Divine Masculine

Each art piece represents a quality of Divine Masculine. Some of those Qualities are represented in a real person; some of them are connected to an ancient myth, some of them calls for those qualities. This collection is to praise the spark of the Divine Masculine, may we find Him may we welcome Him, may we honor Him back to this Reality.

Gabor Mate, the Rational Shaman of the Modern World

We speak a lot about Divine Feminine, and Feminine Rising but we neglect or try to overrule the Masculine without considering that Matriarchy is as much dangerous as Patriarchy if the other side is rejected.
The exact same thing happens with the theory of light and dark. We have plenty of philosophies concentrating only on positivity while neglecting, ignoring or overruling the negative side. If we turn blind eyes towards the triggers and traumas, we will never heal.

Gabor Mate is one of the very few individuals who explains what authenticity really means. He not only explains the phenomena but also, he explores all the social, cultural and psychological factors which lead to that 'alienation' or separation from the Divine.

How did we get so disconnected from Nature, from other people, from our work, and from ourselves that we stopped to rely on our intuition and turned to addiction to substitute it. How did we manage to build up a culture where medication controls behavior instead of searching for the reason for that behavior? How did we create such a belief system saying that mainstream medication is the only way to heal while in real it separates our mind from our body and also it separates our individual self from our environment.
What happened with caring? What happened with human touch? How did we end up building a world, which we want to escape from, and the only escape is leading us to a one-way-down-path to addictions?
Authenticity starts when we accept and allow our not-so-welcomed dark side to speak and show itself. Authenticity starts when we learn to face difficulties and stop running away from them. Authenticity starts when we dare to say if something wrong and dare to accept the fact of imperfection. Authenticity is the pure Divine Energy which is never dark nor light but the harmonious complex of various colors in-between them.

Who else could be a better example for Divine Masculine than Gabor Mate, the so-called rational shaman of the modern world.
As a specialist of Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Psychology; he seeks not only the roots of the problem but he also helps us heal those deep wounds.
As a survival of a Nazi genocide, he is the most accurate source holding the crystalized wisdom of our modern world's disease.


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Sir Terry Pratchett - Knight of the Fantasy World

Discworld appeared in my life by a recommendation, and I was attached to it from the very first moment.
I always admire people who are able to create a whole fantasy universe with all the small details. For example, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin or J. K. Rolling.
Pratchett somehow put me under his spell straight away. Every author creates a unique ambience by his creatures and what he made was such a weird and also humanly real world. He did it by his wit and his special method of describing all his creatures with little, sweet abnormalities, which makes all of them loveable. You can not tell the same about George R.R. Martin. There was blood, and there were murders in Pratchett's novels as well but somehow, he organized it in a way that everything fell into place, while the happy ending never reached the level of the Hollywood-syrup version.
But it was only one side of the story. Drawing parallels with cultural, political and scientific issues in a satirical way and from a viewpoint of a wise wizard - who knows the deeper meaning of life - gave a pinch of insight to his intellectual and was an invitation to a journey into his mind.
He created this weird upside-down reality where everything was working in an abnormal way, and the stronger they believed in it, the more abnormal it looked but still it worked so well together, that it took you smoothly in.
He did not create one single hero and he did not concentrate the story about one single issue, but he built up a whole village with several characters where all were equally important and significant on their own rights.
Not to mention how he combined folklore, mythology and fairy tales and presented these items set into the storyline just like everyday life events.
Discworld is counted 41 books and still he owned several other books and projects.
In 2007, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer, and he dedicated time, energy, efforts and financial support for the research of the disease. He greatly contributed to the public acceptance of the illness, and he also produced a documentary about an assisted dying, expressing his will to choose the time, when he wishes to leave before the illness would take over. The documentary triggered controversy but still the point was clear, and it created a huge impact.
His work, his life, the contribution he made during his lifetime is truly a Magnum Opus, an extraordinary piece, view and wisdom shared with the public.
He was truly a knight.
This post is dedicated for the one and only Sir Terry Pratchett and his Magnum Opus.



