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Nowadays I have had a very interesting debate with the Hong Kong community about my new favorite topic 'A.I. and about if the extraordinary speed in scientific updates could be considered dangerous for Humanity. The topic is extremely complicated and there are so many perspectives we could approach it. My very first and simplest approach is through the idea of the necessary balance between the heart and mind. In order to reach wholeness in life, your heart and mind needs to reach a peaceful alignment. Since the scientific approaches are racing forward without any consideration of the matter of the heart, sooner or later there will be a breakage in between that two, and the consequences would be devastating, since there is no life without heart.

I do add it here that these ideas are my point of view only, and that approach is everything but scientific.

While I love speaking in symbols and metaphors, as it breaths air into the conversation, there were some curiosities, if the mind is considered the logic and A.I, how the heart could be defined.

Heart - in this case - represents the metaphor, the symbol, the unconscious trigger, the intution, the mother instinct and all what is unscientific and unexplainable by logic.

But there is a wonderful movie which gave it a try to explain the operation of that Un-logical world and it is the movie 'I Origins'.

It is a low budget movie, so do not expect fancy Hollywood fames and starts, but still, there is something in that movie what takes you down to level Ground, and makes you check all your (believed to be) firm-based theories.

When I first watched it, the unexpected turns hit me out completely and I was shocked for days. On the next watch I was more prepared, and I would focus more to the details. The movie is a brilliant piece of art with a very deep message.

#AI #Iorigin #heartandmind

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Once upon a time there was an Ancient Kingdom, leaded by a lovely couple respected and loved by all. The King was well-known from his direct and clear purpose leading and building a prosperous, fruitful and happy nations and the Queen, she was the wise, healing leader herself, holding ground for all to let it happen.

One day the King was called to duty as reports arrived that enemies raised and damaged the borders of the Kingdom causing enormous suffering for his people. So he answered the call.

The Queen was left alone in the castle and ruled by connecting to the Highest, and sharing the wisdom she received in healing the ones in need and building community in peace.

But there was no news about the King and years passed.

Despite the warnings of the adviser, the Queen decided to go after the King and check out what could happen. So, she stepped down from the throne, switched her royal mantle to a civil dress, masked herself not to be recognized by her rank and went to figure out what had happened.

She stepped out of the borders, and she found several girls wounded, their babies in corps but no news from her King. She went forward to look for the ones who did that, and she saw another castle. It was much smaller than hers and it seems it was patched up from different parts, but it looked very cute in her eyes, as she saw everything through her own perception. She would never think that the parts were stolen from her Kingdom and from the wounded ladies.

She entered to that smaller castle and in order not to reveal her truth, she offered her willingness to work. She believed in people with good intention so she offered how she could heal and help others, how she could organize communities. The owner of the castle looked at her body, from the top to the bottom without even considering what she was saying and answered back 'maximum cleaning the toilet with your dirty hands'.

She turned around and left the small castle as she had no idea why someone would say that. She went forward to a much smaller place and asked them if they need help. They accepted her but from the day she entered, they were shouting at her and treated her as bad as they could. She left and started thinking what was going on behind. There was no news about the King, and looking after Him just could grow more attention. So she needed to keep it quite without revealing her rank.

She had no clue that as soon as she appeared in the area, her energy started to speak for itself, and all the despots of the area started to fear of her crystal-clear presence. They called together the leaders of the Klans and stigmatized her as a cheap prostitute behind her back. They made fun of her, and even the first son of the Klan, named after his father, grabbed her body part by force just as he believed he had the rights to do so. And it went on and on, revealing their shadow self. The Queen was attacked and abused, humiliated, bullied, bombarded by the rudest treatment in daily basis for years till the King returned.

And that point those Klans were to face the true Judgement for the biggest crime on Humanity dated back for 2000 years. The crime of torturing the Gatekeepers of Heaven, cutting off the source from the Highest in every single representative of the Divine Feminine in order to gain control over material things in the absence of the true King.

The question is what next step would be if the King decides that the decision of that judgement based on the decision of the Queen.

#queenofhearts #queenofswords #storyofhumanity #storyofthedivinefeminine

Updated: May 17

When I was searching about the life of Frida, the first thought what came to my mind, that she got the hardest master she could have through the path of pain. But it is also the path what is going to the deepest corner, to show you something, which is hidden deep down, where nobody dares to look. The question is if you manage to transmute the wisdom what is entrusted to you?

Frida's life was speaking to me from the very beginning, where she had the bus accident, since her story reawakened mine.

It was 11th June 1988 when I stepped on that road without careful observation and ended up in a coma for 5 days, and a broken femur. I was much luckier than Frida. My leg was saved, and I had an amazing memory from that experience during my coma, so I 'came back' with a message that LOVE is the most important thing in the world.

One year later, I became 10 years old, it was 1989, a big year in history. Ceausescu's dictatorship finally ended in our neighborhood and me... I was finally freed from the crutches. The newspapers were full about the shot of Ceausescu and about a guy, our hero, who swam across the Dune river to reach my country in order to save his life. The Great Hero, who testified his physical strength and bravery to run away. What the newspaper forgot to mention was that he left behind his mother and his sister and he raped the first girl he found, who happened to be me. I learnt one thing at that time: media never tells the truth. I remember hiding and locking myself in a public restroom and desperately trying to wash it down, all the dirt he put on me. I felt I lost all the sacredness, I was kicked out from Heaven, burred in shame which was all over me and it did not matter how much I tried to scratch it off, it was everywhere, even under my skin. I lost my faith. I became silent and extremely aggressive with all the guys who dared to approach me and I was unable to tell it to anyone for ten years. I just could not understand why I was sent back from death with a message of love to be raped a year later? This question is something burning deep down in me.

May be that was the why what put me up in a path to stand up for women rights and be supersensitive for that matter. All I know that somehow, I ended up in the Middle East, following my passion of flying, and I found my war I was looking for. It took ten years, and I became an 'experienced warrior'.

Who would ever think that my dreamy escape path to the lovely Greenland, will be the place of another series of sexual harassments.

When you graduate through the Master of Pain, you have to prepare yourself, as your journey will go and show you places, which hardly visited by else. The place where the diamonds are forming from every single breakage of your heart.

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