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Where is the place for the Divine Feminine in the rationalized mind?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

I had a wild idea to investigate around rationalism and the body/mind concept in order to find answers to my hypothesis, that divine feminine energy is somehow included the 'body' concept and was rejected from the rationalist mind.

I started my investigation on the line of monism and considered about the idea of the One Substance what exists in all and nothing exists without it. I kept it as a basic point connected to Spinoza ideas about that only One Substance exists, and it is neither mental, nor physical. I would like to put that point down that Spinoza spoke about the Substance as nor body, nor mind.

But go forward with the historical line and explore Kant's idea who gave an utmost priority to the mind above all by stated that nothing at all existed outside the mind. And then came Descartes declaring that his whole existence based on his logical mind.

As a Jungian psychologist I would like to ask one question. Where did the unconscious part of their mind vaporize from that account? Did that just simply disappeare without any kind of sign?

Most probably it did not, because the fact that religions exist are one of the greatest evidence that the unconciousness needed to be taken care of. Archetypes, the God and also the Goddess figures arrive back at night in dream-forms and affect our everyday life and patterns.

While Descartes said that there was no room for mental state to be corrected because if we had them, they were true, mental hospitals show something different.

So there need to be something out of the conscious mind. Is that only an empty body with no independent senses?

Leibnitz claimed that body and mind must be distinct and introduced the monad, as the principle of continuity, the substance which has the power to represent the entire universe within itself. He also claimed that if matter reduced to its ultimate particle, it ceased to exist.

So we have a Monad, which has everything what can be manifested on Earth and according to Spinoza it is neither physical, nor mental.

Jung is one of the greatest minds who investigated unconsciousness and worked with the so called 'shadow' -self which is very much alive and influences every single segments of our life.

So if the idea of dualism extended to the concept that there are dual-pairs and consciousness has the dual-pair with the unconsciousness, what is the dual-pair of the mind? Do we still accept the thesis that our existence strictly consists of body and mind?

According to Marion Woodman, rationalism took place, right after the Plague claimed thousands of death. Men were so afraid of that uncontrollable source which could take life without any logical reason, that they forced everything what is unexplainable out of acceptance including death, sex, erotic and the one connected to those things - women.

The accepted woman figure reduced to the Virgin Mary - introduced by the church, denying two of virgin-mother-crone triad archetypes - and declared the other two as unaccepted whores.

The great split was created not only between the body/mind but also between the virgin/whore, and it led somehow to leave the middle one out of the equation. The dual pair killed the Soul.

Meanwhile that Soul did not cease to exist, it just went underground and continued her existence in the unconscious mind.

We are living in the 21. century where the mind/body, and virgin/whore split unfortunately still exists however there is a great hope that we return and explore that denied partial of the One Substance and manage to integrate back where it belongs, to create a whole and sacred trinity between Soul, Mind and Body.

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