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Each piece of Art drawing (marker pen drawing, color pencil drawing or charcoal drawing) in this page were created as a result of using Jungian Psychological theories. Therefore, all of them are connected to a story, which holds keys to interact with the Soma in a way to reawaken a special part of the Consciousness, which was long denied by the Modern Scientific Movement.

The Winter Tale Series

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Divine Masculine

Myths and Legends from the Divine Feminine

Myths and legends of the Divine Masculine

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Winter Tale

Winter Tale 1. - Sophia

Once upon a time there was an old huntsman living in the mid of the woods with a widow and her daughter. He owned the title of the 'Greatest Huntsman', but in real he owned it by spreading fear and greed. Even the widow and her daughter were afraid of him.
One day when he went to hunt bears, his fellow huntsmen disappeared behind. Because of his ego, he went forward alone and attacked a bear, and the bear killed him.
His daughter, Sophia went to search for him since nobody else wanted to go deep into the Wood where the famous Great Bear lives. She found her father's body and she saw the injured Bear next to him. She buried his father and settled down in the grass far from the Bear.
The Bear was in deep pain and roared loudly. Sophia stayed sitting and waited till the end of the roaring. She found some plantain among the grass and started to collect it and slowly moved a bit closer. The Bear roared again with a terrifying laud tone. The girl was shaking but did not move an inch. When the roaring was over, she gently moved forward...And the bear roared again...
It started to get dark, and Sophia needed to decide if she would go now to reach home safe or if she would stay and spend the night in the dark. She decided to stay.
She moved forward inch by inch and when the Moon appeared on the Horizon, she was within reach, and the Bear looked totally exhausted. She encouraged herself and managed to place some of the plantain to the top of the Bear's wounds. The Bear opened its eyes, but its wounds were so deep that there was no roar heard anymore. It looked at the girl and in its eyes the girl saw something she has never seen before. She saw a whole universe, galaxies and stars with the greatest constellation. She was gazing in that look and more and more details appeared in front of her about history, life and death, light and dark, and thousand miracles and mysteries. She understood the value what the Bear held. Through its eyes she found the connection to that universe, which holding all of us together. She saw planets, orbits and she stayed in its presence to discover more and more till the first light of the morning sun.
But when the sun rase behind the mountains, the bear closed its eyes and exhaled one last time.
Her hand was still resting on the top of the wound giving a final comfort. She was sitting there and spent a whole day in that field with her father and the Bear. When she stood up, she understood that the great battle was over between the huntsman and the Great Bear and she could not save neither of them. But when she stood up and looked at the sky, she saw something new. The same exact constellation, which she saw in the eyes of the Bear, was just above her head and was shining so bright that it was able to show her way back home.



Winter Tale 2: The test

Once upon a time there was a lady, called Grace living in the woods. She was well-known amongst the others as Whisperer since she knew the language of the Nature. She inherited the skills of understanding the wild ones from her ancestors and she wished to pass it to her daughter as well.
She remembered back in the old days when circles of women gathered around a fire at night. They sang and danced, played drums, till the Great Bear appeared and settled in a distance. If they were keen to learn, the bear showed them the way how to see through its eyes. It gave them visions and the ability to sense beyond their human senses. It taught them how to wider their awareness and connect to the senses of the animals. But before giving those visions, there was always a test. Just only the ones who showed great courage, willingness, humbleness and patience were selected and allowed to have that special vision.
Grace remembered her time, back than, when she was tested. It was not an easy test either. On that time her great friend got sick and the only medicine was a special flower grows up on the hill, in a field of the Great Bear's home. Getting the flower was just one part of the task, but when she gave it to the healer there was a second task as well. If she wanted the healer treat her friend, in return she had to go back to the hill, and stay there and leave the one she loved. The decision was one of a kind and taught her the lesson how to let go and trust something much more higher than her. When she was allowed to return, she did not only rejoice the reunion, but she was also greeted as the new initiates.
Time spent and she was taught about all the secrets of the forest and all the miracles.
But tonight when she looked at the sky, she saw the same bright stars in the same constellation how it was seen back on that old day when she passed her test.
And she knew that her daughter passed as well and the stars will lead her home to rejoice, celebrate and start to learn the steps of the ancient ones and start her studies about the mysteries.



