Akashic Legends 

The magic of storytelling lays deep inside the psyche. When the story was told, instincts were awakened, and a portal opened to another World. 

Here is a collection of those magical stories, which helps you to awaken that somatic awareness and lead you to the gate to that magic Portal.

The Temple of Isis

The Temple of Isis

Listen to me closely my Child...

I want to show you something...
I want to guide you back to the ancient connection... to Mother Earth... where the seed of life conceives.

Close your eyes... take a deep breath.... be silent and wait...concentrate on your heart....
Listen to your heart rhythm...Feel the beats... amplify it till your whole body vibrates together with it...

Do you hear the drums playing?
Do you feel the Earth breathing?
Here lays the way to go in...
Are you ready to meet with the Ancient One?
Are you ready to meet with the Divine One?

Here She comes...

Holder of the Sacred Seed of life, holder of the Ancient Wisdom.
She is the Goddess of Heaven and Earth.
The Gatekeeper, the Protector of the dead and unborn. She is the Midwife.
She is the Guardian who leads you through the portal of Life.

She is the Mother and the Ruler. Her hands rules nations with care and leads people to prosperity and peace.

She is the Wife. She is the firm and loyal foundation of the Warrior, the King.

She is here to unite the power of the Lunar and the Solar energies and to harmonize these forces.
Her love heals and her tears restore souls.
She is here to guide you back to the Great Balance.
Are you ready?


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The way you live,
the way you think,
the way you decide and act upon are the signs of your character and your development in progress.

The question is - how far have you reached to harmonize those thoughts, feelings and actions and how far have you reached to extend your awareness to the rate when observation steps ahead of judgement and understanding rises.
How far have you reached in order to experience both sides of the story, and how far have you reached to establish those healthy borders and strengths to be able to hold a firm, unshakable presence in-between the opposites while standing face to face with the paradox?

Have you made the effort to go to the deepest vale to face the deepest darkness? Have you had the courage to question the foundations of your life, which were built in automatically by society, religion, culture? Have you had the courage to question everything no matter how firm it seemed to be based?

Because until you are able to take apart your major cornerstones to measure them up, and build it correctly again, you have not figured out anything about your true self.
Do you really want to know who you truly are?
So dissect every little piece of you and investigate the reason why it is there and investigate its legacy, its value under the purest light, the strongest fire.

Will you dare to test it on fire? Will you dare to burn it all and burn away the pieces which were found unworthy? Will you?
Because that is the way to be able to stand your ground in full authenticity, to become ready for the scale of Maat: your heart against the feather.
Will it sound 'mene mene tekel upharsin' or will it be the steppingstone to the Highest?


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My Dear Sophia

You were there in the ancient times before anything was formed, created by the twin power of Depth and Silence.
You were used, abused, exploited till the only thing left around you was sadness from the deepest source.
You gave birth to a lot, one monster after another. You gave birth to Demiurge, the worst of all. But after all he created the World.

Dear Girl,
Never think about guilt. For what? Facing the shadow and go through hell? Giving birth to monsters? You gave birth to the World.

The lesson you learnt down there, the things you have seen, made you that unique seer you became, the Wisdom you are.
You won't turn your face away from suffering anymore, because you were in it.
You won't turn your face away from ugly because you were as it.
You won't abandon the ones left behind because you were abandoned once.

You gave birth to LIFE through your misery.
You flanged yourself down from the Absolute to catch the shimmering of your father reflection. Being separated from the light, there was where your search began and in the deepest well you found it.
Through your sorrow, you brought beauty and spiritual potential to the Earth.
You were the one who concealed conscious to the first son of Demiurge - ADAM. And he brought that knowledge to the world as EVE.

After all you were ascended again back to the Light where you had come from and you divided yourself by leaving the part of you, the part of this light, hidden on Earth... for us... to help as a reminder.

So... Remember....


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Lilith knew that Eve would not make it. At least not at the first time. Eve would rather play the roles dictated by the norms, living within the limits, than questioning anything.
Meeting with the snake was an option to break through into freedom but she was not ready.

Lilith saw it before it had happened. She had the vision. She knew that she had the free will to choose and in order to break free, she had to risk EVERYTHING. She knew she had to face the darkest part of her own, and she had to go down to Hades to get the key to open doors or to open that sacred book of Knowledge. The Thoth.

She knew the legends how that book took lives and brought suffering to everyone who was not prepared and who wanted to control it or who tried to get a hold on the Sacred Serpent, who guarded it.

The key was connected with the Serpent, as she was connected to it as well. She needed to find that language on her own to spell the Name. She needed not only to face the snake but also to be able to surrender and become one with it.
Eve did not know the language... do you?

Say the name and the Serpent will awaken and will form two spiraling grooves around each other and will raise higher and higher to the
G/land. Say it and the connection will be made.


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Ode for the Seer

You have chosen a hard path when you decided to step down.
The gift you have - what you called curse so many times - gives you a heavy duty to bear. Seeing things in a way you do and having no one to share with, feels like holding glowing embers in your hand.
They look at you as some kind of queer fish, and they separate themselves from you and outcast you.

What really happening is, people are scared. They are scared terrible from anyone who dares to question their foundations. Because that courage makes you completely free; free from the customs, cultures, religions, and all systems they are belong to. Their whole life is planned to live in a safe environment among the odds, old well-established rules, which has been working for centuries. It is perfectly good for them; they do not want to change a jot in it.
Life will change it for them instead. And when life changes it, they will panic.

You brought the frequency, which has never seen before, and they are frightened from it. They have no idea what to do with it, as they have nothing similar in their thousands of years memory about it. So, they do what they do the best, ridicule you and your source.
But that source, my Darling, is the ONE.

You have spent decades to master your method to connect and clear your channel for it. You have sacrificed your desires and have given your time to follow that call, which saved your life more than once.
You have learnt how to walk on that path step by step, studied books, ancient sources, made several trials by making one mistake after another, to learn one lesson after another.
The way you see, the way you understand things are gifts for the very few. You know where you came from, you know your true origins, and you know your true purpose.
So go and shine. Shine like never before. Show them the spark, which is yours only, the stars living in your eyes, the universe which runs through your vein.
Show them the real Strength, which makes you stand in the midst of thousand thunders, and show them the true love, which holds that presence no matter what…
And never ever forget: the ones, the few who have the courage to face their wholeness -all the shadow parts, all the scary corners - are the ones who have the power to bring Heaven on Earth.
The gift you have, my child, is the rarest diamond on Earth.


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Selkie Legend

Have you ever heard about the Sealskin legend? Let me invite you to a journey.
Following Clarissa Pinkola Estes' study about the healing power of the ancient myths and legends.

imagine yourself in a beautiful island surrounded by turquoise water. You can see the shells through it. The sand is white and warm under your feet and there are giant cliffs interspersed around. When you walk in the warm sand you hear a beautiful song sung by a woman. You go to find the source. You go close to a large cliff, hide behind and watch. You see that a young girl dancing and singing. She dances freely like an angel and her voice fulfills the sky. She notices you and invites you to join.
You accept the invitation and go closer to her. She wants to show you something special. She guides you to the other edge of the cliff and puts her hand into a deep hole. She takes out something leather with a shiny surface. She unfolds it and steps into it like a trousers. The leather surrounds her body like a new skin and her whole body transform to selkie. She jumps down from the cliff and dives deep into the Sea. She comes back and you see her playfully swimming around you and jumps over your head. She swims like a dance, and she makes great distance in seconds. She dives down to the deep and jumps up to the stars like there is no boundaries and no limitations. She plays with the shells and small fishes dance around her. She sings and dances and all the creatures of the Sea worship her and play with her. She swims back to the cliff and put her hands into the hole again.
She takes out another leather material with a shiny surface and she offers it to you. You take it. You feel and touch the selkie surface and step into it. You feel the immediate connection and your body feels a sort of energy coming up from your toes to the top of your head. You feel an urgent call to jump to the Sea and during the jump your whole body transforms. When you reach the Sea surface you dive into the deep in perfect freedom and dive deeper and deeper into the million treasures and creatures of the underworld. You see the several different shapes and colors, fishes and creatures of every kind. They are all around you, surround you and play with you. And you dance. You turn upside down and after up again, and sideway and all direction. You swim fast, faster than ever and you jump out high, make triple turn and jump back to dive to the deep again.

The Selkie woman arrives back to you and guides you back to the cliff. She gently settles down on the top of the cliff, sings to the sky and takes off the selkie dress and puts it back to the hole.
She looks at you and she touch your mouth gently with her finger to show you that it is your secret. You know where to find your other skin. You can come and take it anytime you wish.


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One of the great treasures of Celtic mythology is the Mermaid/Selkie legend since it gives deep psychological insight of the women’s psyche as Clarissa Pinkola Estes described it in her book called Women who run with the wolves.
It is dealing with the trauma of disconnection from the original wild Self, from Mother Nature while the Society takes its part to lock all sources away. How many songs describe women either the loyal, silent wife who stands there doing nothing just waiting for her husband like Grace or songs sing about the crazy one who desperately begging for men to save her with a marriage (Laundry girl). But the Truth is none of this is even close to describe the ancient real heritage of a real Divine Feminine. The urgent call inside each of us came from the etheric source and it will erupt if the blockage does not get removed. Women are the most powerful source who have been chosen to bring souls to this world. They are not crazy for complaining to remove the chain. They do not need to be bind to anyone and definitely will not beg for an other chain. They do not want to be silenced, waiting for a male to solve their life, since most of their problem caused by those males. And while these males stand in the pedestal praising their achievement, actually the silenced woman (Grace) behind them was the one who went to the war and risked her life.
What real Women wants are the real Man, who can help her get back her freedom to be free to be who she truly is and express herself from her ancient source without being attacked by those immature males.
What she is looking for is the Man who has already found his true Self and has the courage to step up as a supporter, protector and equal partner creating a union, the greatest Wholeness and conquer the world where truth is locked away by the human ego.


