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Call for support Palestine!

We have a very difficult situation in Palestine, where people are forced starving, captured, tortured and massacred daily. They extremely need our help. 

There is a small presentation about the Ancient Heritage of Palestine, which describes how the indigenous tribe is endangered by all three levels (ecocide, culturicide, genocide). Please klick on the link to open. 

Support for Hamza's family

Hamza Ahmed is a nurse in Northen Gaza working relentlessly to save others while his two sons are waiting for him.


Support for Farah's family

Farah, is our undergraduate with a GCSE of 97%. Her mind is open to understand a world and create a better future.


Support Hassan's family

Hasan is a biomedical technician at Al-Shifa medical complex and his wife, Deema is a doctor with a beautiful little son.

Support for Maram's Family

Maram(22) is a medical student in her final year. Since she survived the Rafah invasion she is working as volunteer in the Nasser hospital to save lives.

Support for Alamal's family

Alamal is in need of help in Khan Yunis, with two little sons and her wife and family.

Support Lana's family

Lana is only 14 and she saw and experienced the worst with her sisters and family.

Support for Zeina's family

Zeina is only 16, but her mind is far ahead of her age. She is an awarded professional AI programmer and designer. She loves life and has several projects to contribute to a better world.

Support for Aya's family

Aya is our fashion-designer who has great hope to show her talents and the beauty of her heart to the world through these designed dresses.

Support dr. Oday's family

Dr. Oday is a dentist living and working in Palestine with his soulmate and wife Dr. Rawan.

Support for Yousra's family

Yousra is our talented graphic designer artist who sees the world through a special lense and drawing her mesmerizing views to colour up our life.

Support for Maryam's family

Maryam is our embroidery artisan, who has the skills to touch the root of that feminine essence and bring forward an ancient history and heritage in her work.

Support Marah's family

Marah is in her final years of her dentist studies and she lost everything.

The Lucifer Effect

Back in the Psychology University my favorite topic was social psychology, and I was eager to study how manipulation and programming works on people's mind. That was the time I heard about Zimbardo and his Stanford Experiment with the aim to investigate what happened back in Abu Ghraib prison, and how an average person turns into evil. In the short version he set up a prison scene inside the University and randomly selected guards and prisoners from the volunteers. The experiment had to stop after 6 days!!! because of the extreme brutality what the guards allowed to themselves against the prisoners, whom - again - was selected randomly. I would say that if you interested you can find a lots of videos, studies about that experiment but why would you do that if you can see the whole Stanford experiment in real in front of your eyes right now playing out in big in Gaza. The only different is that it has not stopped after 6 days but... it has been playing out for the longest term ever.... for 75 years. 

One of the most shocking experiences was watching how some of my 'spiritual love and light only' friends turned into a programmed robot and became unable to pronouns 'Palestinian people' at all. They call it war, but I do not see any Palestinian army anywhere. I see only Israelian army marching and killing civilians including kids, women, men, bombing hospitals, mosques, schools with the motto of chasing an invisible boogie man, while all the superpowers have intentionally stepped back waiting till a whole nation got wiped out and the area will be 'clean' to take the gas field and build their Nova City on the top of the murdered bodies.

The only problem what they did not count with is social media. They paid a lot for a powerful and expensive propaganda to implement a well-designed programme into people's mind and to silence several leaders of other countries but something unexpected started to show up under the surface, and it was bravery. It was the miscalculated 'human' factor what they discounted so eagerly right from the beginning. Who thought that couple of brave men and women would stand on the mid of the blood shed using their own camera to show the world the real face of Lucifer? And they tried to kill them...and lots of them has been killed right now while I am typing these sentences. But they made something extraordinary, they showed the bravest, brightest Souls to the world. They have shown hope and they have shown that the strongest force of Humanity is living inside the heart of the Palestinian People. 

This post is dedicated to all the heroes who have been killed during this massacre and for all those press personals who are standing face to face with death each day with a camera in their hands to show the world the truth behind the propaganda.





@sarimaansour - R.I.P.

@farah_omar - R.I.P. - was killed 40 min prior of publishing this post

@saleh_aljafarawi - R.I.P.

Ayat Al Khaddour - @ayatkhaddoura.vo - R.I.P.

Belal Jadallah - R.I.P

And all the more then 100 who died while reporting since then.


