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Why do we need our story?

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Who are you? How can you identify yourself? What do you answer to the question when someone ask you to introduce yourself?

Your job?

Your title?

Your paygrade?

Your schools?

Your degree?

Your nationality?

Your religion?

But all of that are pre-set conditions, which exist before you, after you and without you as well?


What makes you unique?

When they ask me that question, I wish to tell my story,

how I have experienced the world,

what kind of wisdom I have acknowledged,

what is the 'truth' I believe in and stand for in all circumstances and

what kind of struggle and pain I went through to reach that stage.

You know, speaking about the pressure, which the coal goes through to become diamond.

Considering the fact that the lack of story will awake the mechanism of creating false narrative by people projecting their own unresolved shadow, and then acting out according to it, telling your story is also for protection...

....or for the exact opposite.

If the people become jealous, by the fact that your existence is a pure evidence of living a life in a high level, which they denied and labeled as impossible, you can easily become a target of their anger for all their own unaccomplished dreams.

Paradox... the stage of

Do we need a story to explain people who we were and who we have become and what kind of road we have taken to become the new, if all of their interests are based on materialistic goals, and if their level can be described by the brand of their cars, or the property they owned.


You need your story for you... to understand why you are different, how each steps made you who you are, what kind of nightmares you have faced and understood to reach higher ground and what kind of patterns you overcame by recognizing them.

Therefore, your story is essential... for you... and for all the ones, who have the interests to open their mind and learn from others.

And then... when you recognized all your flaws, broke all your patterns, faced all your nightmares...

...Your story is not important anymore.

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