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The Strong Woman Project

Restoring the role of the Divine Feminine and restoring the balance between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine 

'She’s a pretty rattled looking angel. But she says, 'I’m here to do the great work.' And you’re saying, well, what’s the great work? And I suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, it is to bring the feminine into this culture. That is the great work. And it’s not an easy path.'

Marion Goodman 

Mission Statement 

Everything started in the Middle East. That ten years I have spent there made me the person who I am today. It was never an easy journey. It was about the heart and about the resilience. How much you can take and how much you can turn into love. It speaks about the ingrediencies of your own kind. Do you let the world make you hard, or you transmute whatever is thrown at you and make the magic to the best outcome possible.

Standing up for others and for human and women rights were never an easy path. I admire all of the ones who walked before me and in this admiration, I based my foundation stones by drawing my 100 portraits of those role models, to connect to their strength to help me on my path.

Today, it is time to shine bright with the message what is carved in my heart, when I am stepping out to a new spotlight.

I started a fashion business with a message about powerful, independent women and I got the best team possible to make it happen. My focus and my mission is clear and straight and I hope it will be a blessing and a gift for everyone to make a change in this world.


With love,


Founder of T.S. Evita Artworks

The One and Only International Women RIghts Advocate of West Ireland


Interview about Femininity

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