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Winter Tale 2. - The Trial

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Once upon a time there was a lady, called Grace living in the woods. She was well-known amongst the others as Whisperer since she knew the language of the Nature. She inherited the skills of understanding the wild ones from her ancestors and she wished to pass it to her daughter as well.

She remembered back in the old days when circles of women gathered around a fire at night. They sang and danced, played drums, till the Great Bear appeared and settled in a distance. If they were keen to learn, the bear showed them the way how to see through its eyes. It gave them visions and the ability to sense above their human senses. It taught them how to wider their awareness and connect to the senses of the animals. But before giving those visions, there was always a test. Just only the ones who showed great courage, willingness, humbleness and patience were selected and allowed to have that special vision.

Grace remembered her time, back than, when she was tested. It was not an easy test either. On that time her great friend got sick and the only medicine was a special flower grows in a field of the Great Bear's home. Getting the flower was just one part of the task, but when she gave it to the healer there was a second task as well. If she wanted the healer treat her friend, in return she had to go back to the hill, and stay there and leave the one she loved. The decision was one of a kind and taught her the lesson how to let go and trust something much more higher than her. When she was allowed to return, she did not only rejoice the reunion, but she was also greeted as the new initiates.

Time spent and she was taught about all the secrets of the forest and all the miracles.

But tonight when she looked at the sky, she saw the same bright stars in the same constellation how it was seen back on that old day when she passed her test.

And she knew that her daughter passed as well and the stars will lead her home to rejoice, celebrate and start to learn the steps of the ancient ones and start her studies about the mysteries.

A3, marker pen drawing, photo source: Olga Barantseva

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