Bird meditation

If you are in a room just sit or lay down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Imagine that you are sitting on top the mountain and you can see green field and river underneath.
Warm wind touches your skin, and you can smell the fresh grass under your feet.
Couple of birds circle above the river. One of them is extremely large, almost reaches human-size. It could be an eagle-kind. This bird represent strength, freedom, independence and the overcoming of all difficulties.

You start to focus your attention to the bird and notice that the bird gently turns his head towards you and recognize you. You ask him through your mind to let you connect.
He accepts it and you feel a gently push inside you and you start to feel that your hands turned into wings and your muscles connects to the bird muscles.

Your wings stretch out and you let your body lay down on a smooth wind stream underneath just like if you lay on a big fluffy blanket.
You use the wind stream, and you discover maneuvering by slightly move your wings little up on the right side. You can immediately see how the horizon changes. The left side is getting closer to the river, you can even see how fishes jumping up from it.
You enjoy maneuvering and you fly closer to the river surface to feel the moisture. The air is warmer down there as well. You use the wind stream and speed up, fly on the path of the river-flow and lift up just right before the turn of the river.
You fly straight above to reach the top of the trees and fly just above the trees. You feel several different smells and you recognize the pine-tree just by the smell of the air.
You feel a colder breeze on the top of your right wings, so you turn towards and use the uplifting stream to reach high above again till the top of the mountain.
On the mountain top you see a large gray stone. You make two circles while getting closer to it till you find a safe place to land.
When your legs stand firm on the ground you feel a gentle pulling-out from your inside just like something disconnected and you find yourself again in your body.
When you turn around you can see the large human-size eagle standing just right next to you, looking at your eyes and nodding with his head.
He once more spreads his wings in front of you and you feel an extremely strong energy just passing to you from his body to yours and strengthening you all your body. You feel the fresh energy raising and cleansing all your cells and building up large purple bubble around your body from tiptoe to the top of your head. This is a hollow of healing and rejuvenating. When you get fully covered by it, he nods again, turns towards the river and leads his body to settle on the next wind-stream and flies away.
You open your eyes, and you feel recharged and full of energy. 


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I have a past, I have my wounds, I learnt my lessons... that’s who I became, that’s who I am...
There is no shame in it.

There are no “bad or good” things, just things and I accept them as lessons and blessings.

And I have a future, I have dreams... and I will go for them...
It has a price... I know... nobody said it would be easy...

But the chance is mine and I will take it...

I remember that day when I stood up.

It was a normal day after 17 hours working. I witnessed how one of my crew, who was assigned under my command, got verbally abused by my manager. I knew my rights, actually I had no rights to say anything against a manager.

But there is a time when the spiritual teachings and your inside works reach a level, and you have to decide. If you want to follow the path of your heart you cannot stay silence and assist the one who abusing the others, because in that case you are abusing as well in an indirect way.

It was a great presser on me. I had to do what my heart demanded but I was still in the Middle East. It was impossible without putting myself in danger.

On the other side, it was my decision to go there and work for them. I cannot blame the circumstances of my awakening if I was the one who has chosen it.

It was with shaken legs, but I was there next day in the office face to face with the same manager who abused my crew, and I told her that her behavior was unacceptable.

She could not find the words for a moment because it has never happened before. But she found her voice. Not that day... the following day.

I remember that following day. I was called to the office. At that morning when I woke up, I was listening the "Today I rise" initiation video, and I collected all power possible and prayed for blessing.

I have chosen my path.

I stepped out but I had no idea what was waiting for me, and it was scary.

My life was threatened and my way out of the Middle East got jammed. It happened in an unofficial meeting as it is standard procedure in case somebody dares to stand out.

The next half year was terrible. Even my breath was checked. My phone, my IP address, everything was recorded. Every single day I got an agent who followed me everywhere and listened every single word I was saying.

After that first 6 months my medical condition started to worsen, and it seemed my immune system was given up on me.

I had to make another decision, giving it up or go forward. The hardest and scariest decision I ever made.

I knew about the suicidal issues happened every month, which was kept secret by the office, not to destroy the company reputation.

But the other option was to go against the whole system in their own land. Who am I to dare to do this? And how?

I started with small little act of kindness. It was like a silence resistance. Instead of the standard procedure which forced every leader to look for mistake and criticize the crew in their review, I started to write compliments about them. The praise had results. Rumors spread and crew started to ask for me and I did what I could, I wrote compliments in every single occasion.

I got called to the office about 3 more times, I rejected the 4th one and continued writing those letters.

There was something extraordinary powerful to praise others in a system where you forced to punish them.

As the number of my letters rose, my influence rose as well and the threat too. I started to work on my escape plan and moved my staff back to Europe secretly bit by bit.

I knew I had to comply with all the regulation if I wanted to do it fair play with the official resignation procedure, but I did not expect that I would have to fight till the end.

Couple of months ago I safely arrived at my new home in Ireland. I learnt a lot. One of the lessons was that Verbal abusing is not in the employee contract even if the company is in the Middle East. People enjoys luxury on an expense of others being abused.

I am grateful for the ten years when I could see the world and I was working extremely hard for it. Hard work is accepted, but humiliation and abusing were never an accepted part of the contract.

I got my life back and I am absolutely grateful for it, but a girl named Elena died just two weeks before I left, by jumping out from the aircraft holding broken wine glass to her throat. She was in my shoes, and I guess I was lucky. I will never forget her sacrifice.

Here I am now, living in the most beautiful place on Earth in safe and harmony and I believe.

I believe that life is a miracle.

I believe that everything is happening for you.

I believe that everything makes you stronger.

I believe in the power of praise and the power of love.

I believe that I have the right to say that humiliation is not accepted in any form against anyone.

And I believe in a better world where people prioritize respect above luxury.

I believe that I have my voice for the change.


Wild Rose - A tale from a hidden Chronicle

Wild Rose- A tale from a hidden Chronicle

Once there was that ancient calling.. she heard it like a shallow whisper from a far distance. She heard it for a short period of time but it printed its pattern in her mind and it started to disappear bit by bit.

Her seeking has started. She went to the forest and spent hours in the wild in complete silence to sharpen her skills to reconnect to her intuition to be able to recognize that unique whisper. She heard the songs of the birds, the blow of the winds, the rhythm of the water-drop when it started to rain but that unique call was not among them.

She searched towards and checked all the books and codex. She found never-visited areas with records from ancient masters and sacred codes but there was nothing about that unique call she heard back than.

She felt lost, and hit the ground.
And when she reached the rock bottom, her heart slowly started to make the rhythm of the rain, the blow of the winds, the songs of the birds and all of them stood together to create that perfect harmony, her unique call, the whisper she was searching for. That unique call drew a symbol-pattern, a unique scheme which was her own symbolic code of existence...
The code, which she found in that Records she read in the hidden-area, called Akasha.
And her heart became louder and louder, and the rhythm became stronger and stronger, vibrating through her whole body, vibrating down through her feet and vibrating towards down below to the ancient Magma.
And Mother Earth heard and recognized the unique code, just like a personalized key fit to a special lock. And the drums were beating the rhythm of the Earth. The fire of the Magma raised from below just like oxygenated blood and flew up straight to her heart.
Her heart started to vibrate in a high frequency, which she had never experienced before, and her whole body started to glow. She heard and understood all the songs of the birds, the messages of the winds, the rhythm of the water-drops, the resonation of the stones.
And everything made perfect sense.


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The Tower

There was a Tower. It was huge and strong, standing in the center of the world just as if it wanted to reach the sky, or... from a farther distance it seemed that the Tower was trying to win a kind of imaginary competition to be the biggest and the most powerful one on the whole planet. It wanted admiration and it demanded complete obedience and for that it was not afraid to use any kind of violence against anyone who thought things differently.
The Tower was built for thousands of years by high-positioned, autocratic figures. The structure gave everyone a well-defined place where the person needed to live and work and do whatever was said to do.

But underground, deep down, beneath the foundation of the Tower, there was the Sacred Magma, the Seed of the Earth, waiting in stillness and warming up.

The Tower was full of pride and arrogance, and its own greatness blinded him so well that it was incapable to notice the crack appeared on the wall.

That Ancient Magma was still waiting. The Womb which nurtured and held up the Tower for so long had the utmost patience. She knew that it had to happen. She knew that people needed to experience and learn from distorted structure.

She had a plan.

She knew that aggression breeds aggression.
She knew that there is an other way.
She knew that the Tower denies the Truth so blindly that his arrogance will be his destiny.
She knew that changes without bringing meaningful qualities would be useless.
She knew that for the change the initiation started from within from the place of understanding by conceiving a vision.
She knew that true qualities needs time to grow and it needs plenty of love.
She knew that it would be the opportunity for the Humanity.

So She was patently waiting.

And the New Era was at the door, waiting for the right time to step in.
And the Dawn has come...