Ground Invasion

Last night Holocaust happened!
Last night babies were beh3eaded for real…
Last night children were bur2nt alive
Last night families were b7rnt alive in tents.
Last night the dedicated safe zone was b7rnt down with all the livings inside
Last night Evil showed its true face.
Last night mankind descended to hell,
Last night humanity has fallen…


Art ctto: Ibrahim Ghunaim and Omar Sommad


To be honest I stuck with the image of 26th May since I could have never imagined that instead of a steady development of Humanity, all of a sudden there would be a sharp fall to the bottom and H0l0caust would be repeated with the exact same ignorance as it happened back than.

But it is also crystal clear by now that the exact same sick ideology what was used that time came out to play again the same game - to set up a clear-race supremacy. By now it is also clear that sick ideology has nothing to do with the religion from which it claims its roots.
But how I try to cope with the reality unfolding is that sort of vision which speaks about a rapture between two different realities playing out at the exact same time. The one which creates their reality by their perception but due to the lack of self-reflection and deep research, they unaware that they are creating a nightmare printed in their perception by someone else.

But there is another reality as well. There are those Ones who are strong enough to hold that image long enough to be able to turn it around, rearrange the ingredients and plant seeds in the darkness. They are the ones who are instead of fighting the old, lifting, healing, supporting, giving birth to the new.
And somewhere deep down at the dark center, from this rapture pure Love pouring out to heal the ancient Wounds of separation which tore apart me from you and each teardrop is holding the essence of that healing. And somewhere where those drops merge into a Sea, a Moses will rise to open a path to a new Eden.


Ctto: Omar Sommad

All eyes on Rafah

On the day of the Met Gala, the invasion of Rafah was initiated by using the distraction of the Gala. Just like in the Hunger Game, while the Fame and Pride rode their dances, tanks were marching through the heart-icon at Rafah Crossing and started to carpet-b0mbing and bu11d0zing the tents. At the exact moment when the international delegates left the area, the Humanitarian Aid Storage Facility was a77acked. All Aid got destr0yed.

I was not the only one who lost words while receiving the news. We noticed in international circles how this desperation showed up with the feeling that all you have done is just breadcrumbs, since it showed no results.

But something else happened during these times. As soon as I felt the weight and I lost my words, people in my surroundings started to reach out to ask if they can help or support in any way to make me continue.

What I have learnt from the nightmare unfolding is that whatever you do, no matter how small it feels, it has power. It reaches far beyond you can see or imagine.

Sometimes what you do is needed to heal the roots.
Fruit does not come from the roots.
But without roots, there are no fruits either.

And if you are here for healing the roots, you are the one who bases the entire structure of the future development. And believe me if I say it, that it is the most crucial job you can have despite the fact that you do not see the result of it.
And if we speak about the root, there is another essential message here.

Root needs to be supplied with proper vitamins.
As we are witnessing an unimaginable level of cruelty, the feelings get intensive and without control, it can cause harmful outburst. Fighting and using hate against hate will not take you anywhere but will transform you to the exact same things what you are fighting against.

Standing in the mid of fire and holding the opposites together is the hardest job to do because you need to stand still till the third element appears, and it appears in the tension of the opposites.

So, I am calling all the ones who are assigned to the hardest but most sacred jobs of root healing, hold that tension with gentle care and vibrate that Love-frequency with all what you’ve got.

We need your breadcrumbs, it will mark the way out of the Dark.


Art ctto: @billy ruffian - Hold Ra-fah close, 2024

Diam vel quam elementum

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I cannot let it pass without expressing how much the picture of the Divine Masculine changed or rather developed in me.

Since I have moved out from the Modern Arab World, I have had serious issues about dealing with the memories of injustice I have had experienced there and I mistakenly projected out into the entire race/religion. I could not be more wrong. Someone told me that time: ‘Do not be deceived by the picture from the fake Bubble you live in, these are not the real ones.’

I did not understand his remark at that time.

Watching the ho77or unfolding in the last 9 months helped me rearranging and reconstructing the puzzle till I finally managed to put together the bigger picture. The wound, which was caused by the modern ones, got healed by the old traditional ones.

Once my old mentor told me that there is a level when your knowledge does not expand more but starts to get layered and that is when the fine work comes to play. Seeing the little differences, finding the little door among the large mirrors, that is where the real task stands.

