Portraits of the Divine Feminine Quality

In this collection, there are portrait drawings of women who introduced special values of Femininity to the World. Maybe it was only a genuine spark, what was brought back by them to this reality, but it was there, therefore they became role models by embodying or reawakening the qualities of the so called Divine Feminine.  

Audrey Hepburn

Her style and her elegance made her an icon.
She was a Magician. She knew how to hide sorrow behind a beautiful smile.
She let us believe how precious to have a Breakfast in Tiffany's , while she paid hard for everything behind the curtain.
She survived the Nazi invasion, being a spy during the war, despite the fact that her parents' were Nazi sympathizers.
She risked her life to change information and danced in illegal events for raising money for the resistance.
She even needed to give up on her dream of becoming a ballerina. Her starvation during the war not only almost took her life but also led her to suffer anemia.

'The war was very, very important to her. It made her who she was.' - her son said to New York post.

She fought. She was the same age as Anne Frank and [later] said: “That was the girl who didn’t make it and I did.”

She made 31 high quality movies and she mesmerized everyone with her adorable charm. She won several awards but it was her heart, which outshined all and reached beyond all of this glamour.
She made a decision and step down at the top of her career to spend the rest of her life helping to raise fund for starving children all around the world.

The woman we adore; the smile we admire; the innocent beauty she introduced and the diamond heart she had.
This post is dedicated to Audrey Hepburn, because she knew the secret.

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”


Maria Szepes

There are only few special kind of people, called Masters, who acquired a certain high level wisdom, while they live the simplest life among us and never seek for attention.
I would love to say with all respect that she is/was my Master although I did not have chance to know her in person. To tell you the truth I met her only through her books after she had already passed to a different realm. But somehow through her books it is like she is sitting next to me and teaching me by answering all the questions I have, and all the doubts occur in me.

There are only few books, which can be cornerstone in a lifetime but the Red Lion was definitely the one for me. I read not once but several times and I still re-read it time to time. It was no surprise when I heard that it had been blacklisted and ordered to destroy.

She is the one who opened the door to the hermetic philosophy for me and who opened my mind to other dimensions. She is the one who always gives me the challenge to think more, to question deeper, to go forward, to reach higher.... Even when I decided to draw her. There is no color picture remained from her younger ages. So challenge was accepted and I did what I could to imagine colors and shades.
Here is it, my tribute to Maria Szepes (1908-2007).


The Notorious R.B.G.

They say -
Be the Lion.
Do not follow others.
Make your own path and create your own impact on this Planet.
Be the change you want to see in this world -as Gandhi said - and bring your unique vibes to shape the world.

Lets speak about a woman who dared to stand out and be the first one.

- First in class graduated in Law in Columbia University in 1959.
- First female member of the Harvard Law Review.
- First female professor at Columbia University.
- Co-founder of the Women's Right Law Reporter, the first law journal in US to focus exclusively on women's rights in 1970.
- Co-author of the first law school casebook on sex discrimination.

But check out the other side of the story:
- She was first in her class but still she had difficulty to find job because of her gender.
- She was the first female professor at Columbia University, but she received less salary for the same job than the male professors.

But she did not give up:
Until 2018, She had not missed a day of oral arguments, not even when she had chemotherapy of pancreatic cancer, nor when she had surgery for colon cancer, nor when her husband passed away.

She held her ground and moved forward slowly but steady. She won cases one by one, attacking specific areas of violation with a broad look of gender discrimination showing that gender discrimination is harmful both for male and female. She successfully argued 6 landmark cases before the US Supreme Court, where she has been appointed to be Associate Justice by Bill Clinton in 1993.

Her wise and slow movement brought changes into the law system. She attained a reputation as a skilled advocate and her work led directly to the end of gender discrimination in many areas of the law.

This post is dedicated to the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and one of the greatest advocate against Gender Discrimination.



Aretha Franklin

A tribute to Aretha Franklin 1942-2018

The age is 1965, a man called Redding released a song called Respect about a frustrated man who demands his wife treat him respectfully when he gets home from work. The song reached no. 33. on Billboard chart.

The age is 1967, Aretha Franklin decided to flip the coin and she sang the same song the way only she could and demanded the same respect for Afro-americans and women.
The rest is history.

