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Winter Tale 4 - In the dell

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Once upon a time a girl, called Grace found herself in the edge of a dell, and the only way to go forward was through it. When she was looking for a path to descent she saw some kind of gorillas reaching out for her. She trusted in their help but they grab her and throw her off to the bottom. She had almost no time to raise, when coconuts started to fall on her, dropped by the same gorillas.

She searched for shelter and she climbed into a cave. The cave was already crowded with other different kinds of creatures, the most beautiful ones from each species. All of them were hiding from the hit with a fear in their eyes and a little red ribbon fasten to their wrists. Some of them was carrying some kind of fruits in their hands. They collected it from the center of the dell where there was a large round area filled with the most delicious meals, fruits, plants and seeds; the best part of all the kinds. It was like an open table from everything you wish with a price to being hit and get wounded.

Grace noticed a little injured creature crying close to her and she got closer to give some help. When the creatures found comfort, it looked at her eyes with gratitude and said.

- I know it looks painful, but it is the Heaven on Earth. We have all, whatever we desire. Everybody from home are jealous of us. You just have to adjust with their daily assault. And please, for your own sake, worship the Spirit of the Dell, because if you wont, the spirit will take you.

- But who is the Spirit of the Dell? Why does nobody leave? Why do they throw those coconuts?

- Nobody knows who is the Spirit. But time to time, the ones who do not comply are taken by the Spirit. They just disappear. We need to follow the rules, that is it. But we have everything here. It is not that bad after all. You can get use to the assault. And also if you collect the coconuts and hit the others with it, they let you into their circles and you can go to higher places. You will get more coconut and if you hit more, you go higher. This is the only way to get out of here. And they celebrate you if you do so.

Grace's mind was jumping from one thought to an other. She felt trapped and she could not see any kind of escape. The dream to reach the Highland on the top of the hill, where everything is green and free, was so far, it seemed impossible to reach.

The rules, which she needed to comply with, seemed crazy but she could not find any other solution. Hours spent and she was still hopelessly staring forward.

She gazed at the figures carved into the wall and something caught her attention. There was something familiar on those figures. It reminded her the other cave she slept at first night. They seemed like a hidden code, forming a constellation pointing towards the sky. A constellation which she knew. The one which opened her mind into a dream to meet with the Great Bear. She slide her fingers into the carve and followed their way to the pole-star. Her fingertip touched the star and her heart settled down. She felt the storm was over and she knew whatever happens, she wont be alone.

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: Dasha Kond

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