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Diary of the Soul

Diary of a Soul
“Tick-Tock. It is almost time.
Strange, how it is to be assigned for a new journey. I thought it would be easier to go. But being here and just watching around all the peace, all the harmony, the whole flow around me, and the council surrounding me with their unconditioned love. How could I leave it? They told me I have to go but right now I just want to embrace all and take it with me. I would love to take all of them and bring it to every place I go. I hope I can do that. They said I can.
They also allowed me to choose my family. I have already visited them ... in their dreams. My future mum is ready, she is so tuned in love. She feels me. It is so easy to connect. My future Dad. well, he is not ready. He is afraid of the task. He wants me to stay. Actually, I want to stay as well but it is not on me. I mean he is afraid of the task, that it will pin him down by taking away his career and his dream. I would never do that. I love him. But I can not reach him. His fear is blocking me out. What if I wont be able to save their marriage? What if mum will be disappointed at me because of it? What if I can not show her the real message? What if I can not show her how wonderful her soul is? And what about Dad? Will he ever accept me if I break his dream? But I need him to stand by my side. I know I can not be demanding. I know who he is, even if he does not see himself as clear as I see him.
The task is assigned, and I understand that all my biological needs will be satisfied but what about their support? Will I get them? Or should I do it without it? How could I live without that utmost love of the council I received here?
And if I won't get their support, will I manage to complete my purpose? Will I get hurt a lot? Will I hurt others? Will I feel lost and forget my purpose? Will I be triggered to loose the sight? What If I forget all of this?
Tick-tock time is up... that strange black hole appeared on the horizon, and I am afraid it came for me.
Do I really need to go? What if I stay just a bit longer here till Dad reach his career goal and just go after that? And what about the council, that loving family I have here? Will I ever meet them again? Or any of them? They said it depends on me, if I can recognize them.
I feel this chill, that cold breeze. I am afraid. Something is pushing towards that black hole. I am afraid, I will be stuck inside.
Oh Gosh, I left alone... dark here... nobody... nobody... Anybody? Please, I need help!.
It is hurt. It is brutal. That pushing is hard. I feel my body is torn apart. Oh God, I will die. Please don't do that... I can't... I am dying....
Strong light... laud noises.... very cold... I wish to cry... It is just too much...
Wait... that is something soft... gentle.... that smell... I know it... the vibes... the love...the eyes... I see her... I know her... she is the one... Oh God, that love... that touch... I feel it... not just as a sense... but in my body... I have a body... I have blood.... the same as hers... I love her ... I arrived...."
(a diary from a birth)


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Let's talk about the High Priestess. The Seer...the Druid Priestess... the one who has mastered the complete connection to Mother Earth and often called the guardian of the unconscious. The Seer, who act as an oracular mediator of the feminine intuitive and imaginative principle, but her mediation is based on grounded energy and skill, grounded in the memory of the conscious Earth.

Or let's talk about a movie... King Arthur by Guy Richie. The movie... full of symbols, myths and Jung archetypes... maybe this is the reason it was not meant to be famous and ended up in the same place as the Claud Atlas and all the other 'too complicated' movies.
Today I brought you her, the High Priestess, the gatekeeper of the Ancient Knowledge.


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No-Man Land

Easy child, easy… you are transcending borders by the No-Man land.

Legends speak about a place called No-Man land. You may not find it in the map.
It is most probably a gap between the 3rd and 4th stage, somewhere in limbo after the jump.
This is the land what does not belong, where the false identity of the ego is not enough anymore. Job, nationality, religion, and all the other titles do not hold any value here.
It is the place of letting go, the place of surrender.

The No-Man land is deserted for a reason. It takes ages to find an entrance and it takes everything of yours to get out.
But still, it is the only place, where you can meet with Her.

She is the Ancient One, the Mother, the One who holds the power above all creation, the third one of the Feminine Trinity; the One, whose name was not allowed to mention.
May you recall Her from your memory. She is part of you and appears in so many old tales in the form of Baba Yaga. She is the one who tricks you, steals everything what you called value, and forces you to face with your greatest nightmares.
But the gift she gives you - if you passed all her tests - is one of a kind. She will guide you back to your own Soul, which you lost during the separation of your birth.
She will reconnect you as deep as your vessel can hold.

So, what is the journey of the No-Man land about? It is the journey to learn to tame the Winds. The reconnection with your Soul has several aspects and each of them has different keys to handle, and different skills to give.

The first one, you will get is the Mustang. The ancient wild power, the one, which is denied and cut off from the Feminine for centuries.
You have to understand her, connect to her, and breath with her to feel it as part of you, and keep it in. She will come with an enormous fire and if you won't learn how to tame it, it will destroy you. It is the rage of repression. It is like a red shoes forcing you to dance. You have to hold the fire in, and learn to dance without spitting flames.

The second one will come only when you learned the dance and when you are ready to stand absolutely still no matter what. She will come as a Butterfly. The gift she brings will open your senses to the slightest vibrational resonance to read, recognize, and use them. These are the ones, the finest, purest ones, which can cause tornedo on the other end of the world.

Do you see now, what the No-Man land holds for you?
So easy child, easy... because with every single steps you make, you are transcending borders...


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My Love, do you remember the map I gave you? The ancient one, with the faded symbols? You searched decades to figure them out and to find connections.

You were suppressed, rejected, abused and forced to remain silent.
You may see now, I planted you as a seed to the underground, the only place where you can give birth to your own light. The darkness, no matter how much you hate it, is the only place where the divine spark is alive. It is the sacred womb where life conceives.

I needed to hide your true identity for your own good. You were challenged and tested all the way. It meant for you to be able to see with your own eyes. To see other perspectives, to understand the root behind all sufferings. To feel it passing through you and to be able to let it go.

You have searched for the meaning of those symbols, and you have started to understand the Great Analogy behind all. You have understood now that in order to solve that language of other worlds, you just need to adjust your vision to be able to embrace their differences, the version out of your imagination.

Take that map now and follow your intuition.
Go up to the surface and shine your own pure light. Hold your torch, draw that line in the sand and stand your ground. Let the ones, belong to you find their way to you.

And when you return to me, that divine spark will be here to reunite with your torch.
And my Love, right then we will be ONE and together we will create new Universe.


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Guardians of the Ancient Values 
The Rank of the Diamond

Guardians of the Ancient Values or the Rank of the Diamond

Diamonds are the most valued treasures, which survived extreme pressure and circumstances and therefore they became capable of reflecting the purest light.

There are myths and legends about certain kind of Guardians, who's special task was to safeguard and preserve the root-values of Humanity. They were the selected few, who were trained to withstand the greatest storm and to be able to sense beyond sixth sense.
Their commitment and dedications certified them to access the ancient hermetic keys, and with them they gained access to the Source, where the ancient root-mantras (The Sound of Creation, The Sacred Code of Existence) were kept.
Their task was to guard the Gate and keep the channel purified in all time.
They were the Rank of the Diamond or the Guardians of the Ancient Values.


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Codes of the Universe

Those ancient signs were written by Higher Being who were able to see differently than us. Their third eyes were open. And through it, they were able to see all three dimensions interacting with each other in each exact moment. They captured the astral influence surrounded the Soul clear message and washed it through the physical body to give birth through fire and blood into this world. That how was the symbols were created. And those Symbols are still holding the great essence of the whole Universe.


The Secret lies in the understanding of those symbols in all three dimensions in the same way they were created.

-And the key is hidden in each of us.

-and to find it, it is necessary to go through all the struggles (fire and blood) to reach acceptance in all levels.

-and to use it, it is necessary to have the courage to jump to the unknown without any kind of security and dare to face the astral realm.

-and THEN you arrive...


ALONE, just YOU, the true you, the real you... And the pure essence will shine over through all your cells.

That pure essence is the key, which connects automatically to the same essence of the Universe....

and the Door will open...

and the WHOLE Universe will enter into you as you enter into it...



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Warrior and Healer, two faces of the same woman

This dilemma was around me for years and it was one of the greatest cornerstones of my journey. 

How can be a woman gentle and strong at the same time? How can be a woman a fighter and a peace maker at the same time? 

It seemed exact opposite qualities for me, and it took a lot to figure out that you do not need to choose, the authenticity evolves both.

You do not need to be sweet all the time. You are not submissive, and you do not need to accept the role what Society forced you in. 

You are a Queen, a Wise Woman, a Wild Woman, a Healer, a Rebel, a Warrior, a Child, a Mother, all in one. You are the gentle hand, who gives comfort; and you are the strong hand, who keeps the dangers out as well. 

The lesson is to step out from the Society's expectation and find your own way to build the fine balance among all these elements and rule all of them. 

Your task is to use the correct tool at the correct time. 

And to reach this... it is a mastery.


Warrior and Healer

Clarissa Pinkola Estes once said that fairy tales, myths and stories are the collection of ancient wisdom, and they are able to awaken the instinctual nature of the Devine Feminine.

Lord of the Rings trilogy is definitely one of the mythical universes which contains complex view about a different era and offers plenty of references for reconnection and healing.

Since I am working on my new program ‘Seven Aspects of the Strong woman’ I was examining the two different qualities, the Warrior and the Healer and the interaction between them.

During this period, I found two relevant sources about that kind of dual qualities. Arwen from Lord of the Rings has a spectacular scene when she rules the element of water to fight against the Dark riders and just a split second later, she touches the hobbit and she channels healing energy to him. The trilogy is worthy of its reputation since in this couple of minutes it gave a layered view of an idea about that kind of ancient Devine Source.
I found another source as well, which was out of my sight first. It was captured in the Wild. A leopard after killing a baboon, found her puppy and instead of killing, the killer instinct got override by Mother Nature and she started to take care of the little baboon.
Since it is a true nature source without any kind of manipulation, that Devine Feminine instinct showed in its purest form as a role of protector above all other instinct.