She is the Voice... The Queen of Soul... The Woman.. The Strong Woman... who empowered Afro-americans and all the women, who was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in 1987, opening the door for other women.

What can I say more? Aretha Franklin, you make me feel like a natural woman.
Aretha Franklin R.I.P.


(Published right after Aretha death)


Lady Diana

The Woman with grace and dignity; The Princess.
I was thinking a lot about how to summarize her, as her name became a definition of elegance and grace and everything what is real woman. How can I touch and write down the essence of that magic she had?
I realized it is just too much task to do so I chose one aspect, which I believe made her who she was. This is the aspect of being able to touch the unwanted. She bent down and touched all the stigmatized. She did campaign for the victims of HIV/AIDS, leprosy and stood up for these people even while the royal members gave her the denial look. But she did not need their approval.
What made her so great in my eyes is that she turned towards the rejected ones and gave that special attention to them, and created her own world with her own values, out of the royal rules.
She was Lady Diana and her name stands alone as a unique diamond in the World. Queen of the hearts.


#Ladydiana #Dianaspencer

Hedi Lamarr

The Brilliant Mind behind the Famous Smile

Hedy Lamarr was one of the most iconic women figure in Hollywood in 'her age'. And when I say in her age, I mean the age when women are sellable as a product. Because as it can be seen in human history, in the Patriarchal world 'age' is something what is subject to expire, especially if you are feminine. As soon as you reach the bridge, they drop you out just like if you were an unwanted trash. As it happened with her and so many other women.

The sex-symbol, the Feminine Fatale, all men dreams she was and nobody wanted more than her outlook, nobody cared more either, till she got expired and dismissed.

That was the era when women roles were split between being a decoration or a kitchen staff, and there was the advanced level to become an incubator but nothing else.

There was no way to be interested her personality, her mind or her Soul.

And her mind was definitely one of a kind. She was the ONE, who discovered secured WIFI, GPS, and Bluetooth.

While everyone was amazed by her look on the big Screen, her favorite secret activity was scientific research and she had done it so well that her research's results got attention and got locked from the audience straight away for decades. Her discovery went not only unnoted but hidden. Her offiicial job was nothing else just to be beautiful to 'release men's mind, instead of giving them more trouble'.


"Smile honey and say whatever is written there nothing more".


So, whatever she contributed to the whole Humanity was stolen from her, used without any kind of recognition. And as soon as she aged above the limit, she was kicked from Hollywood's market and got forgotten.


The ERA was described as when women roles were split between being a decoration or a kitchen staff and may be an incubator in an advanced level.

How much has changed since then?


We can say we live in an era of a different time but if we really want to make it different, it is on us. We are living in a crisis, where everything is about centralization, controlling power and raising the Patriarchal forces as much as they can force us.

WE need more than ever that rejected Feminine essence to bring back the balance.


There are plenty of Hedy Lamars among us waiting for recognition for who we really are, for the brain we have, for the true personality we live, and for the great Soul who shines through our shell we call body. We have what the Patriarchy do not. We have the strongest resilience which we accumulated during the hundred's years of repression.

It is our turn to shine, it is our turn to bring back something, which got forgotten on the way. To bring back the feminine presence, the strong-minded, caring, loving personality, which is able to unite all the Souls and give birth to a better future.



Mata Hari

There are two sides of every coin. I can say that she was a prostitute, a seductress, a courtesan, a naked spy or I can say that she was the Ultimate Femme Fatale, the woman who dared to be a WOMAN in a mid of a patriarchal world when the only acceptable role for a woman was to be the obedient housewife.
I decided to write this post about her to step aside from the judgement as there is no woman in Planet Earth who was not accused being a prostitute minimum once in her life, even if her biggest crime was to be born as a female.
So why is her figure so important that she became immortal, and her name is well-known hundred year after her death?
The Secret of Mata Hari is somewhere inside that Divine Feminine being, which we all own but only a few are able to channel deep into it.

'And I will talk about my dances - thankfully, I have pictures showing most of the movements and costumes. Contrary to what the critics who never understood me said, when I was onstage, I simply forgot about the woman I was and offered everything to God. That is why I was able to undress so easily. At that moment, I was nothing, not even my body. I was just movements communing with the Universe.”