Winter Tale 3. - On the Way to the hill

Once upon a time there was a girl called Grace who decided to go up to the hill to get a special healing herb to her sick friend. She prepared her trip and counted with all the little details. She even drew maps.
When she started her trip, it was a beautiful sunny day. But as soon as she reached the deeper forest on the higher ground, it started to rain.
The higher she climbed up, the lower she slipped back. The more she forced it, the more it kicked her back. She had that feeling the forest was watching her and laughing on her trials. The route she drew for herself might be the shortest and safest but also it was impossible to make it in a rainy weather and it did not seem that the rain would stop.
After days of trials, she helplessly flopped down to the trunk of a Giant Sequoia tree. If she turned back, it would mean she had given it up. If she tried harder, that kind of ancient force would kick back harder. She knew that her plan was for a good purpose, and she also knew it had to be done. The only think she did not know was the how. The only route she knew was lost, the compass was broken, the map was useless. Everything she planed was failed.
As Grace was sitting by that old trunk, she saw something like a rabbit hole washed out by the rainwater. But as she swept the leaves away, an entrance of a big cave appeared. The cave ranged through the whole root-system under that enormous tree. It could have been a large shelter for animals, but it was hidden from humans' eyes almost perfectly if the rain would not have exposed it.
She spent the whole night in the cave and after days without sleeping she finally felt asleep and saw a dream. A Great Bear was giving birth to seven little cubs in that cave and when the bruins were laid down in safe it gazed straight to Grace's eyes.

'The way for the stars starts with the fall. Forget the plan, let it all go, trust your instinct.' 

The message was clear, the voice was echoing in her head again and again till the morning.
When she woke up she saw that the route to the hill was complete destroyed by the rain. The water washed away all the path, even the one lead back to the village. There was only one channel out of the cave, and it was also filled with water. It flowed straight to a dark dell. But on the other side of the dell a brand new path was cleared up and showed the way up to the hill.



Winter Tale 4. - In the Chasm

Once upon a time Grace found herself in the edge of a chasm and the only way was through it. She saw some kind of gorillas reaching out for her to help descend. She trusted in their help but they grabbed her and threw her off to the bottom. She had almost no time to raise, when they threw coconuts on her.
She found shelter in a cave, which was crowded with other different kinds of creatures, the most beautiful ones from each species. All were hiding from the hit with a fear in their eyes and a little red ribbon fasten to their wrists. Some of them was carrying fruits, collected from the center, which was filled with the most delicious pieces. It was like an open table from everything you wish with a price of being hit while you grab it.
Grace noticed a little injured creature crying and she got closer to help. When the creature found comfort, it looked at her and said:
- I know it looks painful, but it is the Heaven on Earth. We have all we desire. Everybody from home is jealous of us. You just have to adjust with their daily assault. And please, for your own sake, worship the Spirit of the Chasm.
- But who is the Spirit of the Chasm? Why do they throw those coconuts?
- Nobody knows who the Spirit is. But time to time, the ones who do not comply are taken by the Spirit. They just disappear. We need to follow the rules, that is it. But we have everything here. It is not that bad after all. You can get use to the assault. And also if you collect the coconuts and hit the others with it, they let you into their circles and you can go to higher places. And they celebrate you for it.
Grace felt trapped. The dream to reach the Highland on the top of the hill, seemed impossible.
She gazed at the figures carved into the wall and she noticed something familiar on them. They seemed like a hidden code, forming a constellation pointing towards the sky. She recognized these signs from the other cave. The ones opened her mind to meet with the Great Bear. She slides her fingers into the carve and followed their way to the pole-star. When her fingertip touched the star, her heart settled and she knew whatever happens she wont be alone anymore.