Warrior and Healer, ‘Kali’ and ‘Parvati’ are the two ancient aspects. Their cooperation can be only expected if the level is high enough to offer the opportunity to evolve in each other for a higher aim, to serve for the better. And over there, in this higher level, non-judgmental and pure ambiance, the Devine Feminine is ready to thrive.


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Save the Folklore

Do you remember the tales your grandmother was telling you at night before you fell asleep? A kind of tale which has animals in it with human qualities, or just a little boy or a girl, who decided to travel around the world to try their luck and bring back the goods for the family? Do you remember them?
These tales have ancient values, and they are teaching you about courage and connection to the deeper meaning of life. These are the ones which triggers your imagination to discover a world beyond the surface. And these are the ones which holds the pure essence and values of our human heritage.
Every nation has a unique tradition to save the ancient values throughout generations. It is passing through by whispering into ears, dancing and singing, playing music, using symbolical dresses and objects, playing out roleplays or acting in any other way.
It is the root of the definition of culture. Since than we have lots of other culture, like politics, society norms etc., but this one, the folklore is the one connected to our history and therefore connected to our evolution.
Time has come when it is an urgent call to stand up for protecting this heritage. When centralization threatening the locals, it is our duty to stand for our own.
If there is a need to bring back the color of our lives it is when it is forced to be silent.
Fear is the biggest enemy against humanity. It blocks not only your natural response to events, but also blocks the immune system and force you to step back to basic survival levels. It does not matter who threw the threat and on what base.
The only thing what matters more than ever now is to sing those songs, play that music, tell those tales, dance those traditional dances, because that tradition has healing property and has all the values to thrive.


A3, marker pen drawing
photo source: Nat Geo - Girl from Bretagne
This drawing is dedicated to Pascal from Whistlestop Shop
#savetraditions #saveancientheritage #saveculture #savefolklore #savetheirishpubs #savethenationalvalues #savethelocals

The Lesson in Plague

A long long time ago a decision was made in the Heaven and a deadly virus was sent down to Earth to challenge all human beings. Hard time came, and death took thousands. The year was 1361.

While man admired the Nature, the price was too high, their mind could not understand the reason behind the loss, and they failed the test. First fear, after doubt came and the man turned against matter and put the rational mind to the throne. Cogito ergo Sum - they said, and they cast out the Great Mother.

Deep underground in her chain, she witnessed how the mind became their new god, and how science stepped out of the limit by suppressing all their emotions, instincts, overusing all the sources, creating competitions and greed, and ruling over the ones who were connected to Mother Earth.
Rivers and Seas were polluted, Forests were degraded, animals were abused and yes, women... oh the women became dolls in the hand of the almighty Mind.

The Great Mother, the Divine Feminine Creator of the Universe was working in peace. She knew great creation needs great sacrifices and the recipe of the Alchemical Gold is given only for the ones whose heart had been found pure in Maat's scale.
She did appear in different forms. She was dancing in every great storm, spitting lava from Volcanos, casting demons in men's dreams. They called her Kali, and painted her with several hands as she were cutting heads off from men.
The dreaded Goddess, who was cast out from Earth, gave justice from underground.

Men became desperate and increased the control over matter, but they did not know that the harder was the control, the greater was the eruption.
Order and Chaos go hand in hand and as far as man does not accept both parts, the chaos will eat him up.

Kali has been working over 700 years, patiently waiting for the Ones whose heart has the courage to face the dark and surrender to her. She has the divine spark, the living code of the whole Universe, the key for all diseases and the guidance to lead the heart back to the center. What she needs is trust.

The year is 2021. The only question remains what will you choose? Will you stay a puppet in a control machine or take the leap of faith, trust in Nature and surrender to the greatest healing and loving Mother.
The decision is yours.

“When wild men are strong enough to look at their own psychic truth, both men are guided by the Crone to their place of deepest wounding in the archetypical depth. There she puts her finger exactly on the wound that has to be healed if they are to be whole.
Only the man who is truly in possession of his inner power can afford to be vulnerable, to lay aside his mask and his projections and meet the feminine face to face....
When the power comes from within us and we can claim it as our own, then we no longer have to affirm ourselves by dominating others.”
Marion Woodman: Dancing in the flame

#maatscale #divinefeminine #sacredsymbols


Desert Rose

Dirt... Sand... Heat...

The surrounding, which is able to crack the seed...


The germination of the new life....


The growth under the surface...


The flushing of the desert rose...


The rebirth...

Soil... Sand...Fire

“Crescit sub pondere palma”


#desert #sacrifice #desertrose


-You wanted to see me?
-Yes. Everything is falling. I don't see the ground to put my feet on. Everything is in chaos. The whole world is upside down.
-Look Child. In order to repair something what is wrong, sometimes we need to set it apart and build it again.
-Yes. But I lost a lot.
-Chaos has its own order and it works exactly as it has to. Just hang on, try to stay closest to the center and wait. Everything will be alright. You will see.
-But it is hurt. It seems the real connection is lost.
-No Child. The real connection is always there. Time and distance are phenomena, which do not have the power to destroy real connections. Your home is not outside. Your home is inside. People, who truly belongs to you will be always there with you, in your heart.
-But others are getting mad and attacking.
-You do not need to worry about the ones attacking you either. My protection is always there. Look at my eyes and see it for yourself. You are safe with me, and I am always with you. Try to see them as they are. They are struggling as well. Some of them has much more struggle than you, because they do not know how to call me. They separated themselves from the love and while fighting against the elements, their desperate attempts just whirl them farther apart. They do not need your anger, they need your love.
-But sometimes I feel I cannot. How could I trust them and love them again?
-You need to trust in me. And just let me use you to channel that love to them. You are my grail, that uniqueness brilliant grail, my masterpiece. Never forget that.


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Mulan or how much your uniqueness cost

There is a great story in Chinese history about a female warrior, who saved the emperor despite the fact that her gender was not accepted in the army.

Gender discrimination is not a new topic. It has been always there in the last 2000 years with all the undiscovered atrocity, humiliation and rejection. The only new is that nowadays these issues are brought to the surface, and it forces us to face with all the damages, what Patriarchy caused not only to feminine but also to the masculine by forcing them to deny their sensitivity.

The newly released movie 'Mulan' steps forward to this topic and dares to go deeper.

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your uniqueness? Will you stand strong in your true colors even if it results in expulsion? Or will you rather reject your inner call and your uniqueness for the acceptance of the community?

And these are the real cornerstones of the personality. The questions of your dreams. Are you willing to go for them even if others ridicule you because of it? Are you strong enough to withstand the storm, which came from rejection and fear of the truth?
Will you be able to go through all the trials and be loyal to yourself and to your beliefs?

Because if you go through it, maybe you will be expelled and may be you have to walk alone for a while. But the truth will be on your side. Your loyalty and that truth will shine around you like an armor and will guide you to the ones of your true family to the real warriors.


A3, marker pen drawing

I stand for Humanity

I stand for Humanity.

When fire burns the bushes all around the forests.... I stand for Humanity.
(And Humanity rises in the image of a Fireman)
When a commercial airplane gets disappeared in the sky above armed territory...I stand for Humanity.
(And Humanity rises in the image of a cabin crew)
When hospitals become overloaded - I stand for Humanity.
(And Humanity rises in the image of a medical worker)
When social media shouts for danger ... I stand for Humanity.
(And Humanity rises in the image of a grocery worker)

When virus spreads around faster than the global airlines... I stand for Humanity.
When governments call for Autocracy... I stand for Humanity.
When Patriarchy turns to Dictatorship... I stand for Humanity.
When people get different treatment because of their origins ... I stand for Humanity.
When governments lock down Nature from human... I stand from Humanity.
When people report each other for going out in Nature.... I stand for Humanity.

Are we really so afraid of dying that we reject life as well?

Because sooner or later we will have to make a decision between fear or life. We have to realize that there is no other way only to face it and get through it together, whatever the outcome could be.
Yes, there will be huge losses.
Yes, there will be lots of us, who won't make it.
But there is one thing what is much more important than everything else...

To keep that hardly earnt morality as high as possible, and through that channel, connect back to Mother Earth and start recognizing and appreciating that ancient Divine Feminine Nature, - the one neglected, abused and left behind - which has the True Healing Essence.

Because this time, it won't be about position, race, religion or nationality.
The only true quality will be classed by the HEART.

And till then....
I stand for Humanity...


(This post was written during Covid lockdown)

A3, color pencil drawing
#moralityaboveall #MotherEarth #divinefeminine #timetochange

The Warrior Code

I have never wanted to be a warrior, or to get involved in a fight. I just wanted to send a message which was declared to me when due to a serious accident I was in coma very long time ago, that
- the most important thing in life is to see the miracles unfolding in everything and everyone.
- to understand the mystery of life in each breath you take, and each step you make.
- to feel how love connects all dots together and
- how deeper and darker you reach, the purer and brighter the light you see.

But that unique source separated me from the others, who search confirmation in outside sources.
And by following my own source, I became a Ronin, a social outcast with the strongest, strictest discipline rooted into the deepest Connection to Mother Earth.