Couple of days ago I was in a festival when one of ‘my favorite hybrid type of woman’ jumped at me and pushed her ring-finger up to my nose showing me her engagement ring proudly, grabbing her ‘man’ with her other hand just like a shopping bag, and trying to convince me by raging how satisfied she is by ordering around her ‘shopping bag’ (while the shopping bag was standing next to us silently).

Maybe I am wrong if I see how indoctrinated the entire Western population is, following a valueless system based on greed, manipulation and power but I still found it much more satisfying turning my attention back to the core values rooted in those ancient (perennial) traditions where the Man is the one who hunts (not the woman), the Man is the one who provides physical protection (the woman protects on the spiritual land). The Man is the King, and the One who takes the encouragement from his Queen and with that encouragement he goes out and conquers and brings the trophy home to his Queen.

There is no shopping bag in that picture asking for permission from the Harpy.
There is no egoist pig either who demands around all the girls just like slaves shouting, ‘woman find your place and shut up’ and rejects the feminine wisdom.
There is no competition among girls, because the heart of the King is straight and stays as the strongest foundation for his mate.

In that picture it has a Trustful, Strong King, who protects his own so well that the Woman can be a real WOMAN at her Core, and could open up completely and in that protection, she could allow herself to bloom.

What I have seen in the last 9 months is everything what they lied about. The man who supposed to be the evil-face with the turban instead is playing with his granddaughter’s hair calling her the Soul of his Soul.

I have the pleasure to see the most beautiful Divine Masculine’s heart displayed, standing in full vulnerability in the face of brutality. The heart which protects the family, which holds incredible pain but still stands and smiles. The one who run through airstrikes to get food, the one who throws that stone against the tank to protect his hard-bought house from illegal demolition, the one who stands with his camera aiming at the shooter to show the injustice and to reveal the fakeness of the media to the world even if the price is his life, the one who plays with his children among the rubbles just to make them smile, the one who builds shelter from the rubbles to hide his family.

The Ones who dare to stand out and show their heart, their vulnerability to the world, are the ones who bring awakening from the hypnosis. To show the world that the truth is something hidden which is so easy to miss, so hard to find, so difficult to build because it requires courage, trust and openness. But still this is the One what deserves to be preserved and deserves all the protection, not to let it disappear.

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful fathers who stand, protect and provide for their loved ones by holding their family in the highest love.

Here are our heroes to support:

Hamza, our warm-hearted nurse has been saving people from the ma33acre, being there in the most dangerous places giving first aid and whatever they need in the medical camp while giving us scheduled notice about his whereabouts.

Ashraf is living in Raf1ah with his two beautiful children Sham and Hisham and his wife and his mother. They survived the ma33acre in a tent in the beach.


photo source: unknown

Right to Return

Back in the days of 1905, there was a declaration among 3 religious leaders delighted to affirm their harmonious and prosperous cooperation. The land was blooming. Its most famous commercial road, Via Maris connected nations through Ga7a, from Alexandria to Alexandretta, and it was full of cosmopolitan vibes since all nations who were crossing it, left their impact on it, and the road was a living, vibrating entity.

But in 1948 Ben Gurion came and by the support of the outside forces, he made a deal with Egypt, offering 2% of the land if they help pushing an entire native population into a concentr1ation camp zone established around Ga7a, called the strip.

The last existing Palestine villages were the so called “11 villages” which were ordered to be destro7yed by the order no.40, signed on 25th November 1948, ordered to occupy all homes, expel all livings, burn all the houses and demo2lish all the stone houses. That was Nak*hba.
What happened on 7th of October, happened at the location of the 11 villages, which was ma33acred and destro1ed by the I11egal occupat1ion forces, which from that time till today have used all foreign aid to bring arm1ed forces to t0rture and ki11 the natives and destr1oy their lands with all their living while covering up by fake propaganda.

The moment when you deeply realize what that means “right to return”, it hits hard.
How many times as an expath we face abuse where the closing statement is “if you don't like it, go home, you are not a tree.”
That is the point. The options here are being ma33acred or if you have sponsors - only if you have a sponsor- you may manage to get out of the concentration camp but with a warning of never return.
From that point your birthplace lost its meaning, it does not matter even if you lived there for generations. The moment you stepped outside, you are out and a strange woman in Brooklyn New York, who just converted to Jew, has the right to take your home. Think about this for a second.

We are celebrating Eid with a news that first time since the invas1ion started more than 400 aid trucks entered into Ga7a.
Behind the scenes, a new ma22acre was exe*cuted in central Gaza today with more than 14 dea*d, from which most of them are children.

