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Winter Tale 8. - The Scarlet letter

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

After a long and tiring journey, Grace and a little Sophie arrived to the 'Dreamland' on the top of the hill. A beautiful wooden house near the forest was the gate to the village and it was waiting just for them. It seemed to be a dream.

But the village decided something else. A woman traveling alone with a girl, and coming from the Dell is suspicious in all meaning.

Despite of their kindness and efforts, they got only rejections and false rumors. And the next morning, they found a Scarlet letter painted on their entrance door. The laughing echoed all around them. Nobody listened, nobody believed. The village had their own circle of life and they outcast everything what did not fit in. If Grace planted something to grow in their garden, it was pulled out and destroyed for the next day.

The label was on them, and the toxicity of the mark could not be removed.

But their courage was on the other side.

They brought into the village something rare, a unique light which has never seen before. That light awakens only in the deepest darkness.

The time in the Dell was not for nothing. It was a teaching to be brave and remain human in every circumstances, to show love where nobody else dare, even it results humiliation.

That light became incorruptible and started to shine brighter and brighter. And it brought something more. Grace started to feel a special kind of connection to the Great Bear. It started just after the breakthrough from the Dell and got stronger by every challenge. She somehow found a way to see and feel through the Bear's eyes. And with time she developed the skills to call the Great Bear by her inner voice. And the Bear was waiting for this moment and invited her to show the secret of the Forest.

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in memory of my Grandmother

Photo source: Svetlana panteleenko

A3, marker pen

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