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Für Ihre Sicherheit

I remember quite well that history lesson, when I have learnt about Germany, and about what happened in 1939-1940 and I was in shock. On one night the coin flipped and all of a sudden Jews became the enemy. Nobody knew why but all of them complied. They were unwanted, they were rejected, they were guilty for a sin nobody knew about.

And after came 1948 and far away from Germany, in South-Africa an exact same strange night occurred. The coin flipped as well and all of a sudden all the 'colored' people became enemy.

"For the safety of others" step by step the new system stood up both in Germany and in South-Africa and thousands people were slaughtered because of the simple reason 'they belonged to the rejected group'.

Couple of years later a professor called Milgram set up an experiment in 1963 to test how people follow orders and if they willing to deliver life-threatening electroshock for others just because some kind of higher rank authority told them so. The result surprised him.

And I just saw yesterday how Australia built up the internment camps for the new 'rejected group' of people or how the same groups are getting fired all over the world.

What is their sin exactly? Being healthy? Being pure? Not willing to let their body being poisoned?

Milgram showed that 65% of the population were willing to deliver deadly electroshock just because an authority said so. It was back in 1963.

And today what I see, is people turn against their own kind and they are ready not only to cause them pain but outcast them from the society for the simple reason, the Television told them that those group of people are dangerous for their health.

Or the other part of the mass, who just turn away from the tragedy what is going on right now, and look to the other direction. They have given up their freedom for safety long time back and they are not willing to face any kind of responsibility for their decision.

There are the ones who jump up and ran off as soon as you get near to them, and they act like you have any kind of leprosy, and there is no amount of logic you could reason to them, as their brain is closed by the propaganda and the only guiding force is fear deeply imprinted in their life already.

There are the ones who just 'following orders' and do exactly what it was said to do so, and by doing it, causing enormous consequences.

And there are that few, who stand for thousands in a battle field while even their own people turn against them, sweating to find the right strategy in the biggest chaos. That few are fighting alone against a Giant Liar whom seems to make all the mass blinded. These few are the ones bleeding from several wounds, taking hate and abuse each day and instead of return it to their senders, they concentrate all their energy towards the real enemy.

I wish I could say that it will be a happy ending, and those who hide, who ran, who accuse or abuse will find some clarity and stand up against the real enemy as well, but right now we are in the mid of the night and who knows where the scale will move.

I just wish that somehow, someday the coin will flip again that there will be a day of clarity, where the power of unity will win over the Giant Liar.

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