Who do you want to joke with the option of “2 states solution”?
All I see is a greedy occ*ult leader, just like Hi*tler, having the entire West in his pocket, using religious symbols and their occ*ult power just like Hit*ler, smearing Jud1aism as well to bring it down with themselves.

Zio*nists do not have the right to defense, they do not have the right to have a state. They are not a nation. Zio*nism is a sick ideology, an abomination derived from a religion just like Naz*ism with a mystical dream to establish power, based on mythology instead of simply go back home to their own nation and live like normal human.

The state of affairs are unbelievable, a complete Orwellian storyline where the lie is served in a silver plate as truth, and most of them are fed from it.

But the air is started to clear up and some kind of hope sparkled as we see how more and more people join to the cause and stand up for the truth.

We need you to help us make that change, to help that ancient tribe with rich heritage keep their land, their nation, their family, their loved ones.
We are standing for their right to live, and their right to live in peace in their homeland with the right to return home.

Art ctto: Osama Hajjaj



This is Sami. He loves playing in the streets and he has a dream to be a football player. He has a big brother, Malek, who is 12 and teaches him some tricks with the ball. These are Sami’s favorite time at the beach, when he is with his brother and the other kids.
But Sami was killed by Israelian army in front of Malek’s eyes, because those soldiers believe that Sami and Malek are not human but just animals. So when Malek threw a rock on the soldier who mur-dered his brother, he was taken to a prison for 20 years and was locked up in a so-li-tary con-fi-nement with little intervals of getting out when soldiers hit him. But it did not happen in October, it happened years ago. 
Nobody did a thing since all the media was covered up with a well-built propaganda showing Sami and Malek as collateral damage or waste and praising the soldiers for their bravery for keeping their field safe from the “dirty animals”. 
And there have been 5000 Sami and uncounted thousands of Malek since then and several desperate attempts from their parents’ side to show the world the truth over the expensive media campaign of the rich. 
Then one day couple of brave men and women came out from the hiding and took their camera and started to record the cruelty of this “victim but heroic soldiers”. The truth came out. But the cruelty raised as well. They doubled the propaganda by attacking their own people on a festival and making hundreds of badly edited fake videos to set up a trigger for the final wipe out. They killed 72 journalists just in the last few weeks and bombed down hospitals, mosques, schools and houses. They cut down electricity, water, food and made it illegal to collect rainwater. They attacked and bombed the ambulance and stole the injured ones from it.

But the world is watching this time. Despite the fact that people are threatened by taken away their jobs if they dare to open their mouth for the smallest criticism, they are watching. And that attention generates an Energy what has never seen before. Even if they took a break of killing just for shopping and celebrating “Thanksgiving” with their loved ones, their actions speak loudly. What started as a whisper, made a crack on the wall to give a glimpse and it is becoming louder and louder till the trumpets will join in and the wall of Jerico will fall again. But this time from the other side.


artist unknown

The Path of the Heart-Warrior

Once upon a time there was a land blooming with magic, fruits and Olive Trees.
The people of the land were breathing with the Lungs of the Earth. They loved and cared about each other and their own surroundings.

But one day a contract was signed in a faraway country which they did know nothing about, and in it their land was sold by an outsider to a thief.
Under the Dark they came one by one and silently hid among the trees. As the number went up, they started to attack and destroyed the homes of the natives.

Their intention was dark and the only way to get away with it if they silence the voice of the truth and teach their own kids to hate.
So, they labeled the ancient tribe savages and wild and they started to play with fate.

The lovers of the land had their intention to planting seeds and they did not know about the contract which was signed long before among the armed thieves.

The pride of the superior image swallowed the heart of the Weaks, they took control, and by chosen destruction, their path was drawn in the sand with the ink of blood as they butchered with ease.

They grew a generation fed by hate and led the world in the edge of extinction with an undiscovered wound of their own shade.

But the heart of the land was pulsating under the hands of the Despots and the message of the guardians were spread by the winds.

Destiny was written on the sand by the blood of sacrifice, and that blood reached down to the core and its purity awakened and magnified.

Nations and nations gathered around as the veil lifted and truth was placed in the Souls carved. Something started to grow which was stronger than the guns, and that was the idea of freedom in each of the heart.