That is that so called connection to Mother Earth, what she mastered so well that she was flirting with the illusion of owning the Beast.
She was intelligent, full of courage and had the blood of the warrior. She dared to live fully and did not care about the envy and hatred which came from those women who gave up their dreams, or from that man who could not get her.
Yes, she wanted to be accepted and loved but not for the price to give up her own self.
She got captured and shot by squad. There was no real evidence of her being spy but her free existence in an unfree world was a crime on its own.
She was a legend, she was a dreamer, she was something extraordinary, a Free Spirit in an Unfree World.

“We all know I won’t be killed because of this stupid allegation of espionage, but because I decided to be who I always dreamed. And the price of a dream is always high.”
Mata Hari
(from the book 'The Spy by Paolo Coelho)



Maria Curie

The Woman who broke through the glass ceiling
When she was born as a fifth child in a family in Poland, nobody could tell that her determination and strength would make her world famous, and she would become a role model in front of the whole feminine community.
She grew up during the Russian Military supervision with almost no opportunity for education. Her application to the University in Poland was denied for a single reason of her being female.
But she did not give up. She went to France and worked hard to finance her sister's and her own studies, and she got admission to the University of Paris.

University of Paris gave her not only the opportunity of higher education but also the opportunity to meet with her future husband / best friend / colleague who became her greatest support and with whom she received her first Nobel prize.
After her husband's tragical death she turned all her energy to their joint research. In honor of her husband, her unstoppable effort gave her the greatest result. She found a new element and with it, she introduced Radiation to Humanity.
With her second Nobel prize, she became the first woman, who won Nobel prize; the first person and the only woman who won two Nobel prizes, and the only person who received two Nobel prizes in two different scientific fields.
Her determinations and her results were undeniable, and it cracked that famous glass ceiling.

Maria Sklodowska Curie is a hero for all of us as she had not just introduced ironically the 'Greatest Power' on Earth but also, she had opened the path towards gender equality.



Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Women who run with the wolves
There is a Jungian psychoanalyst who got my attention long time back with her unique and special area of interest. Her name is Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the first generation American (mestiza Latina - native American/Mexican Spanish) grew up in rural area.
To be accurate, she has raised in a now nearly vanished oral and ethnic traditions. These unique and ancient surroundings gave her a lifelong love and affection towards the ancient heritage of folklore and inspired her for her extraordinary research and studies in this field. She used her Jungian psychology studies to search toward the symbolic world as a secret key to understand the real meaning of myths, legends and tales and she discovered the hidden teaching behind them.
She has helped thousands of people suffering from PTSD and her books are still major source to describe the wild woman archetype.
The book called Woman who run with the wolves is not an easy reading, considering the facts that it is full of psychological terms. But it is a complete description how the woman psyche works and evolves during life-stages from childhood till the elderly ages. She guides you through these stages using tales, and myths by disclose the hidden symbolic words behind them.
It is my honor to introduce her as one of my greatest icons, who's wisdom and view of life brought a widening understanding of woman's psyche.



Claire Wineland

I was searching on the internet when I found Claire Wineland.
She is a girl with a special medical condition called cystic fibrosis. The doctors gave her only one more year to live.
When she was 13, her lungs failed, and she was placed in a medically induced coma. Her chance to survival was around 1%. She awoke after 16 days.
According to my opinion the story deserves attention.
On one hand because of her coma-experience. That special state of mind is a mystery and definitely a life-changing experience with a glimpse of view from the other side.
On the other hand, while she is dying, she shows the most optimistic and brave behavior possible. Her videos and speeches are encouraging thousands.

You always have the option to choose between being the victim of your circumstances or find a way to rewrite the story and make it your story and serve others with it. Claire just did that, and she does it in every single day. She is a strong one, someone who has message to the others. I believe she deserves all the help she can get.
So, this time this drawing is dedicated to her for her lung-transplantation.



I have never thought I have to write this tribute to Claire Wineland.

It is way too soon.

It was inevitable for the first moment that she was dying. But somehow, she was a magician who made the whole issue looked like "not important".