Carl Gustav Jung - Journey to the Unconsciousness

Jung or journey to the unconscious
Archetypes, Anima- Animus, Shadow, Collective Unconscious - some of the definitions Jung brought into the field of Psychology.
While his view about the complexity of unconsciousness separated him from the friendship of Freud, it brought us a brand new approach and a brand new path.
But... is that really a new one, or has he found something ancient, and real which need to be considered if someone wish to reach to the deep core of the human soul?
Alchemy, the study of the human soul, the individuation - as Jung called it - is a process of integrating the opposing parts, the conscious and the unconscious for the pure aim to harmonize them.
The theory of the ancient ones, or the theory of Jung - shows a much more detailed picture than which Freud ever considered. Jung stepped over from the one-liner ideas - everything driven from sexuality - and went deeper to introduce other sources. Collective unconscious as an example for one of the other source - is an ancient database of knowledge and experience exists in each and every human and reachable for all of us.
However, the process of individuation, not only introduce to you more sources to consider, but also leads to the feared 'dark-door'. 'Dark door' of 'negative' feelings, fears, nightmares, which were forbidden by religion and by most of the other psychological approach, is the key to understand the real triggers to our personality. The door, which makes you face with all your fears, all your wounds, exists for the sole reason to learn to know yourself, and to learn to control these triggers.
And after all, the deeper you get, the more side of the story of your own self reviles for you. The more sides revile, the more authentic will your behavior be. And as you go deeper into the understanding of your own self, you will reach a deeper connection with the One and Real Source, which contains all the others, the All in All, the Universe.



Ayrton Senna

The virtue of Senna and his connection to Kodawari
There is not a single person in sport who does not know the name Ayrton Senna. The legendary young guy with an incredible talent, who relentlessly strived for perfection.
The ones who knew him described him as not only a talented car racer but also a dazzling intellect with a magnetic appeal, who put his soul everything he did.
There is a word in the ancient Japanese Warrior Code, 'Kodawari'. The word which means a 'sincere unwavering focus on what you are doing, with a goal of making it perfect, while simultaneously knowing that perfection is impossible and that the work itself is most crucial."
It is a certain type of dedication to the craft which forms you from inside and also a code of discipline and courage, which drives you to step over your boundaries.
Senna himself described it saying 'For me this research is fascinating. Every time I push, I find something more, again and again. But there is a contradiction. The same moment that you become the fastest, you are enormously fragile. Because in a split-second, it can be done. All of it. These two extremes contribute to knowing yourself, deeper and deeper.'
The biggest mastery in life to stay in that in-between stage, between genius and crazy, to stretching out without tearing it, and hold on to it, to that tiny invisible, magical path as long as you can. Senna spent his life on that path stretching till he broke into the infinite possibilities.
50X35cm, color pencil drawing

Drawing: 2012, post: 28.02.2019.

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Yip Man and the Art of Detachment

There is no easy life. But how you handle the difficulties makes you who you are.
There is no great Master with an easy past. What makes them great is how they face the everyday challenges, and how they learn to see the bigger picture.
In each challenge there is a crossroad, and it is only on you, which path you choose.
Your decision relies on how far you managed to understand your lessons and how do you see the world. Do you see it as something against you, or something bigger than you, or something does not belong to you? Or do you see it as something who you are.
The great Masters are the ones who figured out the secret of interconnectedness, the underlying cause of all happenings; and they are the ones, who see life, and life events like connecting dots - all of them with a message. They understand how life force works, and they learnt to deal with it. They know when to push and when to pull, how to minimize effort, how to stay focused, and how to concentrate energy to reach their target. And that knowledge makes them who they are, the Real Masters.

Yip Man was Bruce Lee's trainer, and he was the one who taught Bruce Lee about the great teaching of the water. He is the one who understood the wisdom of the Universe and he used these golden clues as principles. He based his life on these principles and practiced them with respect and dignity.
This post is dedicated to Yip Man, the Master of the Art of Detachment.

Nothing is weaker than water,
But when it attacks something hard
Or resistant, then nothing withstands it,
And nothing will alter its way.
Tao Te Ching


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Bruce Lee

If we speak about the ones who dared to step over their boundaries, Bruce Lee is definitely one of them. He left behind an unspeakable legacy.
He was not only stretching his own limitations, but also, he stepped out of the formalized structure of martial art and created his own unique style.
He was supposed to follow the rules, but he exceeded them. He learnt them and overrode them.
'Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.' He added.
He praised individuality in a community-based society, where conformity is the etalon and acting different is punishable.