Photo source: Unknown

The Naked Truth

Today I start with a story from the Bible since the fanatics are not willing to listen to anything else:

“There were two mothers living in the same house, each the mother of an infant son, came to Solomon. One of the babies had been smothered, and each claimed the remaining boy as her own. Calling for a sword, Solomon declared his judgment: the baby would be cut in two, each woman to receive half. One mother did not contest the ruling, declaring that if she could not have the baby then neither of them could, but the other begged Solomon, "Give the baby to her, just don't kill him!"
The king declared the second woman the true mother, as a mother would even give up her baby if that was necessary to save its life and awarded her custody. This judgment became known throughout all of I*s*rael and was considered an example of profound wisdom.”
Wikipedia from I. Kings 3:16-28

Now some other story from history:

- 1948, the “most moral army of the world” laced the Pal*les*tinian wells with typhoid as a part of biowarfare and destroyed drinking water and caused typhoid epidemic. (Loooooooooooong before 7th of October)

-2003, Rachel Corrie reported to press that the 2 largest water wells had been bulldozed to the ground by the same army destroying over the half of Ra*fah water supply. Rachel was crushed to death by the same type of bulldozer couple of months later.
(Looooooooong before 7th of October)

-Since 1967, more than eight hundred thousand Palestinian olive trees have been illegally uprooted by the same illegal authorities and settlers. Many were centuries old. (Raya, NewYorker,2023)
(Loooooooooooooooooong before 7th of October)

-2024 - 4 children in every single hour!!!! 4 children in every single hour!!!! 4 children in every single hour for 183 days straight!!!!
(NOW, At that exact moment!)

Two words I hear shouting from the mouth of the liar:
kh*ama*s and antise*mite

But the World is turning…

ICJ is set to start their 2 days hearing against Germany contribution to ge*nocide in Pa*le*stine.

322 aid trucks entered to Ga7a today.


The Tribe of the Divine Feminine

The tribe of Divine Feminine, which are rooted in ancient heritage and values are under a77ack.

The more the aggression rises behind the media blackout and the full distraction of the luxurious parade, the more warm-hearted stories unfolding in front of our eyes.

Here are 6 Jewels of the ancient indigenous tribe, all of them talented in their specific field and all of them are unique diamond in a world where fakeness and greed try to grab control.

Maram is our junior doctor, who was in her last year in her medical studies when they b0mbed her university together with her home and dreams.
Right now, she is risking her life everyday saving others in Kuwaiti hospital, the last remaining hospital.

Yousra is our talented artist who sees the world through a special lense and drawing her mesmerizing views to colour up our life.

Farah, is our undergraduates with a GCSE of 97%. Her mind is open to understand a world and create a better future.

Aya is our fashion-designer who has great hope to show her talents and the beauty of her heart to the world through these designed dresses.

Maryam is our embrodiery artisan, who has the skills to touch the root of that feminine essence and bring forward an ancient history and heritage in her work.

Zeina is only 16, but her mind is far ahead of her age. She is an awarded professional AI programmer and designer. She loves life and has several project to contribute to a better world.

They are the treasures among millions, which some greedy head wants to destroy. But they are still here and so are we, and it is our time and our biggest chance to make the change.


Ignorance and Self-image

One of the most hurtful things in all what is happening right now is the ignorance from people, from even spiritual people closing their hearts; watching how those gurus turning away by creating a safe bubble around them to concentrate on their own self only and lock out everything and everyone “disturbing”. 

They forgot the most crucial element of the present moment: The fact that the PRESENT contains the WHOLE experience, and the treasure is always hidden underneath. 

You can run and close yourself into your yoga routine showing to the world your teacher license and your perfect body posture, you can post all the enlighten quotes on your profile but where is your Oneness? Where is the one who dares to look, dares to bow down to lift others up? 

We are not going UP, UP, UP. We are not marching into the light. 

We are here in the mid of all, holding together light and dark and connecting the upper realms with the underworld. 

We are here because we have the ability to stand in the mid of the fire and hold up the heart what is burning underneath. 

We are here because we know that the real diamond is found in the crack of the broken heart where you are able to listen and hold space for another Soul. 

Because when you look at the eyes of that Soul, on that exact moment of connection, you create a bridge where a new Universe can be brought to existence through LOVE. 

Since October, I got connected hundreds and hundreds of mesmerizing Souls experiencing a demolishing force of Evil. But their hearts remained open and despite of their circumstances they show us a way of resistance and an unspeakable level of love. 

