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When the spark turns to revenge

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

When someone claims to own the whole truth, it has to be suspicious since the truth has as much perspectives as much our human minds are able to comprehend.

The so called innocent child by the time he/she starts to speak, is already well-blended to his/her parents' perspectives, which involves not only the idea of parenting but also ideology, religion, culture, race, nationality, political view, personality to mention only a few.

We judge others by the glasses we hold in front of our eyes, and it has its own root in personal tragedies and family/national/cultural trauma. All our wounds unconsciously try to take revenge and project the image of the attacker on the one who looks unable to protect him/herself. It is one of our deepest code in our programmed human behavior.

It takes extreme amount of energy and dedication to decide that instead of attacking the one around us, try to figure out the motives of that trigger, and face and understand the wound instead, not only ours but the ones who are confronting us.

While Harry and Meghan story was motivating at the beginning showing some kind of path forming to standing up for diversity, as soon as the direct pressure went off, the formation of that line quickly changed direction and the initiatives turned into the deeply rooted revenge mode.

We are here in this world to experience situations and learn from them. I believe that situations in which we are placed are carefully selected by some Supreme Source, to show us what exactly we need to see in order to become the person we destined to be. The amount and deepness of these lessons is entirely depending on us, on our receptiveness.

Do you want to be someone special and unique?

Face your own shadow, heal your own roots and start to see the others without your deformed mirror.

It starts with a stand when you decide to check your programming and instead of blindly following it, rewrite it.

It follows with the attacks from all the ones who do not dare to stand.

And how it ends, depends entirely how can you hold the balance and be an observer in the middle, and how qualified you are to stand through adversity with the purest intention.

Do you know what the truth is?

Hold a spoon of water and walk through a fiery house with it. What you missed experiencing while you were concentrating on your spoon of water, was the essence of the truth.

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