Having my life based on absolute trust of the Divine put me to the front line and I found myself to becoming a target. I remember the faces back in the desert laughing at me as I did not get the upgrade because I was not willing to close my eyes. And while the others achieved their career goals and success and entertained themselves by abusing the ones in lower positions as the unwritten standard required, I struggled with punishments and restrictions.
It took a long time to see and understand that it was necessary to guide me towards the deeper, hidden root of existence, which is veiled so well from the average population.
The training I received back there, has prepared me for a much bigger fight, which I wish not to have, and truly wish to avoid. But I also know that my life is not only mine, and staying in the front line comes with responsibilities.
And what I wish the most not to see how people turning into Evil just because the propaganda suggests so, because it has happened before, and it had terrible consequences and I believe we have learnt from it since then.

I wish for a better future…


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Cultures and Colors

I heard somewhere in a big continent they started to fight because of colors....
I decided to start a new project to tell everyone....


Pray for Humanity

Mother Earth,
You saw your forests - we put them on fire.
your rivers - we poisoned.
You saw us tearing each other apart and building machines to destroy the land - your land.

Mother Earth,
You saw us, and your gentle eyes let us do the harm, and let us be led by aggression and anger far away from the womb we came from.

Here we are, your creatures, running away from your Grace, fighting and arguing about who is the better to save You.

While You are just standing there gracefully in silent and watching us through your loving eyes.

You know Everything. You saw it before.
You are here for thousands and thousands of years.
You saw other creatures come and go, and there was nothing else left after them, just silence till You gave your grace again and You gave birth to another Era. And the game started again...

You see the future and You know how things work. You know the rules, the REAL RULES, both created by ORDER and the other created by DISORDER. You know that there is an Order in every Chaos, and there is a Chaos in every Order.
But you know the utmost rule is LOVE and there is no power bigger than this.

So here you are, cuddling us around with your loving presence and silently watching how we burn our own air, kill our own animals, fight our own battles, kill each other's for peace.

I honor You; I Bless you for all the love you thought me as far.
That loving womb existing deep down, is pulsating in a rhythm of love and patiently waiting for us to awake.
Your womb, that peaceful Heaven, which gave birth to the Universe, is connected to the one you created to me.
And for that womb we give birth to LOVE. And only that LOVE can change the World.
Blessed Be.


A3, black paper, color pencil, photo source: unknown.
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If I could speak about all the parts of the world I saw, I would tell you that life is hard but beautiful.
I would tell you that there are places with full of colors, noise, smells and joy. There are places where people live their life a bit different than you and me, may they have less than you and me but they are still happy because they can live freely and they enjoy life together with their loved ones in peace and harmony. It does not mean they do not have problems; it means they face with them daily and solve them. They serve each other, they love each other, and they give their best. And they live fully for each moment they have.
But I would also tell stories about places like this, how they were turned upside down by someone else's greed and how power was used to rule out and isolate all the love and harmony by planting seeds of fear and division by using words in a special way to manipulate and bind others' will.
I would tell you because I have seen it and I see that is happening again. But if I dare to tell you, I will be silenced.... again...

I will tell you instead that words have power. I will tell you that words can be used for creation. I will tell you that the big secret which is used against you is in your possession as well.
I will tell you instead that you are able to create your own reality by using your own words.
There is a 'correct way' to use words, a sacred way, which based on respect and love, and which serves free will. There is a way how imagination can be activated, and creation can be manifested and this present was given to us long long time ago in a wonderful garden when God created us to his own image.

What I really want to tell you is to remember and understand that it is in your hand as well. We need you as a Dreamer, as a Storyteller, as a Healer, as a Magician, as a Seer, as an Artist. We need you now, more than ever to step up as a Warrior and use all what you have, use your imagination to dream and create together a better world, because this is the right time, our future depends on it…
Dream and imagine a world with freedom and colors, beauty, and love, and call it into existence together. Shout it out loud. Magnify it together. Manifest it together. We have the heart to override what is happening now if we stand together. Shout…
Before it would be to late. Before we get silenced...


(This article was written during Covid Segregation/discrimination policy and won an award in an American Women Society.) 

A3, marker pen drawing, Source: Wallupnet

#segregation #discrimination #covid #symbols 


There is a beautiful story about a Welsh goddess Rhiannon, how she fought for her love and lost her kid and was falsely accused and sentenced to a humiliating service till the truth came out and she regain her glory. Later she became the Goddess of Horses, the icon of loyalty and they worshiped her name all over the area.
When I was working on this myth it was hard to understand why the humiliating was act a necessary part of the story.
When I started to dig down, I figured that she was not only beautiful (which would explain the jealousy and the accusation part) but also very clever, strategic thinker. She has chosen a man of her love instead of the one who was assigned to marry her. She made a perfectly organized plan to find a way to go through with it.
When the accusation occurred, she created her own penalty and convinced her husband to allow to sentence her. She accepted and asked for the humiliation as she was crystal clear about her innocence and her own strength.
Why is the humiliation being an essential part of the story? Because it teaches about dignity and strength of the character. These kind of values which make the accusation powerless.
Rhiannon’s story is also about the Devine Feminine power, the pulsating love, the so-called passive power. It is the acceptance, and forgiveness, the power of overflow and surrender the situation with grace and dignity.

Drawing: 23.11.2014 post: 17.08.2018.

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We need women who stand...

We need Women who stand...

We need Women who dare to stand in the face of crisis and bind together what have been torn apart.

We need Women who are strong enough to go to the war-damaged places and heal the wounded and lift the broken.

We need Women who are willing to bow down and touch the dirt and reach the ugly.

We need Women who are able to give birth to light in darkness.


We need Women wo are able to bring back the balance.

We need Women with resilience.

We need Women who dare to use their voice.

We need Women who see the real values in other.

We need Women who are the ambassador of Love.

We need Women who provide Home for all kind of souls without judgement.

We need Women who have the power to hold the net for the others.


We need Women who build a new future.

We need Women who understand beyond the logical mind.

We need Women who create peace.

We need Women who has strong principles lightening up the path.

We need Women who bring life.

We need Women with the ancient connection to Mother Earth.

We need Women who are ready to create a new world.


A3 size, marker pen drawing, the Palestinian lady planting flowers inside the hand grenade

Mountain top

I go up to the mountain to connect to the greatest power on Earth; connect to Mother Earth.
A3, marker pen


The Eyes of the Seer

The eyes of the Seer
She saw. First, she just saw her surroundings but from outside. She saw the furniture around, the room, and herself engaging with the marble. It was like she held a tiny golden string came from her inside, and it let her get out of her body. She looked at herself down under and looked around in a wider circle.
She practiced it for a while and the golden string let her farther and farther in each trial. She saw the house from above, the people walking on the street, the traffic, the roads. She could visit her loved ones too. It was enough to concentrate on the love she felt towards them, and a kind of rainbow-bridge appeared, created by the wave of emotion, and it led her straight to the ones.
On the other day she used that golden string and expanded it down under. She imagined a large tree and she slowly descended on the roots. When she descended, she saw herself in different times in the past. She saw her younger self, her school-age, her toddler years. She could stop in certain memories and rewind it till she was able to see it without emotional burden and till she was able to forgive to all others and also to herself.
On the other days she expended that golden string to beyond. She imagined that large tree and she led that golden string to go far above over the top. She saw herself with all the various realities matching with her character with possible interactions and outcomes. She saw roads have not ridden yet.
And sometimes she just stayed with that large tree and expanded her arms around it like the biggest hug she could do, and she just felt... everything... all the people, all the animals, all the livings, all the plants, all the stones, all the happiness, all the sorrow, all the pain, all the pleasure. And being there and love it all was the only task she could do, and it was completely enough. It was perfect just like that.

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A3, color pencil drawing, photo source: unknown

La Loba meditation

In this wonderful state of peace, imagine yourself walking into a night camp in the desert. There are thousand stars above your head to lead the way among the huts.
There is a little hut made of wood and leaves in the mid of the camp and a lady comes out with a bundle in her hand and settles down in front of a fireplace. She is dressed in a light long skirt with mythical signs printed around it.
She puts the bundle next to her and starts to make the fire. The orange flame of the awakening fire dances together with the stars and you feel the warmer air surrounds you and you feel like you are in safe and protected circle.

The lady invites you to join and she nicely opens the knot of the bundle to share the inside with you. Deep down you know that the bundle has historical memories and powerful treasures all connected to you.
You accept the invitation and settle down next to her. She takes out little white bones to the sand in front of you. Each little bone represents your past and your memories, the ones which are almost forgotten.
The first the little bone represents when you were child and had wonderful memories in safe surroundings. As she takes out the bones you see pictures from your past of that memory. The other bone represents the memory of your school-time, and you see yourself surrounded by your old friends. The next bone represents your first steps out of your parents house and it represents the celebration of braveness and courage you showed.
After she digs deep done to the bundle and brings up lots of very tiny little bones... tones of them. These bones represent all kind and sweet acts you made to bring light to others life.
She whispers a nice, ancient song to the fire and gently moves her body back and forward in front of the fire and the fire stars to burn in a purple light.

She opens the bundle again and takes out a large, white bone. It is your connection to the ancient past, representing ancient Egypt and the lives in the Ancient Egypt around the pyramids.
She takes another piece out, it is a large white bone as well and it somehow reminds you that Maya traditions in Mexico, and you see and feel the powerful women dancing around the fire in a camp near the Mayan pyramid.
She opens the bundle again and takes out another large bone, and you see the history of another ancient time and you see Shakti, Kali and all the Goddess dancing around another fire in another time.