If there is a root back to Union, it is through them. We have a wonderful nurse Hamza, who is taking 3 shifts by himself since he is the only one around, and taking those wounded firsthand from the b0mbing and he somehow still has the heart to check on me if Im ok! I mean he is in the mid of a gen0c1de worrying about me living in safety. 

That is what makes the crack in your heart to let the light in. That is his link. He is the Soul we need to survive our own egoist state. 


Once Aeschylus said, “The first casualty of war is truth”. 

As Deeyah Khan mentioned, we are experiencing the time where free speech is being crushed, banned, censored, br7tally vi0lently shut down. 

Sangita Myska, Asian media award-winner of radio-presenter of the year of 2022, was axed out from LBC right after she dared to question the Ziombie policy against Ir1an and suggested that actually b0mbing the Ir1anian embassy is not a peaceful activity. 

Lama Al Arian, du-post awarded US-Pa2les4tine journalist’s entrance to C0lumbia University was prohibited since under the dark mass vi0lence and military br7tality was used against unarmed peaceful students and leading professors which would not look like peaceful either.

And the only possible way of keeping their lie is by manufacturing facts, that is how a 6-year-old Hind - whom the Hamilton Hall in C0lumbia University was renamed after, who was br7tally m7rdered by the Zi0mbie army after surviving her family’s exec7tion - became an adult woman in the evening news. 

While all the pro-p4l3stine social media is heavily shadow banned, 210 j0urnalists are m7rdered in Ga3a. 

All the Universities in Ga3a are b0mbed by the same army who are sending soldiers to C0lumbia University now against peaceful students standing up to stop the gen0c1de. 

They are not only silencing and cr7ushing down the truth, but they are also destr0ying all the source of higher wisdom, knowledge and technology, which is out of their total control. 


Doctor Adnan Al-Borsh, the head of Orthopedic Department in Al Sh1fa hospital, who was the first who did platinum operation successfully in 2010 has been k1lled after being t0rtured for 100 days in prison. 

But despite of all, we are still here, and we have the same creative power which has created the entire Universe, and we have the true value of Humanity and Love inside us, which is the deepest essence of who we are. And when we stand together, that essence can create miracles. Now we have the greatest chance to use that chaos and bring down to Earth a new version of existence based on higher principles of Love and Honor. 


Art Ctto: @hajjaj_cartoon 


Do you remember the New York Times post about claiming women being raped by Khamas and asking for victims to show up and there were no one to show up?? Do you remember the claim of the 40 beheaded babies. All were flat lies, but every single news channels were full of it. And the debunk info was just covered with distraction, dealt in two small rows (letter size: 6) at the bottom of a side info.


Now we have reports, eyewitnesses, all evidence for the opposites. We watched how pregnant women were bulldozed to the ground with their unborn child.
We had news about pregnant women raped for continuous 2 days till they lost the ability to speak and then killed in front of their husband.
We have news that woman was stripped naked and when her husband tried to drop some clothes to cover her, they killed husband and son.
We have news that dogs are sent on dead bodies to feed which were taken from under the rubbles.
All of these happened inside a hospital during the holy month of Ramadan.

While soldiers are proudly documenting their war crimes on TikTok, the mainstream media has not a single word about it, because according to the mainstream agenda, that crime is not considered worthy to mention.
It did not require their imagination to create it, it just required honesty and integrity which was sold long long long time ago.
Mainstream media is not only dehumanizing Palestinians but also demonizing them.


Historical Patterns

History repeats itself over and over again right in front of our eyes till we recognize the pattern.

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances.”


The recognition of these patterns leads to the path to the breakthrough. See it for what it is with all the players acting out their roles.

Jung said

“The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.”



I am watching the stories unfolding in social media, the ones the media propaganda wants to hide so desperately by censoring us, and it feels unreal.

Unreal to see that Universities became the target of police forces who br7utalize unarmed students and professors for standing up against gen0cide. 


Unreal to see that the same believers who are still waiting for the Rapture because they should be the “chosen one”, went to the university to fight and hit those students who protests against the k1lling.

Unreal to see how se77lers destr0ys homes, food aids and a77ack native people with the full intention to do harm as per their Bible told them. 

Unreal to see that exists a Ziombie army who k1lls for fun and uses the highest technology we1apon arsenal to test on those ancient tribes with the intention to increase their suffer. 

Unreal to realize that my girl, Maram (22) is still in there, hiding from the b0mbs at night with her mum and sewing men’s body parts together in the hospital during the day.

