Control came with the idea of conquering and power and as the Kybalion describes it, it gives utmost important to the mind above all.

But does it really superior? And who am I to dare to question this?

But still… is it possible that it appears to be true only because it was loudly preached in the last two thousand years or so? I believe Kybalion is a wonderful collection for all the principles of the mind and all is useful guidance and truth.

However, mind without somatic, body experience is dead, and we see with our own eyes how the control-freak industrial revolution pushes the entire humanity to the verge of collapse.

But where is an end, there is a new beginning.

We have such an opportunity now to close that gap and make the shift back to harmony.

It would be time to reawaken that suppressed feminine essence and start to listen to the wisdom of the body and lift it back to balance. It requires to focus more on experience and the harmonization of them, than grabbing the control button of masculine side so desperately. After all, In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

So what about to lose the will, loosen the control, give up the want for the descension from the mind to the heart?

'Emotions aren't masculine or feminine. They are human. Normalize them.'

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