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"When I met Szilivia Toth at the OMEGA Institute I was immediately drawn to something exceptionally spiritual about her. She had a quiet strength beneath a soft jovial demeanour. I had the pleasure of regressing Szilivia to a past life and we soon discovered where that strength comes from, it was from a knowing of ancient wisdom. When it was Szilivia’s turn to take a fellow student into a past life I was pleased at the ease with which she calmly guided the process, she was definitely a natural. I am confident to say that she is well on the way to being an accomplished Past Life Regression Therapist. Szilivia is a talented artist and her spirituality shines forth brilliantly in her art work. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a spiritual healer and PLR Therapist." 

Enos Anderson – Ct. Hyp. and Past Life Regression, Jamaica

"What I remember most from that experience is that it was pretty emotional. I didn't quite believe that it would work on me though, but I'm glad it did, because it gave me a deeper understanding of brain functions and it was a unique experience."

Ana Smiljkovic about her Past Life Regression

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