Unreal to see the TRUTH unfolding, how people really show what they made of and despite all the unbelievable challenge and ho77or that nation faces they are the biggest inspiration, the fire for the transformation. Their heart is what the world needs to find its way back to the real essence, real meaning of existence. They are besie7ged and they need our support. 


Artist  Unknown

A Call for a Divine Masculine

Leaders are supposed to be role models. But look around, the political elite built up a system based on aggression, hate, domination and greed. They praise a world where everything is about profit where female reporters are shouting out of control abusing Arabic men and claiming some kind of fake feminine rights or accusing them of rape without any evidence and by doing so, they are destroying the real purpose of Feminism.

The system they built is based on aggression from both genders. It is not a surprise that the generation growing up on these examples are acting violent with no respect towards each other and their biggest achievement is playing out their ego by abusing others.

The real threat is not a nation or a religion. The real threat is a man with God-complex, who wants to dominate Mother-Earth and feels entitled to demolish all what is sacred by silencing the real MAN and WOMAN.

But despite of the visible advantage of the Patriarchy, there is something powerful growing under the surface.

The suffering or the witnessing of the suffering awakened the missing values of resilience, courage, loyalty, solidarity, love and respect. The darkness called out the light, and despite of the desperate effort of building up a fake propaganda by trying to paint the heroes as wicked and the wicked as heroes, the masks have fallen. We are to witness the true treasures coming to the surface and reborn a category not only of a real MAN but of a real WOMAN.

The powerful woman who leads by compassion and love, standing her ground with utmost resilience and honor. This is the brand of a woman who is not here to play games and definitely won't sink down to competition. She is here to build community, to care and nurture the youth, to protect the weak, to teach and stand in truth by leading the way back Home to Peace, Healing and Love.

Gaza is not only showing us the true face of the political elite, but they are showing us a way to rebuild, reawaken the ancient golden heritage of something timeless, magical, long forgotten but always present.

The only question is, are you able to notice it and reconnect to it?

This post is dedicated for all courageous women of Ga7a holding up the light and establishing the values for a new generation.


Weapon or Medicine

Paradox - Jung said:

“There is no consciousness without discrimination of opposites.”

Living and experiencing that historical area when you can observe the unaccepted collective unconsciousness showing up to play is hell of a ride.

Watching cruelty unfolding in the birthplace of Jesus against children of the same nationality of Jesus during the time of the “officially accepted” birth time of Jesus is huge to bear. It generates rage. But this rage “can be” as toxic as fruitful in the same time depending on how to use it.

It can be weapon or medicine.

Weapon if you sit up to the propaganda machine and get into either ignorance or mass manipulation implementing some old version of religious verse about the “sacred land and the chosen nation what is much more equal than any others so whoever deny them should be tortured.”

But it can be weapon as well if you pick up the sword and turn against that group and become just like time by hating and fighting.


Medicine if you have the courage to stand in the fire with your aching heart and hold space for the ones under oppression. The crack of your heart, which happens when it broke, will open your perspective to see that….

- There is no such a nation what is superior or chosen and it is just an ego guided misinterpretation of a sacred text written in symbolical language

- Every opinion is accepted except if it is based on someone else’s oppression or someone else’s denial of existence.

So go beyond and help us building up a Sanctuary within and out to provide a safe space of love and all the support in all diplomatic way possible to restore the Balance.


#Gaza #genocide #massmanipulation #islamophobia #propaganda

Armageddon and Ben Hur

I promised that I do not take sides and I keep the balance whatever it takes. 

Now I try the impossible, I try to do my best to remain the observer while putting out the value and message I intend to share, and you tell me how it works for you.

I grew up in a Western ideology. I have read the book Exodus from Leon Uris, and I have watched the movie Ben Hur played by Charlton Heston (more than once) and all I knew about 'Arabs' was how aggressive they can be and all I knew about the situation is the birthrights of the Jews over Jerusalem.

After I moved to the Middle East and I have got the place to let out all my anger what I accumulated from my childhood against a whole race for a simple reason, they were blamed already. They were the black ships of the World.

But ten years is a lot and after a while my viewpoint started to open up and the word 'Arab' started to unfold to Lebanese, Egyptian, Iranian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Palestinian, Emirati etc. And all of them gave me a special flavor of their unique culture. I had the privilege to see and taste their food, their life, their culture all the different customs and it was the entrance into a brand-new world. They became not just Arabs anymore. 

