What is my mission?

My Journey

Szilvia is an International Woman and Human Rights Advocate, marker pen artist and psychologist. 

After receiving her Juris Doctor, she spent ten years in the Middle East advocating Human/Woman rights and participating in several non-profit organizations. 

During these years she travelled around the world researching the underlying somatic wisdom or the so-called Feminine Essence.  She visited orphanage villages in Africa, underwent the mystical Avalon trip in Brittany, and received Putzia, the Maya initiation ceremony in Mexico. 
She received one-on-one trainings from Shaman Masters in Hawaii, Mayan Elders in Mexico, Hungarian Seers and Shamans and Energy Healers in Hungary. 
She became certified practitioners of Reincarnation Hypnosis by Brian L. Weiss, the author of the bestseller book, Many Lives Many Masters. 

During her trips she has also been seeking wisdom in science with a belief that the mystical and the scientific routes must have a common source to align mind and body in harmony. She received her master degree of Psychology and commenced deeper investigations into the brain-mechanism during creative activity, and about the healing ability of art. 

She founded T. S. Evita Artworks and specialized to marker-pen drawings and her first exhibition was held in Dubai. 

After returning to Europe, she participated several international forums to advocate women rights and perennial philosophy, she was guest-speaker in Youth Philosophical Societies in Malaysia and in the Netherlands. 
She is a strong believer that there is a space where all the wisdom of the East and the West can be combined and where the common ancient root can be found and by returning to that ground, we can awaken our Senses, when Mind and Body are aligned in Harmony, and Feminine and Masculine Energy are balanced. 

"At the end everything reaches a paradox, where all things meet and dissolves to One. Our journey is to balance East and West, mind and body, science and myths, Feminine and Masculine and figure out the way where these Energies are not opposing but complementing each other."


Call back the Divine Feminine Energy

'She’s a pretty rattled looking angel. But she says, 'I’m here to do the great work.' And you’re saying, well, what’s the great work? And I suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, it is to bring the feminine into this culture. That is the great work. And it’s not an easy path.'

Marion Goodman 


Everything started in the Middle East. That ten years I have spent there made me the person who I am today. It was never an easy journey. It was about the heart and about the resilience. How much you can take and how much you can turn into love. It speaks about the ingrediencies of your own kind. Do you let the world make you hard, or you transmute whatever is thrown at you and make the magic to the best outcome possible. 

Standing up for others and for human and women rights were never an easy path. I admire all of the ones who walked before me and in this admiration, I based my foundation stones by drawing my 100 portraits of those role models, to connect to their strength to help me on my path.

As a latest initiation, I also started a fashion business with a message about powerful, independent women and I got the best team possible to make it happen. My focus and my mission is clear and straight and I hope it will be a blessing and a gift for everyone to make a change in this world.

With love,


Founder of T.S. Evita Artworks

The One and Only International Women Rights Advocate of West Ireland

Shout for Help

Support Palestine

There is a wonderful community in the Middle East with ancient roots to their land. Their life, their culture and their entire race are in danger right now. We are collecting donations for people in Palestine.

The Golden Era of Celtic Ireland

Once upon a time there was a unique tribe in Ireland, which provided advisers and leaders for the community. The members of that tribe were mostly women, selected in their early age based upon their talents, skills, and intelligence, and hardly trained and taught for decades by sacred doctrines. They were scholars of a sacred Mystery schools mastering several topics like Arts, Dialectics, Natural Science, Geography, Medicine and Herbs, Astrology.

They were taught to recognize patterns: in history, in politics, in warfare, in human behavior the same way as in nature, in animal behavior, in seasons and stars.

They were trained hard to endure deep pain and to expand their boundaries to awaken and sharpen their senses. They were taught to follow a very strict discipline to learn to observe and control emotions, thinking and find the way to harmonize and become the master of them.

They learnt to read the signs of animals, herbs, the trees, the weather the same way as their own organs.

They were taught about the sacred codes and teachings about the 4 basic elements and the sacred alchemy of the creation of the philosopher stone.

There were lots of dropouts.

