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Winter Tale 7 - On the road

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Grace stood on the other side of the Dell. The road up to the hill, which she was seeking for so long, was opened in front of her, yet it was somehow different.

It seemed sunny and smooth, but the Bear standing on her side acted as a reminder for all the possible hidden agenda.

And there was a shadow as well, which chased her every night like a cacodemon, starting with a disturbing weeping noise inside her head, followed by flashbacks from her recent memories.

Till one thunder night...

When a lightening hit the nearest tree, the sounds woke her up, but the sobbing voice from her dream did not stop. She continuously heard it from nearby. She slowly stood up to search for the source.

When she cut through the leaves she found a little girl, who looked familiar. Grace recognised her from the dell. Her name was Sophie, the girl with the staring eyes, the one who was always hiding behind the stones watching all the action in the dell without a single sigh.

She must had got out with her when Grace went through the broken gate.

Sophie knew Grace past, she saw it all. It seemed like Sophie was the eyes of Grace’s memory.

Can she be left behind? No. It would mean to cut off part of her experience. The only way forward was to make that friendship with Sophie, listen to her, listen all the stories, see her memories through her eyes and accept her fully with all those pictures.

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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