He praised the individual over any kind of classification of nationality, race or religion. And for that belief, he was attacked.
He was forced to fight and protect himself since his early childhood and he used that situation to his own advantage and became a warrior and developed his unique style.
"When you find yourself in a room surrounded by your enemies you should tell yourself: 'I am not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me.'"

Warrior in his body, warrior in his mind.
His philosophy and his unique way of thinking highly exceeded his time and his society, and it was able to reshape the mentality of thousands.
"Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."
A3, color pencil drawing



Tesla, the rejected Genius

“The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of Nature to the service of mankind."

These are the words how Tesla described his purpose of life and despite of the lack of recognition, and all the rejections he faced, he remained truth to his words till the end, and he became the greatest inventor of all time.

The idea how to generate unlimited power was introduced in a US patent 'The Art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium.’
He based his thesis on the fact that the Ionosphere was sparkling with electrical energy, which could easily be trapped. He believed that Earth could be used as a conductor to harness this energy.
He expressed his interest towards the Pyramids in a believe that they were used as electromagnetic fields of the Solar System. He claimed that the locations of these ancient monuments are as important as the geometrical configuration.
Concerning ‘the elliptical orbit of the Earth, these pyramids were purposefully placed in relationship to the North and South magnetic Poles with the 4 sides representing maximum surface interception’. According to this theory the oscillations of energy, gained by the location and surface interception, was converted into usable high frequency energy.

He was working with the idea of Electric Oscillation, which became the foundation of the invention of Tesla coil and several others.
Also, the investigation of the Pyramids led him to his most important discovery, the terrestrial stationary waves. This discovery proved that Earth could be used as a conductor.

It seemed that his brain did not accept limitations. He even started to work on creating methods and tools to interplanetary communication in a belief that there was a chance of the existence of the extraterrestrial intelligent life however these ideas - the three papers on rotation of the Earth's Moon - have fallen into oblivion.

He was the mind way ahead of his time. By investigating the acoustic levitation, he also touched the idea of sounds usage forming patterns, which leads to a suspicion that he may had visions of the Greatest Secret of all, the Secret of Creation. There were rumors claiming his origin from Planet Venus. Whatever was the truth, one thing was sure, his heritage will take several more decades even centuries to harness its essence.

"The day science begin to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."
Nicola Tesla


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Thich Nhat Hahn: The path of the peacemaker paved with exile

There is no easy path. Everyone who decides to step out from the line and starts to create his/her own path, sooner or later will face with opposition from the main stream.

The interesting fact in it, is the purer is your aim, the harder the resistance will be.

For example,

- Take a Buddhist monk who has a special vision about encouraging other monks to actively engage with people suffering and publishes his ideas in magazines.

-Go forward... What about if that particular monk seeing other monks burning themselves alive - as a protest against the war - starts to use his international connection to reach out for public attention?

- And to the top of it, what if he uses this connection and submits a peace proposal to stop bombing and offers reconstruction aid, free of political and ideological strings.

Does that seem something punishable?


But as a result, he got banned for 39 years from his home. Ironically, that exile was the very one thing in what the opponent parts agreed.

Thich Nhat Hahn believed in his call and followed it with determination. He established the Order of Interbeing, where one of the basic principles is the Reverence of Life, It says:

'Do not kill. Do not let others kill. Find whatever means possible to protect life and build peace.'

Is that so dangerous to claim that it deserves exile?

How did it happen, that for this message, he was banned for 39 years?

Is that a real crime to build peace and to help to release suffering?

Thich Nhat Hahn is one of the greatest spiritual leaders today, although the world needed 52 years - from the Nobel Prize nomination till he got it - to acknowledge him.

The path of the Peacemaker.

Do you have what it takes to stand up for the ones in need even if it means being punished for it? Do you have that inner peace to be able to stand firm in fire for decades?


Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the most gentle and loving Soul, Zen master and peace activist transitioned.

at 00:00 22.01.2022. (Vietnam time)

R.I.P. ❤️🪔

Please do not build a stupa for me. Please do not put my ashes in a vase, lock me inside, and limit who I am. I know this will be difficult for some of you. If you must build a stupa though, please make sure that you put a sign on it that says, ‘I am not in here.’ In addition, you can also put another sign that says, ‘I am not out there either,’ and a third sign that says, ‘If I am anywhere, it is in your mindful breathing and in your peaceful steps.’”


