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Winter Tale 10. - The Huntsman

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Once upon a time there was a huntsman living in a village. There were stories about him, that he had came from the Dell. But instead of standing up for the others, his aim was to reach the top. He had done everything for it, including joining to the Gorillas and hitting the others with coconuts. There were stories that he had been kicked out from the Dell as he had wanted to gain power so desperately that he had used a Gorilla to steal coconuts from the rest.

One day he approached Grace and Sophie and asked them to help him out around the house. Sophie had a good heart towards him, she remembered in the Dell once the huntsman let her go without a hit. Grace was suspicious.

When they arrived, for their biggest surprise, they found a Gorilla inside. And what is worse, the gorilla was sitting on the top of Daghda’s harp, Grace’s precious gift from the North, with a sneer on its face. And the attack began again.

Grace felt her past chasing her. But this time the door was open. She knew that the huntsman and his gorilla wanted only one thing, their attention, and Grace was not willing to give this one anymore. They turned around and left.

But this time there was something else different as well. People from the village heard the story and they came for Grace’s aid and took the harp back.

The huntsman went furious and he promised to kill the Bear. He climbed up to a highest mountain and aimed his gun from a distance and shot the Bear from the back.

The Bear roared loudly and stood up to its back legs. The huntsman got frozen from the sounds, and lost his balance on the top. He felt down as deep as the level of the Dell. He got back, where he started.

The Bear slowly descended after the huntsman, bleeding heavily from its wounds. It approached the huntsman. It did not touched him just looked at him with its gazing, deep eyes, till his last breath was taken and his sight blended in the Bear's eye. And the war was over.

A3 size, marker pen drawing

photo source: Julia Belova

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