Winter Tale 5. - Rock Bottom

Years spent since Grace fall into the Chasm. The only way to go up to the hill was somehow through the Chasm. But it seems the only ones who can go up, level by level on the cliffs are the ones, who were willing to join to the Gorillas to hit the others.
There was another strange routine. Hyaenas visited sometimes and they had free access to all the treasures of the Chasm, including hunting the creatures. It seemed there was an unwritten pactum with the Gorillas. The Gorillas let the Hyaenas eat and hunt and they received protection in return.
And the injured ones were left behind on the ground. They healed themselves or they died from their wounds. Helping to the others considered betrayal and it was punished by the Spirit of the Chasm. And there were those, who helped, despite the rules. Some of them just disappeared and nobody knew what really happened.
Grace knew that the only way to survive is stick together with the others even if it is strictly against the rules. She found others working on the same path and she joined to that secret chain. They figured how to distract the heads while healing the wounded. And the game started to change.
Something powerful started to build up from the ground.
All seemed improving till the accident happened. One of the little Creatures, Grace’s friend got hunted down. Grace blew her cover and attacked the Hyaena. The Hyaena got wounded and as a result all the attention went on Grace.
They threw her to the deepest pit and closed her down. And it was not all. She received a news that her sick friend back home, died.
That was it. Nothing left. No past, no present, no future, no hope. The battle was over.
And on the darkest place of all, the shades started to vibrate around her. And from the darkest corner of the wall, the Bear stepped out in its real appearance. It was the same Bear she saw on the wall of the cave, the same, she was dreaming about. And it was standing in front of her. But she did not feel any fear. On the contrary, she felt perfect peace. She stepped towards and reached out with her arms. The moment when the Bear surrounded her and got her under its protection was the moment of arrival. She came to the root, she arrived to the Womb. And somehow from down inside, she hear the Bear roaring: “I am taking you out from here.”



Winter Tale 6. - Breakthrough

It was an intense change, and everything happened so quickly. It was still dark and it seemed there was no way out, but there was one significant change. The Mother Bear was there for her. Grace felt something beyond Fear. She stood up and climbed up to sit on the back of the Bear. The Bear slowly climbed to the entrance of the pit, broke through all the barriers and came out in the other end. They found themselves in the center of the chasm. The Gorillas became mad, and they started anxiously jumping and shouting around from the top of their cliffs.
Grace slides off from the back of the Bear and gazed at the pathway leading to freedom. She looked back at the Bear and the Bear nodded. She turned back towards the center of the chasm and started to walk that way. She went straight to a wounded creature while the Gorillas’ screaming was echoing from the walls. She visited all the injured ones, one after another, and rendered first aid and all the need she could do for them. She was in the mid of the arena, alone, walking around, helping with healing remedies unarmed, as there was an unseen protective circle around her and nobody dared to get close to her anymore. The Gorillas were in panic. They had no clue what to do. And from that intense feeling they started to attack each other.
Grace took her time. She completely ignored the screaming. Her consern was the wounded ones. She checked all and finally went back to the Mother Bear. They both looked up at the cliffs to the fighting Gorillas, turned away and left the Chasm through the main entrance.

It was an end of an Era. Something cracked the wall of Fear.
It was Hope.
Hope, that the system can be altered and defeated.
Hope, that even in the darkest place, there is a way out. There is hope... always.



Winter Tale 7. -On the road to the new World

Grace stood on the other side of the Chasm The road up to the hill, which she was seeking for so long, was opened in front of her, yet it was somehow different.
It seemed sunny and smooth, but the Bear standing on her side acted as a reminder for all the possible hidden agenda.
And there was a shadow as well, which chased her every night like a cacodemon, starting with a disturbing weeping noise inside her head, followed by flashbacks from her recent memories.
Till one night, when the thunder was roaring in the dark...
When a lightening hit the nearest tree, the sounds woke her up, but the sobbing voice from her dream did not stop. She continuously heard it from nearby. She slowly stood up to search for the source.
When she cut through the leaves she found a little girl, who looked familiar. Grace recognized her from the Chasm. Her name was Sophie, the girl with the staring eyes, the one who was always hiding behind the stones watching all the action in the Chasm without a single sigh.
She must had got out with her when Grace went through the broken gate.
Sophie knew Grace past; she saw it all. It seemed like Sophie was the eyes of Grace’s memory.
Can she be left behind? No. It would mean to cut off part of her experience. The only way forward was to make that friendship with Sophie, listen to her, listen all the stories, see her memories through her eyes and accept her fully with all those pictures.



Winter Tale 8. - The Scarlet letter

After a long and tiring journey, Grace and a little Sophie arrived at the 'Dreamland' on the top of the hill. A beautiful wooden house near the forest was the gate between the village and the forest and it was waiting just for them. It seemed to be a dream.
But the village decided something else. A woman traveling alone with a girl and coming from the Chasm is suspicious in all meaning.
Despite of their kindness and efforts, they got only rejections and false rumors. And the next morning, they found a scarlet letter painted on their entrance door. The laughing echoed all around them. Nobody listened, nobody believed. The village had their own circle of life and they outcast everything what did not fit in. If Grace planted something to grow in her garden, it was pulled out and destroyed for the next day.