Prince with a legacy of Diana

What does it take to live an authentic life?
What does it take to be authentic?
What does it take to be a real man?

In short version: Find your own purpose and dare to go for it.

It sounds easy. Or not?

To find and define your purpose you have to know
who you are.
what is real value for you, and
if you dare to pay the price for it.

It still sounds too easy. I try to put it in context.

For example, you were born in an extremely high-class family with a clear plan for your whole life already placed. The positive side is that you have a safe life ahead of you, where you have one task only to do whatever is expected from you.
Yes, it is so tempting that 99% of the people would die for it. It is easy, you do not need to think too much, there are plenty people doing that for you.

But what if you want to find out who you are and what you are capable of on your own? Sadly, not so many people think about these questions if the luxury is given. Less than 1%.

Sometimes It needs a tragedy in someone life to start thinking about the real meaning of existence. This search leads you to question everything and forces you to find your own answers. When you find your own answers, you will find your call, which urges you to make a decision to leave everything behind and go for it.

This is the next dividing line. Even from that less than 1%, half of them give it up because they rather turn back to safety than take the effort to fight for their newly discovered true identity. Because this is the hard test. It requires you to step up and be clear with your own true values against the whole system and take the risk to jump out of the safety net without any insurance of safe landing.

Does it sound still easy?

That 'DARE TO GO' is the real price for being a real HUMAN BEING. And this is the margin where THE LIFE starts out of the safety zone.
That is your own volunteer sacrifice you do, when you take responsibility for all the consequences, and you step out of the mess and start shining in your own unique light.
That is also a life where you start creating your own dimension. This is the starting line of anything and everything you could imagine.
Because that is what life about.
No, it is not going to be easy after the test either, and you will make mistakes as well. But it will be worthy. Because it will be speaking about you and your creation and your offering to the world.

This post is dedicated to Prince Harry, who had the courage and compassion to choose the path less travelled and dared to jump out from the safety net.



Brian L. Weiss and the discovery of Reincarnation Hypnosis

We are living in a modern world, where automatization is taking over personal touch, and everything is valued by its cost or its profitability.
We are living in a world where healthcare is based on consuming medications with the aim to stop the symptoms without trying to find the original cause or the cure for the real disease.

Most of the time we do not even consider each other and just go on with the chase of our career.
But what if the purpose of life has nothing to do with career and profitability?

In 1980 a woman suffering from several phobias was looking for treatment to heal. As all the therapies failed, she agreed to try hypnosis and in a deep stage she was instructed to go back where the phobias were first appeared. She started to describe Ancient Egypt. Neither the doctor nor the patient believed in reincarnation, although it seemed there was no other explanation.
One thing was sure, that after experiencing a whole lifetime in Ancient Egypt and the tragical death of drowning in water, during hypnosis, the phobias got disappeared.

Be skeptic and investigate always but be sure not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Because the most important thing in this whole experience is that after all those failed trials, this experience brought healing for that girl.

The doctor in that story was Dr. Brian L. Weiss and he had to face with the dilemma to turn the blind eyes over the issue or go on and risk his entire career to find out more about the 'non-accepted' method of healing, which just occurred.

It was a risky decision he made but it has served thousands of people till now. The channel he accepted to open turned his intention back towards our origins and the important of the relationship we have with each other.
He dedicated his entire life to understand more about that message, which he received back there, through that lady,
that "love is the most basic and pervasive energy that exists";
that "we learn through relationships, and thus it is important that we understand how we have touched others" and
that "becoming aware of the root causes in prior lives can heal the relationship in the present."

This post is dedicated to Brian L. Weiss, author of the best seller books of "Many Lives, Many Masters" and "Only Love Is Real" in honor of his wonderful work about healing, love and relationship.



Mahatma Gandhi


One word, which changed history.
One word, which changed the taboo.
One word, which gave hope that even if the direction of injustice seemed to be embedded in concrete, the course of events can be changed.
One word which expresses that you do not need to be the victim, just because you believe in non-violence.
One word, which means that material power is not everything.
One word, which expresses that your body and your response are fully in your control as inseparable rights, and you have the capability to create a course of action as well.

One word, which has already proven that justice is connected to moral, and if it seems that the authority lost focus by directed preconception, there are still other realities ready to step into existence.