She enjoyed her every day as it was the last one and she put her all in it. She dared to speak about death and suffering without taboos with clarity.

I get used to watching her story daily. Her personality was so radiant and so energetic, despite the fact of her condition.

It was just couple of days ago when she thanked the drawing to me, and I felt so glad to get connected to such an angel-heart with message to the world.

She was only 21. She received the new lungs, and she was so happy that her life conditions will change for the better at last.

It changed... for the better... but definitely not the way how we expected.


“Death is Inevitable. Living a life, we can be proud of is something we can control.”


You did it, Girl! You left something extraordinary for us.

Rest in Peace my dear.


(Unfortunately, during her lung-transplantation, she slipped into Coma end moved to a more peaceful realm. This drawing was sent to her couple of days before her death.)

R.I.P. Claire 


Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman, as a Jungian analytical psychologist, has been working on symbols, archetypes and dreams interpretations. She gave special attention to the feminine and masculine energies and their appearance and interactions.

She defined the major role of feminine in "holding presence".
What does it mean exactly "Holding presence"?

We are living in the modern world which speeded up all the processes and step by step it has taken away all the personal touch from the society. It is like removing the heart from the system and what is left, the rushing hours, the monotony and the routine. While Marion described the process as the result of the patriarchy, she added that patriarchy is not equal nor similar with masculinity. Patriarchy - she said - is a power principle which causes suffering even to the masculine.

Here are we living in a modern society with less and less personal touch and more and more rushing. One side we have reached farther distance than ever, but on the other side we lost the sense of feeling and we became disconnected from the one next to us.

Holding presence - the feminine essence - is the loving spirit, the surroundings, the ambiance around.
Holding presence is the act of undivided attention.
'Holding presence is to make space so the other can grow into their destiny. '
Marion also made a valid point to draw similarities between that Jungian archetypical behavior and the quantum physics. How else can you describe that presence more clearly than the observer behind the lenses, the outsider viewer who by observing the actions creates changes on the outcome? That is why feminine essence is so crucial here.

That is the present what gives you peace of mind. That is the present, where you can share all your secrets, your doubts and fears, your dreams and wishes; where you can act silly or any kind because you know that it is perfectly fine and accepted. This is the presence, where you feel you are someone without wearing any mask by simply just being you.

Today, where patriarchy made all the effort to separate the soul from the human, it is the urgent call to be that Feminine who brings that Soul back, who holds that presence to make it happen.

Be the listener, be the one who accepts and appreciate the other as he/she is.
Be the one who hold that presence when the other is falling, when there is no word to explain the need for a hug.
Be the one who allows the other to open up completely with all the colors of his/her personality and be the one, who are there to motivate them to become the best of their version. Be the safe ground, be the Earth, be the home for all.



Maggie Doyle

I believe I can start with a personal story this time.
There was a period in my life when I visited orphanage in Africa. These are those special trips which touch your heart so deep and you cannot leave without having a change inside you.
I had a special moment in Lagos, Nigeria, with a little girl named Precious. This girl was given to me, and we had that kind of immediate bond. I knew I had limited time, and I knew I had no option to change that, but still it was extremely hard to leave.
These kids were born into a political/financial/economic situation, which they definitely do not deserve.
We are lucky enough to have home, safety, education, clean water, electricity around us, and the opportunity to choose a path to build up our life. They do not have these things.
Maggie Doyne is one of the heroes, who did that change I was not able to do. She was only 19 years old when she went to Nepal and for today, she is the founder of Blink Now, an orphanage home, giving shelter and education more than 200 children.
So, I live in the other side of the world right now, Africa and Nepal are both out of my reach. But what I can do for making that change is to make this post for those kids in need this time and publish their contacts with the hope that there are others out there, who wants to make some changes as well.

Blink Now- Orphanage Home by Maggie Doyle- BlinkNow
-Tukutana - orphanage in Uganda - www.tukutana.org - they are committed to meeting the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs of Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children.
-Little Saints Orphanages- Orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria - www.littlesaintsorphanages.org - they are committed to taking care of orphans, abused and abandoned children. (It is the home of Precious.)
-Blink Now Foundation - educational and orphanage house in Nepal - www.blinknow.org - founded by Maggie Doyne giving shelter, education, and medical service to orphans.



