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Winter Tale 9. - The treasures of the North

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Once upon a time there was a tiny, wooden house at the gate of a village near the forest where Grace and Sophie started their new life.

One night Grace had a wonderful dream. An angel visited her and he gave her three gems. The first had a golden light and had seven angles. The second was azure like the sky, and the third was emerald green.

Next morning when she woke up, the Great Bear invited them to the woods. As they followed the path, they arrived to a large Sequoia tree. Grace remembered back on the day, when she started her journey, how she found shelter among the roots of this tree and how she had her very first dream about the Great Bear there.

As they approached the tree, the Bear started humming and slowly seven cubs climbed out from the cave among the roots. While the Great Bear stood next to Grace and Sophie, the seven spreads around them and started to play. First time Grace felt complete peace and harmony. Her heart settled and she knew that all was fine and great things were coming.

It was darkening when they got home but there was an other visitor just arrived. A giant bird landed on the window-still. Its feather was large and had the color of all the shades of blue and azure. It was a hunting bird from the North. Grace lifted up her arm towards the bird and the bird sit on her wrist. Since the meeting with the cubs happened, she felt that a new sence of connection was awakened inside her and when the bird closed its eyes Grace began to see the birds’ visions. It was just a sudden picture first from a far away land from above. But as Grace gathered more intention, she kept up with the vision and she could see whole landmarks. She saw the North from above through the bird’s eye and the view was breathtaking.

It was almost midnight when they settled to sleep when Grace heard something unusual. It was a sweet lullaby coming from under the window. She looked outside and she saw a magical living harp played by the son of Daghda. As he sang his voice was like a healing balm on Grace’s heart. And Grace knew that all the cracks on her heart were the way for the love to pour in.

#Ursamajor, #pleiades #daghda #uaithne #sacredsymbols, #nineofcups, #whisperer #jungian #myth #sacredsisterhood #shamanism #gnostic #sacredfeminine #alchemy #archetypes #strongwomen

marker pen drawing, A3 size

photo source: unknown

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