One word - Satyagraha

"There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.” (Mahatma Gandhi) 



Novak Djokovic

There are certain roles and characters in our Society, who gain influence in the world.
Some does by their money or position, but nobody dares to question the tools, which helped them to got there, or the actions they committed, or how many times they closed their eyes and chose money/power above moral to propagate lies.

There are the ones who rather refuse to contribute to the 'Big Game with the Giants' and when it is to conflict with their moral code, they rather resign but remain pure and free and gain influence because of their sacrifices and purity.

And there are only a few, who gains influence by playing clean, putting pure effort and resilience and reach high with abundance. They do not have the intention to cross anyone, they just want to live their life and do their job. These are the people we admire for the gift they have, and for the opportunity that they found the way to spend their life to do what they love the most and therefore their life is fulfilled.

And then comes the time when the paths of the power-sick crosses with the one living for the pure games and when it happens, it looks like Goliath finally found the right David, who has enough influence to get attention.

Saying 'the emperor is Naked' requires extreme level of courage and purity, and even if it plays out just by action, the message is there, and it cannot be undone.
The reaction? The same as it happened before. The Giant comes out and shows his real teeth and put whatever he left (power) to the front line and abuses it over the limit, in a desperate attempt to reclaim it.

Real Warriors do not want to fight, they are peace-lovers. They are always put into the situation what needs to be handled because they are the one who can.
There were several other players as well but only one more, a girl had the warrior-blood to stand up and follow her common sense in the midst of madness.

The courage what it takes to follow your own truth is something you cannot buy with power or money.
In that point it does not matter how much the emperor raving and what actions would be taken to silence the brave.

The game has already been won.

Morality vs. Power - 1:0

This post is dedicated for Novak Djokovic at the time he was in detention for rejecting forced vaccination to enter Australia.


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Nelson Mandela

A MAN who spent 27 years in prison for standing up against discrimination and came out with a message of forgiveness and an even stronger and more powerful message against discrimination. He is Nelson Mandela.
That 27 years did not break him... No... It made him more focused, more concentrated and more clear about that aim.
That is why he is so important.

There are messages, which are unbreakable. These are ideas based inside people's heart, sent from their Soul.

Discrimination in any forms is WRONG, and segregating people is illegal and it is against HUMANITY and against everything we have ever been fighting for.

Through segregation, people are separated from each other and isolated from Nature. While 'CLIMATE CHANGE' is used as a label, World Corporation destroys local businesses, and local markets and uses even violence to build up a centralized, fully controlled robotic future. It is based on power and greed using the marketing words of 'sustainability, fairness and inclusiveness' while polluting our air with their megamarkets' expansion.
Do not be mistaken, the whole facade propaganda has been created behind a curtain long enough to be sure that they blocked all the escape path and silenced all the ones who sees through it.

But the escape path is still there. There is a hidden door right on the corner if you humble enough to recognize it from all the eye-catching, false mirrors built around it.
That small door is the one which leads you to freedom and it is the one Mandela was speaking about.

You have to show extreme resilience but on the other side you have to be careful to remain soft as well. Your heart needs to be kept open when everything turns wild and ugly around you because this is your only compass to find that door.
Eye for an Eye makes the whole World blind as Gandhi said.
This is a war but that fight is about our true values and therefore it needs to be fought according to these values without violence.

The message Mandela sent is deeper than it seems from the surface. It means that you have to stand in unity with everyone around the Globe and fight for our local, national heritage and markets against the Global Corporation. We need an International Unity for National individualism against the Centralization.

The only Global Warming you should be aware right now is the warming up of the firearms of the World Tyranny. But even if it looks like an unbeatable Giant, there are enormous hopes that our Davids are collecting the stones already to be ready to pick them up and fire it into the weakest point of the power-machine. 


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Tibor Benedek

The MAN - with full capital - left the living World this week.
The MAN who knew how to fight, and how NOT to give up.
The MAN, who did not get anything easy but who was not afraid of fighting for his dream.
The MAN, who stood up after every single failure and tried again.
The MAN, who did not care what others did or said because his only concern was his own aim, even when all the circumstances turned against him.