Meghan Markel

If the last couple of months in separateness brought something to our attention, it was the hidden cracks of the Society.
While all of us wants to have abundance and peaceful ambiance for our children, we still have to face the extreme amount of hatred, which is aimed to the diversity of any kind.
When a person cannot get out of his/her house to reach the destination without being insulted during the way, it does not matter what kind of diversity was the reason for the attack, what matters is the insult happened because of it.
People getting insulted because of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or even just because of their opinion.
If there was a lesson in the current crisis, it was to show us how far and how forcefully we go just to push our opinion down to the others' throat; how much our emotions and anger can override our intellect and drive us to attack innocents.
We are still in the crisis. But even if we feel overwhelmed with all the information and emotions, we have something much more powerful.
It is the will. It is the Free Will to choose how to act, and how to react for certain happenings.
We have the choice in each exact moment to turn the tide and say 'that practice stops with me, I am not participating or bringing forward the fear, or hate. But I stand strong against the wind with courage and love, and I stand for the ones left behind.’

Meghan Markel's life is one of the greatest examples how our society deals or tries to humiliate diversity and she is also the greatest example to show how not to fight back with anger, but instead stand up with courage and love and be the first one to be the change. And this resilience she shows, is the grate foundation to build a better Society.

'I know sometimes people say: "How many times do we need to rebuild?"
Well, you know what? We are going to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild until it is rebuilt.
Because when the foundation is broken, so are we.'
Meghan Markel



Amal Alamuddin Clooney

Let’s talk about the part of the world where women have no right to drive a car, walk on the street without harassment, have education or have a job.
Most of the time in these countries the solution they offer is to restrict more rights by blaming them causing the whole problem or forbid the woman to go to the street alone. Or in more extreme case, in case of rape they take the woman to the prison, because it was definitely her fault that she was on the wrong place at the wrong time.

But don't go that far... we can speak about families where abusing or stonewalling, gaslighting, emotional manipulation, verbal or physical abuse happens daily and all of them remains behind the curtain, and nobody dare to speak up. Because they accept that it is normal.

What if instead of taking women’s freedom-rights away, start to educate people and create open communication about those hidden women's qualities, which considered sin because of ignorance and fear. What if we start to work on the cause instead punishing the victim?

We are living in an era when finally women started to speak up and stand up for their rights. We have brave women for example Malala Yousafzai or Amal Clooney. They dare to use their voice and their name to make changes. 


PS: 2024: Where are you, Amal Clooney???


Oprah Winfey

Let's speak about Oprah Winfrey. One of the most powerful women of the World.

She is a television host, a business woman, the first Afro-American news anchor for WTVF, the first Afro-American billionaire in USA, the greatest Afro-American philanthropist in US history, and the first recipient of the Academy of Art and Science “Bob Hope Humanitarian Award”.

Also we can speak about “Oprah-effect” which means whatever she touches turns to gold. She has a voice, she has the influence and that is why her presidency was mentioned as a future option.

What makes the story more remarkable is the fact that she came from poverty and an abusing childhood. She knows what hard life means and she knows how to stand up from the ground. She reached her goal by her courage, control, compassion, strength and patience. She is a top influencer in today’s world.

A3 size, color pencil, mainly orange shades, photo source: tvguide.com



Jane Goodall

Let's speak about the Woman who was brave enough to go to the Wild completely alone to live with Chimpanzee for more than 50 years. She is definitely not the housewife-type, but the difficult one; the type who can change the world and bring something new into it. She brought not only the greatest insight about the Chimpanzee society but also, she has been pioneering the method showing respect towards animals and living with them as neighbor and not an outsider observer. And with her gentle approach, she has raised awareness to that unique connection we have with the Nature around us.
This post is dedicated to Jane Goodall and her inspiring life of standing up for that sacred connection between human and animal.



Jacinda Ardern

There have been same major changes recently in a bigger scale when women started to take over leadership positions in the political life. It is a mark of a new era.

Women with compassion and empathetic skills were needed to be involved to the higher power-palette to evaluate decision-making process from a wider perspective.

