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Yip Man and the Art of Detachment

There is no easy life. But how you handle the difficulties makes you who you are.

There is no great Master with an easy past. What makes them great is how they face the everyday challenges, and how they learn to see the bigger picture.

In each challenge there is a crossroad, and it is only on you, which path you choose.

Your decision relies on how far did you manage to understand your lessons and how do you see the world. Do you see it as something against you, or something bigger than you, or something does not belong to you? Or do you see it as something who you are.

The great Masters are the ones who figured out the secret of interconnectedness, the underlying cause of all happenings; and they are the ones, who see life, and life events like connecting dots, all of them with a message. They understand how life force works, and they learnt to deal with it. They know when to push and when to pull, how to minimize effort, how to stay focused, and how to concentrate energy to reach their target. And that knowledge makes them who they are, the Real Masters.

Yip Man was Bruce Lee's trainer, and he was the one who taught Bruce Lee about the great teaching of the water. He is the one who understood the wisdom of the Universe and used these golden clues as principles. He based his life on these principles and practiced them with respect and dignity.

This post is dedicated to Yip Man, the Master of the Art of Detachment.

Nothing is weaker than water,

But when it attacks something hard

Or resistant, then nothing withstands it,

And nothing will alter its way.

Tao Te Ching

Ip Man charcoal Drawing, A3

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