The MAN, who went back to training right after the championship winning, where he won 7 goals for his team, just to train again his shooting technique.
The MAN, who kept everything inside and never show pain to anyone.
The MAN, who lived far away from the fake shining of the Media and protected his family in all cost.
The MAN, who knew what the true value is and put every single second to bring the best version out of himself. And he did.
The team player, the team leader, the sportsman, the husband, the lover, the father, the child. The Real Human Being. The Warrior.
His last war supposed to take him within weeks, but he fought that battle as well, and he fought it for two years. Because he was one of a kind.

This post is dedicated to Tibor Benedek, the Hungarian Water polo Legend, and a true soul.


Dean Schneider - The Real-life Lion King

They say when you are a child there is an inner eye staring at the unseen world behind the curtain of the visible world. But we loose that sight by turning our attention towards the material world, and that negligence towards the third eye makes it close down completely.
There are big dreams from that period of time, when you see the world without limit, when you are still in the euphoria of arrival to Planet Earth. But somehow the outside pressure and constant requirements to comply and to fit to the rest of the community starts to build a wall between you and your dreams.

The Breakthrough can be achieved by only a few. That few are able to stand strong against conformity. These are the ones, who declare a limitless world for themselves. These are the ones, who form our world by making wonderful things, and miracles and by doing so they make their remarks forever.
They say Life likes stubborn people and if someone shows the courage by not giving up, Life will give him or her the reward, and opens up doors from nowhere to let them proceed with their unique call.

Hakuna Mipaka - NO LIMITS.

This post is dedicated to Dean Schneider, the real life Lion King, who dared to follow his childhood dream and moved to South Africa from Switzerland to create a home, which never existed before, a place where the lost link of connection between animal and human can be discovered.
Dean Schneider not just gave home for some of the endangered species but also he established and became the unique bridge to understand those animals.

"We need to learn to love them exactly the way they are and not the way we wish them to be!"
Dean Schneider



Kobe Bryant: The man who knew how to make dreams come true.

We all have dreams we wish to accomplish. These are the ones driving us from childhood and most of the time somehow, they disappear on the way. Maybe they seem too big, too much, out of the liege, unable to reach.


There is a legend about a Man, who lived his dream and became one of the best basketball players of all time.

He had a dream when he was child. He believed that the life was his oyster, and he could reach anything if he put enough efforts to it, even if it seemed impossible or out of liege. That was his plan.

He woke up every morning and worked on that goal. Day by day, step by step. If he failed, he got back up and learnt from his mistakes, and tried again, and again till one movement became perfect. And he continued with the next one, and the next one. He used every opportunity life offered to him and he put his maximum in every single time. He did not save energy for a better occasion, he put everything to the moment. And he won. He became a legend.


He was 5times NBA Champion, NBA Most Valuable Player in 2008, 2 times scoring champion, 18times NBA All-Star, 4times NABA All-Star Game MVP, 15 times all-NBA team, 12times All-Defensive Team, All-Rookie Team, NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion, 34-times player of the Month, Best NBA Player ESPY awards.

His name was Kobe Bryant, he left too soon. But while he was here among us, one thing was sure about him, he knew how to play the game life offered him always in the maximum.

"It is your job to find your passion and try to perfect it and make the canvas as beautiful as you can."

You made it brilliant Kobe.

R.I.P. Gianna and Kobe Bryant


This post is dedicated to Kobe Bryant and his daughter on the day they crash-landed. 


Divine Masculine

- The qualities of the Divine Masculine Archetype.

He is the highest-level manifestation of honor, empathy, compassion, honesty, authenticity, courage and love.
He is the one who connects the spiritual realm and the material realm inside him, and he is able to manifest his creativity through this connection.
He has the strength and the desire to uplift another. He is the protector, the guardian of the voiceless.
And he accepts his own vulnerability in a meaning that he has a willingness and an ability to allow every aspect of himself to be experienced and to be witnessed.

He owns and balances the four symbols - the elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air.
He has the sword as a representation of intellect and communication; and he has the wand representing the ambition.

He has a constant drive to search to improve, to learn and expand himself.