Let's speak about Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand youngest Prime Minister in more than 150 years, who became famous for her unconventional 21st century leadership model of being an unmarried mother and policy wonk at the same time. She is the one who announced a new assistance package for family from her baby-feeding coach, and the one who was the first woman in history arriving to the UN assembly with her newborn baby.

Giving an insight into her policy, we can see that her progressive politics made her become popular, for example the 5-billion-dollar package of tax cut and payment she called, which was the most significant change to the country's welfare system in decades; or her declination on Trump's proposition about drug-regulation. She clearly stated that she prefers if drug-abuse would be considered under health matter instead of national security issue.

She is also the woman who declared in the APEC summit that she won't take sides in the Trade War because she prefers aligning with principles not with countries.

The Woman who dares to stand up and speak straight; The Woman, who believes that empathetic skills are a strength and not a weakness, a woman with real values and real priorities.

A woman whose voice is the one what was missing for centuries in that cruel, power-oriented patriarchal system, and also the woman who brings back the heart to that constitutional panel.

"And we can provide that job security if we plan for the future, and if we choose not to blame. And so, I put myself firmly in that constituency. We have responsibility as politicians for the language that we use, but also the policies that we provide and the hope that we deliver."

Jacinda Ardern who dares to be human, who dares to be real in the political elite.

Cindy Joseph

The first drawing of 2016 is a portrait from Cindy Joseph, a beautiful woman who became model at the age of 49. She is now over 60 years old. Ladies, here is a great example how to be a woman in every age. Beauty comes from inside.



Angelina Jolie

Angelina is unquestionably one of the greatest influencers. You can love or hate her, but what she has brought to the table with regards to her humanitarian, moviemaking, and children-care activity is something extraordinary and for that, I admire her.
The movie Maleficent is one of the great one not only because it portrays the Baba Yaga archetype from a totally different point of view but also because it offers reconciliation from that ancient wound, we all suffer.
In Psychological meaning we can speak about the basic wound/rubbery/steal/betrayal which happens with all of us during our lifetime and causes major damage. That gives the urge to leave the well-known path to find a way back to the 'womb' to the peace-land. This is the journey to figure out your own worth, your own value, your weakness and strength and to establish your belief based on your experience. The results of how you ride your journey are the building-rocks of your future empire. You learn, you experience, you make your own decisions, and you build up something in your life according to your belief.
Using this to destroy others or lift others up is entirely on you and it will be seen from the outlook of your establishment and will speak about how you learnt those lessons to put those rocks together.
One thing is sure,
There is no Empire without going through your own salvation, and you cannot win over a demon which you did not tame within yourself.



Diana Rigg

Nowadays while I am organizing the exhibition materials, I found the Diana Rigg portray and started to dig deeper into her resume and personality.

I have to add straight in the beginning that she was a kind. She became famous as the only James Bond girl, who became Mrs. Bond in Her Majesty’s Secret Service in1969.

She also appeared in Avengers as Emma Peel, which role made her became a sex symbol and a fashion icon. That was one of the reasons while later she stopped acting in the series.

I drew her as Lady Olenna, a fantastic character from Game of Thrones, a witty and sarcastic political mastermind, popular known as the Queen of Thorns.


While both of the three mentioned characters are charismatic, strong woman roles, she had a special opinion about feminism.

She has supported chivalry and greeted the classic courtesy from men while she also has a sudden and explosive temper which has been completely enough to stand up against any kind of insult. She once said feminism is boring, and Suzanna Moore, columnist added about her that she has a kind of ‘Gosh, I am successful, I don’t need feminism.’ style.

For me, it most likely seems that she just wanted to be out of 'the war of sexes'.

She is a kind of woman - for me - who does not bother to fight for rights, which she can own herself by simply daring to look in a way nobody dares to ask question in return.

But whatever is her opinion about feminism, one thing is sure, she is a strong and determined woman who definitely left her footprint in history and as it is an important part of the list.

A3, marker pen drawing. One of my drawings which was made for days as I wanted to be sure that all the smallest detail is on the right spot.

#dianarigg #gameofthrones

drawing: 24.07.2014., blog: 27.08.2018.