She puts these bones in order and assembles a skeleton. Only the spine is missing.
You feel that the fire of each time and place centered in the present moment in this camp and all the energy of the ancient ones are in the flames of this fire, which the woman awakened.
The fire goes high and forms a strong, very long flame to reach the stars.

La Loba opens the bundle again and takes an extra-large piece out. It looks like a spine. It represents Mother Earth, and the womb gives birth to all livings.

She stands up and starts to dance around the long, large bright flame and sings a song. The sounds of the song travel far away, spread out of the camp and up to the stars. She takes a drum out of her bundle and starts to play the rhythm of your heart. She sings and plays and dances, and in this bright flame you see that the bones begin to flesh out and the creature becomes furred.
La Loba sings some more, and more of the creature comes into being, its tail curls upward, shaggy and strong.
And La Loba sings more, and the wolf creature begins to breathe.
And still La Loba sings so deeply that the floor of the camp shakes, and as she sings, the wolf opens its eyes, leaps up, and runs way down the canyon.

Somewhere by the speed of it running the wolf is suddenly transformed into a laughing woman who runs free toward the horizon.
You see and feel her inside you, because you are that strong woman.
La Loba holds your hand and gives you the bundle.
You know that this is your bundle, and you can take it with you, and you can do a fire for yourself and awaken her anytime you need.

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The Yin (Feminine) Energy

Let’s speak about the feminine energy, the Yin.
The energy what was misunderstood, feared, imprisoned and rejected for thousands of years.
Yin is ruled by the Moon and operates in a 28 days-cycle exactly the same as the woman period.
They called it passive force, though it has never been passive. It just does not work with direct aim.
Jin is the underground force, the pulsation. It is rooted to the ancient source of Mother Earth. The elemental power of life, the mysterious source of giving birth, the healing energy.
This is the embracing Magma which accepts, surrounds, protects and dissolves for the one reason to give birth again.
The complement of the Yang, the other ruling power of the Universe.
Since Jung published his theory of the archetypes, we know that these two energies mostly have never existed in clean forms, and nowadays we are living in a world where that strictly defined, separated boarder started to concede and gives way to the Yin power again.
Using this new territory for fighting against the Yang is the worst we can do, as it is exactly the Yang energy.
Yin energy is meant to build something not to destroy. So, let’s build with it.
Let’s cover the cuts, heal the wounds, and build up the lost Temple of the Soul.
We do not need to do anything else to feel and receive the purest and most powerful energy of the Universe just to connect to it.

Druid dance, A3, black paper, colour pensil

#yinyang #femininenergy #balance #sacredfeminine 

The Peculiars

Let me tell you a story about a group of individuals, where differences are accepted and appreciated, where all the individuals can live out their full potential in the highest level with the greatest support.
As a result, they start to do incredible things out of the ordinary, and they have visions about the world, which cannot be seen or understood by the 'normal'.
That group does not belong to any society, or nation. They are the ones out of the Matrix. But they are the ones who are truly free.

Let me tell you more about the One, who is leading them. She is the one, who is matured enough not to take orders and opinions from the norms. She has her strong foundation rooting deep down, much deeper than norm can reach. The strong central cannot be shaken by outside storms.
She is the one who is strong enough to handle the most dangerous situations and she is not afraid to sacrifice herself for the Truth.
She is the one who has the courage to stand against the whole army to protect the vulnerable, to protect the real values.
The Queen won't be blown away by fear or by the wind of manipulation.
The Queen won't take sides.
The Queen won't compromise her uniqueness, or the uniqueness of her protected ones.
The Queen won't give in.
The Queen will stand and deal even if it costs her life.
Because that is why she was chosen to protect the ones need to protect the most.


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A3, color pencil drawing, source: Peculiar

Blessed Be the Druid roots

Hear my girl, who came to open the third eye,
Here, where the gate opens to the mysteries, prepare your Soul to meet the Divine.

Bring two feathers, one from the black raven, and one from the white swan.
Bring a pinch of salt, and a fresh cup of water from the sacred well.
Bring a handful of Soil from the roots of the Oak Tree,
And the wooden Torch, lighted near the North Sea.
Come forward at the time of the Midst,
In the space of in-between, when day and night meets.
When the heart is ready and the mind is purified,
Enter from the East to offer your sacrifice.

Step into the circle and follow the leads,
Listen to the whisper, to the ancient wisdom of the Winds,
Worlds, Oceans, Galaxies, and Stars,
Earth, Humans, Animals, and Reptiles.
Mother Earth sings the Music of the Spheres,
She will touch your forehead to let you see what she shares.
Could it be light, the vision is yours,
Could it be hard, written in symbols.
Take it close into your heart,
Meaning will be revealed when the time is right.

Close your circle reverse with grace,
Ground the field with gratitude and praise.
Hold the torch up in the Sky,
Give thanks to the Great Divine.


A3, color pencil drawing,
photo source: unknown
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Dakini is the aspect of an energetic, active woman archetype connected to the raw and wild ancient feminine power.

It "uses energy and action, constantly on the move in order to provoke the tribal knowledge from the depths of the root chakra."

Dakini was also the name for ascended female masters who had the ancient wisdom of the body, the acceptance of the holy secrecy of the body. She turns the attention back to the root chakra and let the elemental energy of Mother Earth dancing through her body from the root to the top.

Dakini was often used as a sexual symbol while Dakini is much more a nature one, who is able to express freedom through naked dance and sexuality. It is the wholeness of the sacred feminine body.



There is a sacred rhythm written in your heart. It is your vibration-code, your resonance with the Universe. It is as unique and special as you are.
So, get the drums out, connect to that sacred code and dance out all the tension, all the fire burning inside you. Dance from Hell to Heaven, from the root to the sky. Open all your senses and dance with all your heart. Listen the rhythm and follow it as deeply as it is pulsating inside you.


In Jung's circle, the definition of Archetypes is a common topic. But what is Archetype exactly. If I try to put my understanding what I have reached as far: Archetypes are symbols of different aspects of human experience expressed by the unconsciousness as a message to deliver. Most often we meet them in our dreams, where our mind is opened up for 'other realms' or to say it 'safer', where our mind is in the receptive open state to emerge into the unconsciousness. Archetypes are the most ancient phenomena of the human existence, and the pure evidence to our Oneness. Each person of the Planet, no matter of origin or religion, dreams about the same figurative symbols: The Elderly Wise man, the Empress, the Seer, The Hanged Man... . etc. These are the symbols movies; novels use to connect with the audience. All of them comes with a different meaning. But that meaning is beyond our binary system of black or white, yes or no; it is a bridge to connect and also to guide further beyond the logic.

Other than the basic archetypes - Jungian Archetypes, or the figurative illustration of the Tarot mentioned - there are other thousands of different aspects, which are known, identified and researched. In the Far East, most of these archetypes are celebrated as Gods or Goddess by their expression of representation.

But these archetypes are not only dream-symbols. These are also embodiment of a Divine Origin.

Dakini, the Dancing Goddess, is one of the archetypical forms of the Divine Feminine principle. She embodies the pure Feminine Wisdom beyond reason and intellect. 'Dakini is translated into Tibetan as 'sky goer'. She is a Tantric priestess and a female manifestation of wisdom.' (Watterson)

There is a way and sacred practice to reach alignment with Dakini. But this practice requires devotion and strength in order to hold the fire which comes with it.

It is a gift if the alignment takes place, as it gives way to your truest Soul expression and connects you with your full potential, but it is also a responsibility. Clarissa Pinkola Estes mentioned it as the Red Shoes, and we know couple of very famous women - Janis Joplin or Amy Winehouse etc. - and watched their story how that fire went out of control and took their life. It is a very powerful gift, an enormous inside fire, which can give light and can burn down obstacles. It can be used for building or destroying, all of it depends on the beholder. It is the Soul Expression, the true Divine Feminine.

And if you have ever experienced it, you understand why the life of Human Being is such an extraordinary opportunity to find and live through your own Soul purpose.


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A3, color pencil drawing

We are in it Together

We are in a War.
Mother Earth is under attack.
The Sacred Womb is bleeding, while the population is sitting under a spell gazing in ignorance.
They said, 'we are in it together', but as soon as it involves any risk and it requires to step out of the well-designed 'norm' or 'new norm', they just loose interest, and step back and switch on the TV to mute their brain into the coma-level, and the statement quickly became 'you are alone honey, solve it as you can.'

The weakest link in our world population weakens the whole collective. That is what the real meaning of We are in it together. The firepot of Woman-rights was and still is Afghanistan, where the situation of the feminine gender is the most critical.

I wish I could say that there were true heroes who stood and fought hard to protect and save our girls but there was not even a single fight, the heroes stepped down silently and fled away leaving unprotected women and girls behind. We are speaking about those girls, who discovered scientific tools to save and protect others' life, because they believed that we are in it together.

Where are the heroes? I will tell you. The TV told them that they could become hero easily if they just sign a paper to take an experimental injection and accept all responsibility whatever it brings. So now they are queuing in lines to become a 'hero'. That is all what it takes. So, they took the injection and went back to party, without even considering that others are forced to become outcast just because they believe in Mother Nature, do not want to become hero, just wanted to remain healthy by themselves. So our heroes are having party now with their unnatural dose inside their body, while the others are deprived from their human rights.
'We are in it together.'

