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Winter Tale 5 - Rock Bottom

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Years spent since Grace fall into the Dell. The only way to go up to the hill was somehow through the Dell. But it seems the only ones who can go up, level by level on the clifts are the ones, who were willing to contribute to the punishing system by joining to the Gorillas to hit the others.

There was an other strange routine. Hyaenas visited sometimes and they had free access to all the treausers of the Dell, including hunting the creatures. It seemed there was an unwritten packtum with the Gorillas. The Gorillas let the Hyaenas eat and hunt and they received protection in return.

And the injured ones were left behind on the ground. They healed themselves or they died from their wounds. Helping to the others considered betrayal and it was punished by the Spirit of the Dell. And there were those, who helped, despite the rules. Some of them just disappeared and nobody knew what really happened with them.

Grace knew that the only way to survive is stick together with the others even if it is strictly against the rules. She found others working on the same path and she joined to that secret chain. They figured how to distruct the heads while healing the wounded. And the game started to change.

Something powerful started to build up from the ground.

All seemed improving till the accident happened. One of the little Creatures, Grace’s friend got hunted down. Grace blow her cover and attacked the Hyaena. The Hyaena got wounded and as a result all the attention went on Grace.

They threw her to the deepest pit and closed her down. And it was not all. She received a news that her sick friend back home, died.

That was it. Nothing left. No past, no present, no future, no hope. The battle was over.

And on the darkest place of all, the shades started to vibrate around her. And from the darkest corner of the wall, the Bear stepped out In its real appearance. It was the same Bear she saw on the wall of the cave, the same, she was dreaming about. And it was standing in front of her. But she did not feel any fear. On the contrary, she felt perfect peace. She stepped towards and reached out with her arms. The moment when the Bear surrounded her and got her under its protection was the moment of arrival. She came to the root, she arrived to the Womb. And somehow from down inside, she hear the Bear roaring: “I am taking you out from here.”

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A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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