Tamara Lich

Cancel Culture
Once upon a time when I was living in the Middle East, I became a target when I stood up against injustice. My plan was innocent, and I based it on Gandhi's famous statement: 'Be the change you want to see in the world'. I wrote compliment letters about the crew who was assigned to be reviewed by me in a system which was based on punishment. Instead of reporting their mistake, I reported back detailed examples about what they did exceptional. It turned out that it was considered rebellious action. I was severely punished because of it. I received threats, there were interrogations and other unwritten ways to silence me. I stood my ground and I wrote 196 letters altogether. During that time, I faced my deepest fears and I had to set a priority in principles for which I would risk my life as well.
There was a huge aftermath of that period when I had to face that nothing that I have done showed any results, nothing changed, and even my memory got cancelled and all my public accounts got shadow banned. The whole 'mission' I put my life on, seemed to be for nothing.
Tamara stood up against injustice and she set the highest principle, love for basis, and when I heard about her demonstration, I felt such a deep connection with her with so many similarities in her story. I truly believed that her story would be successful and that would be the opportunity for me to heal my wound and finally close that chapter for good.
But it did not matter how peaceful her plan was, she got arrested. She was not only taken into jail without any charge but also, they put her to solitary confinement for a whole month to break her soul. Later it was declared as 'error in judgement' and she was released but silenced.
Cancel culture - this is the definition of the new treatment in the society against anyone who has 'too much' influence and could dangerously alter the game of money and power. Delete, silence, cancel as nothing ever happened.
But when I relived my whole experience through Tamara's journey, I noticed something.
There were results... Not the way how it was expected. But different. All around the world people started to stand up for love and freedom and started to organize freedom convoys. The World moved.
Maybe we are too attached to a certain kind of result and tend to forget to see the bigger picture. May be we put our focus on the wrong channel and want to see everything immediately as a certain kind of physical manifestation or focus too much on the cancellation. Whatever it is, we watch the wrong movie. While we are saddened by the fact that it is all gone and nothing matters, it actually does and the frequency which was sent by our action, has already started to work in the unseen world, and the ripples it created started to be depolarizing major energy blocks, and moving all tectonic elements around. It does not matter how long does it take; the Tsunami sooner or later will arrive.


(This drawing was dedicated to the Canadian Truck Convoy during Covid, when Trudeau misused his Authority and introduced Tyrany on his people.)


Meghan Markel

The Real Queen

This post is dedicated for ALL the Ones, who dare to stand up against the mainstream,

For the One, who holds her own Truth over rumors.
For the One, who keeps trust during betrayal.
For the One who gives shelter for the outcast.
For the One, who's strength gives motivation to the broken one.
For the One, who heals the wounded ones.
For the One, who is here to nurture and support.
For the One, who bows down to lift others up.
For the One, who dares to Love and remains gentle amongst the hardest trial.
For the One, who sees the Goddess in the other woman and honors her.
For the One, who sees the Warrior in the Man and honors him.
For the One, who holds presence for the others to unfold their destiny.
For the One, who steps over all those toxic low vibrational energies and shines with Grace.
For the One, who's authenticity shines over all the darkness and gives value to this World.
For the One, who's present sparks and fills the place wherever she enters.
For the One, who spreads that forgotten sacred code which is carved into her Heart.
Blessed Be the Real Queen.



Ea nam legere mentitum prodesset

We need Women who stand...
We need Women who dare to stand in the face of crisis and bind together what have been torn apart.
We need Women who are strong enough to go to the war-damaged places and heal the wounded and lift the broken.
We need Women who are willing to bow down and touch the dirt and reach the ugly.
We need Women who are able to give birth to light in darkness.

We need Women wo are able to bring back the balance.
We need Women with resilience.
We need Women who dare to use their voice.
We need Women who see the real values in other.
We need Women who are the ambassador of Love.
We need Women who provide Home for all kind of souls without judgement.
We need Women who have the power to hold the net for the others.

We need Women who build a new future.
We need Women who understand beyond the logical mind.
We need Women who create peace.
We need Women who has strong principles lightening up the path.
We need Women who bring life.
We need Women with the ancient connection to Mother Earth.
We need Women who are ready to create a new world.


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