Mother Earth is bleeding. Not only from the deepest wound cut into the whole women-gender, which burst out in Afghanistan, but also from the very womb, which was poisoned by greed, and pharmaceutical power. The Natural healing system is at danger, and pharmaceutical industry grabs everything they can by all hands to manipulate humanity into drug-dependency. And when I say they use all hands, I mean 'We are in it together.'

But are we?
Humanity is complex and we all have our perspectives. That is what makes life colorful. But when we see, that people are forced to give up their right to decide about their own body which they inherited from Mother Earth or women are forced to give up on their whole life, it feels something is not right.
Without harmony between the Feminine and the Masculine, there will be no peace and no healing. While the Feminine is repressed, the most ancient and sacred Healing Source is repressed.
It does not matter which group you belong, even you have an unnatural dose inside you already or fighting or hiding from deprivation, we should not give it in to division.
Now is the right time to consider what does really mean WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER.

How you can help:
Women for Afghan Women: to support their critical work, you can make a donation at https://amgrl.co/3AJgRwL

CARE: One of the world's largest humanitarian aid organizations, CARE has a long history of helping people in Afghanistan. In recent weeks, there has been a huge increase in the demand for emergency aid as many families have fled the Taliban. You can support their work in Afghanistan with a donation at https://amgrl.co/3iOeSBp


Article was written during Covid Lockdown and Afgan War. 

#sacredwoman #weareinittogether #propaganda #afghanistan
A3, color pencil drawing, source unknown


First there is a little spark searching for real substance to catch. Just a vibe, which triggers the mind unexpectedly from a source long buried.

Then it becomes a flame, something seeable but untouchable providing gentle light and warm, but mysteriously waving like a serpent. This is the S-shape breakage on the alchemical egg.

It awakens a search for fresh air to build a new foundation to grow. This is the phase for seeking clarity and seeking for the source to connect.

Then it becomes a torch, strong enough to guide and show the next step, but only one at a time. It is enough to light up the surroundings, and reveal the hidden smugglers of the night.

There comes the hard work to build up the muscles to be stronger and stronger, facing the unwanted and opening the eyes to see.

Then it turns to be a real fire, ruptures out while finding a voice long lost, and discovering a power to reign.

And when it reaches a certain range, the decision has to be made.

Should the fire burn over everything by taking away all the solid grounds risking losing safety? Or should the fire be stopped and vanished as it causes unnecessary hazard?

Burn it!

The chain reaction starts, and it breaks through the barriers, becomes the unstoppable destructive force, which demands sacrifice.

And then comes death...
The End.
Everything disappears.
No flame, no burn, no warm, no light.
There is nothing else left just the cold and dead ashes.

Then comes surrender...

The essence - which yet unseen, created by the destructive forces - sublimes into the air and absorbs into the underground.
And while nothing moves on the surface, the ashes fertilize the whole Ancient Magma, and Mother Earth awakens the Power of All Creation.
It burst into flames, and the Ashes becomes One with the Lava.

And then comes the Rise... The Birth of the Phoenix.


A3, color pencil, black paper
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Claud Atlas

Apart from the issue of similarities in portrait drawing lets talk about my all-time favorite movie Cloud Atlas.
The greatest movie of the year of 2013 has not even been nominated to any Oscar. I guess the make-up, the actors, the visual effects, the soundtrack or the thought-provoking message were just too much. Another "Dicaprio/Tesla-case" to show that it could be any kind of award the price will never go to the best, just to the one who will not cause any trouble in higher circles.
So, let's check out what was so provoking in this movie that it had to be hidden.
The movie is based on the novel written by David Mitchell and tells couple of individual stories.
One of the biggest catches is the connection among these stories. The nicest explanation of the reincarnation theory although is just one among the other messages.
In one hand it speaks about the demanded obedience of the political system and the ruling principles of the power policy. On the other hand, it speaks about the individual and the price for him/her to step out of that controlled social/political system.
This movie volunteered to bring up the question about the meaning of life. Why are we here after all if the well-described power system will always return under different names? Can one single individual change the system by stepping out of the fear zone? Does that action change anything in the bigger circle or just in individual level? Does that worthy to sacrifice everything? If everything connected to everything can your individual efforts add to the common? If it does not worthy, why do you have the intuition and passion urge to help others? And after all if you follow your inner call and stand up for others, will the universe award you to finally lead you to the place you can call home and where you belong?


Marker pen drawing, about A3 size


Cry for Mother Earth

The news of the separation policy was one of a kind which gave challenge to remain in the observant position and not to lose the bigger perspective.

But it also tells something about the present energy-changing, which is happening just right now.

Despite how bad it looks; it also has a message that dogs bark only if they feel danger. If someone wants to take control it means that the one feels losing it.

Something much bigger started to grow under the surface. This is the seed of the Divine Energy.

Giving birth comes with lots of pain. They say greatest change comes with suffering and it is able to challenge you.

All we have to do is push. Go forward with all we can offer and let it be seen, let it give a birth.

So, this is our time as well, to show the world how that Divine Feminine energy works.

Show the care what is missing, go to the place where it is missing, gather up and save the others, show love when it seems lacking. Give the push towards for that Divine Energy to get born.


(Article was published after Mexican wall policy was published.)

A3 size, color pencil drawing

photo source: unknown


The state of mind...the zero point...the Beginning and the End...the atom....
It has everything tho it seems like nothing. It has the power to create and the power to destroy. It has the will, the energy and all the potencial inside, but it stays in stillness, it rests in a steady-state.
It is the ‘in-between’ state...the transit...the Middle World...the state of Alpha...the state of being...

Balance of the four elements within the individual - Earth, Water, Fire and Air - is the master-study of Alchemy. Dissolve them in each other in a way to keep their uniqueness is the highest creative energy of all, the creation of Life.

Balance is based on discipline and deep knowledge of the elements. He/She who mastered the skills to hold all the qualities together to dissolve and coagulate.

The Japanese woman warrior - Onna-bugeisha - lead by honor, respect and discipline...

Or simply the state of ‘nine cups’.

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Five words: strength, courage, control, patience, compassion... the inside power which keeps the balance between human-animal-divine.
The power of Shakti...
30X45 cm black paper, color pencil


The key of Hecate and the Queen of sword

Archetypes. these are the unclear underlying forms described by Carl Jung, which manifest many forms in our life. Jung called Anima - the group of all feminine forms.


Let's speak about the archetype of the wiser, older feminine intellect, the sharp-witted, principled, very perceptive, professionally distant, fair, funny, sophisticated, independent one.

The one who is upfront and honest.

'She won't suffer fools gladly, and if you are in the wrong, you can expect her to call you out on it without mincing her words'.

'She is the one who has already gone through a lot, knows suffering and loss and has gained much inner strength and wisdom from her experiences.'

'She is the one who will always defend those who cannot defend themselves.'

She can be counsel, teacher, guide and if you manage to win her to your side, she can be a powerful ally.

She is the one feminine form, which contains the most masculine elements inside, by connecting to others through intellectual understanding rather than an emotional one.


And she possesses the key.... the key, which opens Hades. She is the one, who knows and accepts the dark side as equal part of the whole and by mastering the skills of balancing it, she became the keyholder mistress of the whole world, with the power and ability to open the gate for all, which is locked away and hidden. The gatekeeper and guardian of the Balance.


A3, color pencil drawing

original photo from - themagicians.wiki.com - Margo Hanson

#hecate #keyofhecate #queenofsword


The Mystic and the Owl

Have you ever heard the story about the Mystic and the owl? Let me tell you...

There was a great barn owl living in the forest. Every night he flew above the forest towards the sleeping village. He made several circles around while he got closer and closer to the ground level. He flew total silence on the window -level and followed his instinct and his special senses to find the place where he needed to visit. 
In this time, he saw a shimmering light inside one of the houses of the corner near the marketplace and he settled down on the windowsill. There was a woman inside sitting next to her sick son near the bed. The son was coughing hard and his face was red from the fever. The owl watched the little boy for a while. When the first sunbeam touched the surface he lifted up again. He flew above the tower of the church and went towards the hills. He made several circles above the mountains to find a little cottage hidden amongst the pine trees. He descended and flew through the open window. There was a nest in the corner, he gentles settled down and closed his eyes.
He slept all day and woke up only when the skies changed colors and the darker purple outlined the orange. 
There was a little medicine bag just right on the edge of his nest. The aromas of the herbs inside indulged him. He picked up the bag and flew towards the village again. He looked for the small house with the little light in the window and settled down in the windowsill again. He placed the bag to the edge and waited. The aromas smoothly caught the senses of the mother, who stood up. The owl bow towards her spread his wings and raised up again, while the mum took the bag inside and placed it to the top of her son’s chest. It seized the coughing immediately.
The owl watched the scene from a higher level and when the sunbeam arrived, he flew back to his own nest.


And there was Mystic living in a little cottage among the Pine trees. She had knowledge and wisdom about all the herbs and she mastered the skills to connect with animals. Each night she had wonderful dreams flying above the village following a sacred instinct to know where the need of her help is.


A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown


Make your own fire

2022: Make your own fire to warm up the others

Number 2 in numerology means partnership and relationship. 2022 is the year of collaboration, solidarity and standing strong together.

We are living in a historical time, and we need all hands-on desk now. It is our time to stand and hold that torch and make our own fire to keep others warm.
If you have that strong foundation on the real roots, you have all the potential to step into the creative power and call upon the ancient sources and channel those energy into Earth-level existence.
We are experiencing the collapse of the Society but also a birth of a new World.
It is our opportunity to make changes by putting down the cornerstone of real values like Freedom, Equality, Love, Respect, Loyalty and Honesty and build upon these universal principles.