It was a Lebanese man who brought down the stars from Heaven and spread it in front of my feet and made me feel happy and safe, and we even watched Ben Hur together. And it was a Muslim guy who taught me patience by the Koran. 

On that moment I had to realize that my anger against Men was misplaced, and it was projected out to a race, which has nothing to do with my childhood tragedy.

There is a part in that movie Ben Hur, when he decides to turn against Rome for the wrongdoing of Messala, who destroyed him and took everything away from him. Ester stood up in front of him and said the words which just burnt into my memory for a life: 'I know there is a law in life. That blood begets more blood, as dog begets dogs. Death generates Death. The vulture breeds the vulture. But the voice I heard on the hill today said 'love your enemy, do good with those who spitefully use you' ...It was Juda Ben Hur I loved, what has become of him? You seem to be now the very thing you set out to destroy, giving evil for evil. Hatred is turning you to stone. It's as though you had become Messala! I have lost you Judah. '


Castle of Lies

Plot: Once upon a time there was girl blessed with a curious, brilliant, open mind, and an idea of living life according to her own terms. She was enthusiastic, brave with full of talents and all she wanted is to discover deeper understanding about life itself.

Let's play a game and place her in different historical time in the last 2000 years intervals.

The age is around 450AD, the girl is beautiful, young, and instead of the usual women's path of becoming a housewife, she decided to research Astrology. She had built her own astrolabes and she provided several studies about the planetary alignments. Her intellect received recognition in high circles. Her brilliant logical mind was high above the era and her sparkling presence gave her a royal ambiance. Several men tried to be her husband but she refused all of them and declared not to participate any kind of sexual relationship.

Her name was Hypatia of Alexandria, and her sin was to be born as a woman and to dare to reject to be a subject of a man, and to follow the ancient path of worshiping Mother Earth referred as Pagan.

In 450AD, village mob with Christian beliefs grabbed her to the market floor, teared her dress off from her, pulled her, raped her and tore her body into pieces. Her death was one of the most calculated and most violent murder of that time.

Go forward and jump up in time...

The year is 2015, the girl's name is Farkunda of Kabul, a beautiful young 27 years old girl, a religious teacher with an open mind, who likes investigating different topics and discussing political and religious matters. She is also single with a belief that she has the right to choose her life path.

Her sin is most probably to have brain and to dare to be alive.

On 19th of March, village mob with Islamic beliefs grabbed her, beaten her to death while others were standing, watching and taking video of it.

Jump a bit farther in time....

The year is 2022, the girl's name is Mahsa Amini of Teheran, a highly talented, beautiful 22 years old girl, who came home for a week to get her university papers signed.

On 16th September a so called 'morality police' arrested her with a sin that her hair came out from her headscarf. She was beaten to death by police forces.

If you dare to dig deeper, you will find much more alike stories from our Patriarchic world. The reality is you do not need to go far to see how it works. If you are a single woman on your own choice, who wish to use and improve your skills and talent in science and dare to stand up to build something creative and unique, that is perfectly enough to trigger sick-minded people to build a castle of lie around you according to their own dirty mind in order to capture you inside and silence you.

It does not matter which religion it is it does not even need to be a religion. The propaganda will work just as well. Do you remember how people attacked others based upon their health-choice couple of months ago?

Mother Earth is in danger, they said. But it is not the climate change you need to be worried about. It is the hatred what is spreading and it is highly contagious. It is the intention to divide and conquer and the idea what does not allow you to rely to your own thoughts, specially if you are a female. It is the complete cut off from your intuitive feminine side. And while the media is speaking about global warming, I am speaking about the area of frozen hearts, which leads to cruelty and violence, when any women can be silenced by men brutality.

If I have learnt something about Mother Earth is that: We are looking for improvement on the wrong direction. It is not by stricter dictatorial restriction which lead us to the solution, but the opposite.

It is to open up towards each other and start to listen and accept each other.

When we start to teach our Men that it is ok to cry and it is ok to feel, when we give an open path to all our women to be free and be who they truly are, that is how Mother Earth is healing, and that is what could bring real change to the system.



Hypatia Of Alexandria, The Intellectual Stoned To Death By A Christian Mob (

picture: Shamsia Hassani

In memoriam of Hypatia, Farkunda, Masha Amini - R.I.P.

@shamsiahassani #hypatia #farkunda #mashaamini

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