The label was on them, and the toxicity of the mark could not be removed.
But their courage was with them as well.
They brought into the village something rare, a unique light which has never seen before. That light, which is awakens only in the deepest darkness.
The time in the Dell was not for nothing. It was a teaching to be brave and remain human in every circumstance; to show love where nobody else dare, even it results humiliation.
That light became incorruptible and started to shine brighter and brighter. And it brought something more. Grace started to feel a special kind of connection to the Great Bear. It started just after the breakthrough from the Chasm and got stronger by every challenge. She somehow found a way to see and feel through the Bear's eyes. And with time she developed the skills to call the Great Bear by her inner voice. And the Bear was waiting for this moment and invited her to show the secret of the Forest.



Winter Tale 9. - Treasure of the North

Once upon a time there was a tiny, wooden house at the gate of a village near the forest where Grace and Sophie started their new life.

One night Grace had a wonderful dream. An angel visited her and he gave her three gems. The first had a golden light and had seven angles. The second was azure like the sky, and the third was emerald green.

Next morning when she woke up, the Great Bear invited them to the woods. As they followed the path, they arrived to a large Sequoia tree. Grace remembered back on the day, when she started her journey, how she found shelter among the roots of this tree and how she had her very first dream about the Great Bear there.
As they approached the tree, the Bear started humming and slowly seven cubs climbed out from the cave among the roots. While the Great Bear stood next to Grace and Sophie, the seven spreads around them and started to play. First time Grace felt complete peace and harmony. Her heart settled and she knew that all was fine and great things were coming.

It was darkening when they got home but there was an other visitor just arrived. A giant bird landed on the window-still. Its feather was large and had the color of all the shades of blue and azure. It was a hunting bird from the North. Grace lifted up her arm towards the bird and the bird sit on her wrist. Since the meeting with the cubs happened, she felt that a new sence of connection was awakened inside her and when the bird closed its eyes Grace began to see the birds’ visions. It was just a sudden picture first from a far away land from above. But as Grace gathered more intention, she kept up with the vision and she could see whole landmarks. She saw the North from above through the bird’s eye and the view was breathtaking.

It was almost midnight when they settled to sleep when Grace heard something unusual. It was a sweet lullaby coming from under the window. She looked outside and she saw a magical living harp played by the son of Daghda. As he sang his voice was like a healing balm on Grace’s heart. And Grace knew that all the cracks on her heart were the way for the love to pour in.



Winter Tale 10. - The Huntsman

Once upon a time there was a huntsman living in a village. There were stories about him, that he had come from the Chasm. But instead of standing up for the others, his aim was to reach the top. He had done everything for it, including joining to the Gorillas and hitting the others with coconuts. There were stories that he had been kicked out from the Chasm as he had wanted to gain power so desperately that he had used a Gorilla to steal coconuts from the rest.

One day he approached Grace and Sophie and asked them to help him out around the house. Sophie had a good heart towards him, she remembered in the Chasm once the huntsman let her go without a hit. Grace was suspicious.

When they arrived, for their biggest surprise, they found a Gorilla inside. And what is worse, the gorilla was sitting on the top of Daghda’s harp, Grace’s precious gift from the North, with a sneer on its face. And the attack began again.

Grace felt her past chasing her. But this time the door was open. She knew that the huntsman and his gorilla wanted only one thing, her attention, and Grace was not willing to give this one anymore. They turned around and left.

This time there was something else different as well. People from the village heard the story and they came for Grace’s aid and took the harp back.

The huntsman went furious, and he promised to kill the Bear. He climbed up to a highest mountain and aimed his gun from a distance and shot the Bear from the back.
The Bear roared loudly and stood up to its back legs. The huntsman got frozen from the sounds and lost his balance on the top. He felt down as deep as the level of the Chasm. He got back, where he started.
The Bear slowly descended after the huntsman, bleeding heavily from its wounds. It approached the huntsman. It did not touch him just looked at him with its gazing, deep eyes, till his last breath was taken and his sight blended in the Bear's eye. And the war was over.



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