So put your hands on desk because we have task to do to bring back that Magic.

Create your own gift: a simple act of caring with a signature of your own energetical code, based on those universal principles.
Send it out with your intention and offer it as your own sacrifice.
Make it pure.
Make it real.
Make it count.


Marker pen art, A3 size, PhotoSource unknown

Blessed Be the Druid's root.
Hecate Invocation

On the margin of St. Patrick's Day, let us celebrate the Ancient Sacred Knowledge of the Irish land, the deep cultural heritage of the Druids. Let's celebrate that despite all the patriarchal effort to destroy that gate to the Ancient Source of Wisdom, that Wisdom (Sophia) has been stronger and wiser than the hateful attackers and hidden herself to survive the brutal massacre and her sacred womb silently waited deep down, buried under the mud forming and polishing the greatest diamond.

The sleeping snake, the symbol of Kundalini was always the greatest target against the ruling world, for the reason of being the key to reconnect to the Sacred Soul of the Universe.

Today, we are celebrating the Sacred Land and Ancient Druid Heritage of Ireland, the real Celtic heritage, together with all the hearts who survived and/or managed to find the way deep down to reconnect to that womb and reawaken the power of Kundalini and working on to rising it up together.

So, Mote it Be.

drawing: 19.02.2021 post: 16.03.2023.

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The Serpent, Fantasy drawing, A3 size, color pencil and charcoal on black paper

The Wild Eye

Have u ever looked at the eyes of the Beast? Have you seen your beast inside his eyes? Have u seen his soul through your soul? Have u seen his world through his eyes? That’s the real window to the soul.
Colorpencil, A3


They say myths and legends are just fairytales nothing else.

Are they? Or are they the whispers of the ancient, forgotten wisdom from a forgotten world which was once as real as this one today?

What if your unconscious uses the only tool it has to remind you by sending messages about Great Wisdom hidden from you?

And the real question is, why would it be hidden?

Because if it would not, you would know that Nature is able to heal itself and by providing us the perfect body created by evolutional trials, it has the best-tested immune system.

If it would not be hidden, you would know that you have all the senses built-in, to connect to that root and heal yourself from all disease just by reset circuit in your body using nothing else just simple breathing or herbs and pure nature Energy, what is completely free.

If it would not be hidden, you would know that there is no reason to fear, because Mother Earth is a provider.

If it would not be hidden, you would know that they lie to your eyes in order to set up a centralized system using all source of emotional manipulation.

If it would not be hidden, you would see how they plan to destroy your own natural immune system by adding synthetical drugs to destroy natural circles by setting you up for the long-term medical dependency.

But it is hidden and to keep it that way, they have already almost exterminated all the indigenous populations, together with all the Healers and Priestess of Mother Earth.

The question is, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION about what is going on around you, or are you getting distracted by the created circus made up to entertain you on the surface level?

Because right now they are BUILDING it BACK 'Better' by using fear, division, hate, aggression, manipulation, force and extermination.

My question is: What kind of building would it be based on that foundation?

But the greater is the Darkness, the purer is the light.

While they doubled the forces against everyone, who believes in purity and nature, new channels opened up to connect to Her at the exact same time.

A New Dynamic has been activated speeding up the polarization to the maximum level. Where are we going? Where will it end?

Stopping the division has only one tool and it is Unity in care, respect and love.

"That is Toruk. The Last Shadow...

My grandfather’s grandfather was Toruk Macto, Rider of Last Shadow.

Toruk chose him, it has only happened five times since the time of first songs...

Toruk Macto was mighty. He brought the clans together in a time of great sorrow."

(From the Movie Avatar)


A tale about the third eye

There are lots of Myths speaking about an ancient time, long ago when giants were living on Earth, and they had high-level technology, and they could access that ancient wisdom-source through their third eye.

They could experience all three dimensions (physical-astral-soul) at the same time. They understood 'time' not in a linear but in a spiral-terms and they could see all three aspects of every single event and being. They received information from great distance by simply connected to the vibration frequencies. They saw energies and they could easily heal with it, since they saw the blockage and they just removed it. They created things from unseen through manifestation and they just called it out from the imagery to the physical world.

Myths said it was long time back before human ever stepped on Earth.

Since then, we have modern technology and we used it to speed up times. We simplified time to a linear aspect and we rush that monotone cyclic-pattern of producing-consuming and completely forget about the main reason why we are here in the first place. The third eye closed.

What if I tell you that those myths have true value in it? What if I tell you that there is a way to connect to that spiral-time term where past-present and future exists together in one, in you? What if I tell you that Tesla was one of them who found a way to break into that ancient secret? What if I tell you that the key is still here among us? What if I tell you that all you need is your faith, patience and practice to find it? Would you start searching for it or just go back to the cyclic pattern of producing and consuming?

drawing: 11.01.2015 post:24.06.2018

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: Golden Compass movie scene

#goldencompass #myths #mysticm #symbols #sacredwisdom #visionquest



If I were a Man

If I were a man, everything would have happened so smooth.
I would not have been bullied as 'crazy bitch' or I would not have been shouted 'learn your place' from every man, who sexually insulted. I would not have been labeled and victimized and dealt like 'she was "most probably" a slut kicked out from another country, so you can spit on her freely'. I would not have been attacked and assaulted just because I dared to stand up for myself and I would not have been forced to disclose the most painful wounds, which I earned during my fight against organizational bully, just to justify that MOST PROBABLY NOT.

If I were a man, I could say whatever I want. I could do whatever I want, and I would not need to justify my statement, because everything I say would automatically be considered as truth. I could choose any profession as my studies would be accepted and even if I bully others, I could be elected to be a president.

But I was born to be a WOMAN. I was born to love and feel and surrender. I was born with the ability to bring human souls to this world and with the ability to heal. I was born with the connection to the greatest wisdom of Mother Earth and with the ability to give birth to new ideas and give voice for the weak ones. I was born to be the force of the Nature.

I was born to experience the world through the eyes of a Woman, and I was trained extremely hard to be able to see and withstand the corruption of the genders what is sickening our world. But that training also gave me the sight to see that I am not the only one. There are others who see, understand and fight against this corruption.

There are MEN (with full capitals) with vision, who had enough from the corrupted world as well and despite the power of the oppressor, they dare to stand and fight side by side with WOMEN. There are MEN who do not want to be in that power-manipulated culture and understood the value of vulnerability. There are MEN who see that grounding into the force of Nature will give them wings to fly and a land to return. There are MEN who understand that emotions are gifts for greater understanding and with a safe ground, they can explore new universes. Those MEN have chosen the harder path because they know what real values mean.

At the end, even if I were a man, I would be the One with full capital, standing up against bully and fighting for a better world.

drawing: 04.11.2014 post: 19.01.2021.

A3, marker pen drawing, source unknown
#yourlifeisamessage #bethechange #tuambabies #divinefeminine #sacredduty

Story of the Chess Queen

Story of the Chess Queen
Nowadays I read the article called 'Why Flight Attendants are Committing Suicide and Nobody Cares' and it reminds me about my ten years working for one of the famous ### airlines. We approach December, the crucial month when the management declares policy of zero tolerance for sickness and punishes every single sick-report with disciplinary meetings and final warnings. But there are open days so the newbies are ready to take over and will be grateful for the opportunity to be upgraded within months. The famous policy of 'Divide and Conquer' or the usual chess-game, manipulating figures on the table.
Imagine a chessboard where the queen is still hold under control and not allowed to shine in her own power, being bombarded by demands and being totally alone and abandoned while surrounded by jealousy because she owns the so called 'dream job'; tied up and blindfolded, enclosed in a wall of swords.
Did you know that in the area of Middle East there was no female figure on board, they call the Queen 'counsellor' instead?
Did you know that the Queen was one of the weakest pieces in the Middle Age?
The major change happened in 1475, when the Queen became the most powerful piece. What was the reason behind the change? What caused the emerge of the feminine back then?
According to Marilyn Yalom's book: Birth of the Chess Queen, it came with the rise of female monarchs in Europe, speaking about Elizabeth I., Catherin of Aragon, Isabella of Castile, Mary Tudor, Lady Jane Grey.

I want to tell something to you (both of you, male and female crew) who are still preparing yourself for the next 17 hours non-stop flight to the other side of the world, or the short killer one to the neighborhood desert and preparing yourself to be abused by pax and managers... You are not alone! We feel you and support you. Maybe our support group was shut down but thousands are behind you and encourage you to open your eyes, take off the blindfold and look around. They have no power above you! You are much more stronger than anyone else who try to use you. And never forget : You Are the Queen, the Most Powerful One in the game.

#sacredsisterhood #eightofswords #chess #tarot


Let me tell you a story about a Rose, who's mission was to share Love and Beauty. But the circumstances were not right for that message.

Malicious intentions wanted to pick her off and jealousy wanted to step on her bushes. So, she grew torn for self-protection and she has learnt that in order to share the message, she needed to be protected as well.

And then came the winter season and the whole surrounding got frozen. Blossom was forbidden, and the fragrances of love were banned.

But white snowflakes started to fall from Heaven, one after another, and slowly they covered her with the softest blanket, and she became hidden from all the vengeful eyes.

Under the safest shield she understood that her circumstances are the right one, the reason were set, and her message was essential to spread.


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