'He rides alongside the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, protecting her, when need be, but mostly empowering her and helping her to see that she is the most powerful thing to ever have existed on that planet.' (Gary Z. McGee)

'He is the Hight Priest, and together with his counterpart, the High Priestess, they hold the secret codes of the Mystery Schools, needed to reach Divine Union and the highest level of Ascension.' (Michele Cornacchia)

Blessed Be the Sacred Masculine



The Source of the Ancient Wisdom
Legends and stories speak about the Elders; the ones who have been assigned to the responsibility to carry the Wisdom of All.
They are the ones who see and understand. They are the ones who know how, and they are the ones who deal with everything with endless patience. They are the ones who own the keys to hidden libraries.
But that rank came with a price.
They are the ones who saw a lot, went through a lot, made thousands of failures, but they kept on going.
Their pure dedication was unshakable, and their unstoppable efforts led them to path nobody walked before and lead them to doors nobody knows. Their efforts were crystalized by pressure and trials. They mastered the task of self-control and discipline and as a gift they received a glimpse from the Great Secrets of the Universe, and they became the true Keeper, the Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom.
We call them High Priest, Hierophants, Elders, the Wise Ones or simply the Powerful Minds, Keeper of the Ancient Truth of the Universe.
photo source: unknown.



The Masculine level beyond Patriarchy

Look Child. Over there... Up to the hill. He is sitting there so peacefully. He is watching and observing everything.... He is conscious. He knows... He feels. His heart and his brain are the balanced support for him.
He is waiting.

He knows that he has nothing to do with Patriarchy. He sees them and he feels sad for them. It is a shame of the population. Using force to fulfill their animal desire and using fear and screaming just to get their demands, ruling and abusing feminine... it is sad.

He is not here to fight with Patriarchy. He is an experienced warrior, and he knows how to choose his battles wisely. He does not lower himself to get involved with primitive instinct.
He is as he is. He is the MAN, the Warrior, the Conscious, the Awareness. He is here to deal with the important issues and deal with the ones who recognize him.

He is a protector. He is the one who takes care of his own and guides with the inner wisdom of the Divine Feminine. That is why, he protects her the most. He appreciates the sacred source inside her. He knows that she is the living intuition, and he needs her to be whole. She is his sacred home, where his Strength comes from. It is his sacred power. This is the power Patriarchy was always searching for, but never found it. Since it is given by heart and cannot be taken by force.
With this power, he can make his peaceful Heaven on Earth to bring prosperity to all.
And he is waiting in silence while he aligns his forces. He is steady...
Look Child... He is approaching...


Hunter: From the Depth of the Wild

Following the trail of the wild, he learnt to read the signs. That knowledge was passed on through the ancient heritage line of his Grand- Grandfather.

Every step he makes is planned by detailed preparation. His awareness is as sharp as his sword.

His emotions and thoughts are trained under great pressure to learn how to gain control over them even in the most dangerous situation. He does not get destructed by them or by any outside influences.

He works with the rhythm of the Nature.

His senses are focused and concentrated.

He touches the nerve of the tree and feels the whole circulation of energy, which combines all the trees together.

He hears the slightest noise taken by the heavy wing of a Hawk flying above his head.

He smells the changing in the wind and locates the closeness of the wildlings.

He sees the formation of the flock of the birds and contemplates the exact time of the arrival of the storm.

He tastes the blood of the wounded animals and measures the lost force within.

All the four elements, all the livings, all the animals are speaking to him. His heart is trained and pure, and therefore it represents the greatest power and the greatest gentleness. They trust him as he respects and understands the language of Mother Earth.

He knows that all is connected, and he feels how all the gathered signs draw up a map in his heart.
Far beyond his logic, where wisdom sits, his heart settles in the purest energy-channel coiled in the bottom of his spine, waiting for the perfect moment to rise.

He follows the track of his pray from a distance and learns its behavior in patient.
He waits for the perfect moment in silent and catches it with ease.


Searching for the Missing Link

Let's talk about the origin of life from that hypothetical point of view that there is an evolution which started to improve the brain-cells and led to a complex system able to speak, think about abstracts, understand future and past, able to plan and design etc. Here we are. still society has grown together with the development and created their own new problems.
The idea of the Planet of the Apes - came from the novel written by Pierre Boulle in 1963 and adapted to film first by Arthur P. Jocobs in 1968 - was always a rewarding topic which brings up several questions and can be used to illustrate today's problems. In that meaning Tim Burton's or Matt Reeves’ version has not differed either.
We can speak about the forever debate environment vs. biology or the sociology questions how Lucifer effect got created, thorough the actual political program, money vs. Health and ethics and its limitations... questions which are all important to think about.
And after all. if we stay with the idea of evolution what is the next step waiting for us? What is the next/missing link...


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