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Woman with real value in the political elite

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

There has been same major changes recently in a bigger scale when women started to take over leadership positions in the political life. It is a mark of a new era.

Women with compassion and empathetic skills were needed to be involved to the higher power-palette to evaluate decision-making process from a wider perspective.

Let's speak about Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand youngest Prime Minister in more than 150 years, who became famous for her unconventional 21st century leadership model of being an unmarried mother and policy wonk in the same time. She is the one who announced a new assistance package for family from her baby-feeding coach, and the one who was the first woman in history arriving to the UN assembly with her newborn baby.

Giving an insight into her policy, we can see that her progressive politics made her become popular, for example the 5 billion dollar package of tax cut and payment she called, which was the most significant change to the country's welfare system in decades; or her declination on Trump's proposition about drug-regulation. She clearly stated that she prefers if drug-abuse would be consider under health matter instead of national security issue.

She is also the woman who declared in the APEC summit that she wont take sides in the Trade War because she prefers aligning with principles not with countries.

The Woman who dares to stand up and speak straight; The Woman, who believes that empathetic skills are a strength and not a weakness, a woman with real values and real priorities.

A woman who's voice is the one what was missing for centuries in that cruel, power-oriented patriarchal system, and also the woman who brings back the heart to that constitutional panel.

"And we can provide that job security if we plan for the future, and if we choose not to blame. And so, I put myself firmly in that constituency. We have responsibility as politicians for the language that we use, but also the policies that we provide and the hope that we deliver."

Jacinda Ardern who dares to be human, who dares to be real in the political elite.

A3, marker pen drawing

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