But whoever reached the final stage, had their senses so sharp, that they were able to slow down or speed up their own heartbeat, change their body temperature or their blood pressure by their will.

They were able to conjure energy and heal with their hands.

They were able to oversee political matters and draw correct strategy which gives solution in wars.

They were able not only to recognize the patterns in all field but also to draw a map among these fields and find the secret key of interconnectedness and they gain the power to conjure elements.

They were assigned to be advisor of the kings, leaders of the community. They were powerful, and humble, leading from behind, never seek attention.

They called them the DRUIDS.


The Marie Claire interview

I feel an utmost gratitude for this interview that it could happen with Marie Claire Magyarország magazine and for all my life and all the people involved whom I had the privilege to cross path with. We are all teachers and learners in each other’s lives, helping to become Human in its purest core essence.

Hungarian Fashion in Ireland: Szilvia Tóth, the founder of Evita Studio

Szilvia Tóth fell in love of flying when she was a cabin crew of Malév Hungarian Airlines, and after a short diversion, she started to work for one of the biggest airlines in the Middle East. As she conquered the sky, she settled down in Ireland, and became a women rights advocate while fulfilling her dream by connecting Hungary and Ireland through fashion. Here is the story about a Hungarian Women living abroad.

You studied Law in the University, while working for Malév Hungarian Airlines as a cabin crew at the same time. How did you become a stewardess from a lawyer?

I wanted to learn law to understand the rules which guards our life behind the curtain, and one of my big dreams was to travel around the world as a cabin crew. I applied to both places at the same time and I got accepted to both. That caused couple of organization issues during my exam periods.

How did you end up in Dubai at the end?

I had been working for the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority for a short while, but I desperately missed the sky, so I applied to a leading Middle East Airlines. I hoped that my legal skills would be recognized over there as well. That did not happen. On the one hand, the company provided the world’s leading training of the whole industry and the opportunity to work and live together with the representatives of 128 nationalities; on the other hand, it gave a glimpse of how money and power change people. I had to realize that beyond a certain level, some positions were opened only if I could close my eyes above the atrocities committed against the employees. I was not willing to do that, and my strong stand on that ground created several severe difficulties, but it molded me to the person, who I am today, and led me towards the path of Human Rights.

If I know right, Spirituality is a very important part of your life.

In 1988, I was only 9 years old, when I got involved in a car accident, which resulted in a 5 days long Coma. While my family was in shock, I regained my conscious with a memory of a wonderful outwardly experience and a message that ‘Love was the most important thing in the World.’ Perhaps that was the reason for my great desire to go beyond the clouds, and what pushed me to fly. I just recovered from my injuries, when I became the victim of a violent attack from a man, and the trauma hit me so hard, that I turned against the other gender. That is how I arrived at the Middle East to place guilt not only on men but especially on Arabic men. 
But ten years is a very long time and at the end I was learning patience and acceptance from the exact type of men, whom I assumed of their guilty for abusing women. Maybe that was one of the deepest changes, which opened my eyes for other perspectives, to see the Person without the classification of their religion, gender, or nationality, and without the judgement which came from it.

When did you start focusing your attention more on Spirituality?

Maria Szepes’ book called the Red Lion, and a Hungarian Shaman woman were the first connection, which led me to a deeper understanding of life by inspiring me to write a daily diary about what was the lesson I have learnt from life. After I was introduced to the most humble and devoted Indian Master in Dubai, who opened the door to the world of Yoga. Meanwhile I started to draw with the help of the drawing-technics of Laszlo Bihari, which is based on the method of harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain. At that time one of my biggest dreams came true when I got accepted to the Psychology University, and I had the chance to do deeper research into the phenomena of what had happened to me as the impact of my car accident. That is how I found the book Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, which brought the next major turn. The book was so inspirational that I could not stop till I personally met with Brian Weiss, and I could participate in one of his one-week psychology training courses. During my travelling I also visited Hawaii, where I not only had the pleasure to participate in an intensive Shaman retreat, but also, I was initiated into the local shamanic Community, and I could observe their Nature-loving ceremonies. The leading Shaman Lady guided me towards to a Mexican Master, and that is how I ended up in the middle of the Yucatan jungle with a long-white-hair, bright-eyed Elder. These journeys helped me to find a way back to that lost connection with My Self. The World opened up for me and I started to sense being alive again.

