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The Strong Woman Project

Restoring the role of the Divine Feminine and restoring the balance between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine 

'She’s a pretty rattled looking angel. But she says, 'I’m here to do the great work.' And you’re saying, well, what’s the great work? And I suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, it is to bring the feminine into this culture. That is the great work. And it’s not an easy path.'

Marion Goodman 

The Strong Women 'campaign'

Your World, Your life, Your choice what to do with it

The New Era  has arrived and it is on us how to create our World to be a better one.

So take the first step and promote who you are, what you like and shine in all your glory. 

Heal and Bless, Teach and Create, and be the non-judgmental presence where others can be truly themselves without any mask.

And for more... take an extra step for the ones who are still under restriction. We are here to create a better world together for each other. 


Interview about Femininity

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