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Wild Rose - A tale from a Hidden Chronicle

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Once there was that ancient calling... she heard it like a shallow whisper from a far away distance. She heard it for a short period of time but it printed its pattern in her mind and it started to disappear bit by bit.

Her seeking has started. She went to the forest and spent hours in the wild in complete silence to sharpen her skills to reconnect to her intuition to be able to recognise that unique whisper. She heard the songs of the birds, the blow of the winds, the rythm of the water-drop when it started to rain but that unique call was not among them.

She searched towards and checked all the books and kodexes. She found never-visited areas with records from ancient masters and sacred codes but there was nothing about that unique call she heard back than.

She felt lost, and hit the ground.

And when she reached the rock bottom, her heart slowly started to make the rythm of the rain, the blow of the winds, the songs of the birds and all of them stood together to creat that perfect harmony, her unique call, the whisper she was searching for. That unique call drew a symbol-pattern, a unique pattern which was her own symbolic code of existence... The code, which she found in that Records she read in the hidden-area, called Akasha.

And her heart became louder and lauder, and the rythm became stronger and stronger, vibrating through her whole body, vibrating down through her feet and vibrating towards down below to the ancient Magma.

And Mother Earth heard and recognised the unique code, just like a personalised key fit to a special lock. And the drums were beating the rythm of the Earth. The fire of the Magma raised from below just like oxygenated blood and flew up straight to her heart.

Her heart started to vibrate in a high frequency, which she had never experienced before, and her whole body started to glow. She heard and understood all the songs of the birds, the messages of the winds, the rythm of the water-drops, the resonation of the stones. And everything made perfect sense.

A3, color pencil drawing

photo source: unknown

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