What have you learnt about the different cultures during your trips?

My Yoga Master gave me a glimpse into the Buddhist and Hindu ideology, while I was living in one of the nests of the Muslim culture. I had the chance to compare all the new studies and experiences to my Christian roots. Another important aspect was my trips to Uganda to an Orphanage Center called Tukutana. Those adventures had deep impact on me, and I fell in love with the African culture as well. At the end my deep connection to the Nature-loving Shaman culture led me to Ireland, where they still nurture their Celtic heritage. I was already settled in Ireland when I got an invitation to become the member of an American-based International Philosophical Society, where I got recognized and invited to speak up about Femininity in a Malaysian Closed (Invitation Only) Conference. This speech was followed by two interviews and resulted in another invitation, this time to a Dutch Youth Underground Research Team to make a podcast about the purpose of life in the mirror of the ideas of Descartes and Jung. These requests provided me some space to reach other continents with my vision about the Feminine and Masculine Energy; the vision that the Feminine Energy, which is also called Dark, does not mean Bad, but on the contrary, dark here represents the whole Universe with all the untapped potential. The Masculine – Light – Energy is the one, what determines the form of it. The Feminine, in that meaning, gives the base, and the Masculine provides the structure. And we are speaking about Energies, not necessary genders here.

How was your welcome in Ireland?

All they knew about me was that I came from the Middle East, from Dubai. The fact that Hungary is considered Eastern Europe just added to the top and pinned the unfortunate ‘prostitute’ label on me by the locals, and despite of my four degrees I became the victim of cruel attacks. It took years to figure out how to stand up for myself since they were unwilling to listen to me. My Facebook page ‘T.S.Evita Arts’ brought the long-awaited breakthrough, when I started to write out all my experiences and values I represent. The 100 portraits drawings from human rights activists with the blogs connected to them were the foundation of my mission, which helped me to get noticed. In the meantime, I also started to do research about the area, and I was shocked that till today women are labeled as waste if they do not get married to a certain age. What is more, not so far from my home, in Tuam, 800 baby corps were discovered in the garden of a Catholic Church less than 6 years ago, most probably these were the babies born out of marriage. I realized that standing for women and human rights is more important than ever. My whole life started to line up in a single purpose from the car accident through the trauma till the world-travelling: to make people understand that standing up for women to have their chance to use their voice, to fulfill positions and have the same salary as a man, does not mean hating man, simply means to be Human. And supporting the loving, and protective man type, which is continuously bombarded by the ruling aggressive patriarchy is real human necessity.

Meanwhile you are also working on to build a bridge between Hungary and Ireland.

Yes, my dream was to set up some kind of connection between the two countries using fashion, in a way, that I can smuggle my values into the picture as well. I came up with a motto, which states ‘We are not just a gorgeous body but also a brilliant mind and a diamond heart, and we deserve the respect as such.’ As the next step I contacted with Zsuzsi Csillag, the CEO of Suel, who accepted me with open arms and gave me all the help for the start. I also asked a young fashion designer, Adrienn Timbusz from my farther family and a Hungarian painter artist, Eszter Anna Vörös, who runs her business under the name Everything You Can Imagine Is Real and creates jewelry from her paintings. Adrienn designed a special collection for me, which I could use to set up a whole campaign where each dress is named after a woman who made something extraordinary. Zsuzsi has been always next to me with her kind guidance and lead and taught me how to create short reels about the dresses, which I started to use to tell myths and legends from mytological figures from the Celtic heritage. 
The two pages, the T.S.Evita Arts, which provides the philosophical background and the business page, Evita Studio together built the bridge not only to create a contact between the two countries but also to open the heart of the Irish people finally. The county magazine, called This is Galway provided me a greater recognition and also started to inspire a new bigger dream to establish an international network based on love and mutual understanding, where the aim is to balance those feminine and masculine energies.

Magyar divatot Írországba: interjú Tóth Szilviával (marieclaire.hu)


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