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Wheat vs. Chaff or West Ireland Celtic sacred heritage choking in racist and misogynistic atrocities

West Ireland is one of the most beautiful lands with full of fairytale landscapes dispersed with ancient relics and mystical gateways. It is the home for the Mystics, Dreamers, Artists, Musicians, Storytellers, Healers, Medicine Women and Wiches of all kinds.

This place is flooded with magic, and whoever steps into its ground, cannot stand apart from the influence of its spectacular energetic vibration.

I remember first time I visited the area. As the vehicle left Galway, and approached the wilderness, my heart was jumping out of its place and the surprising feeling of arriving home overflowed me with its sweetness and love. I felt deep down that I was connected into some kind of magical heritage, a remembrance of something important, something hidden, something ancient, something of high value.

After all, half of my life spent in standing up for human and women rights, this place let me touch that mystical essence, which let me be a whole human in all vulnerability. It was like falling in love in the first time and having the pink glasses on.

But I also remember after I have settled down, how I had to call the Guards, just to get home because people were congregated in front of my house to beat me up or when I was chased out from the public place of the castle garden because of my accent.

I remember when I was shouted at, and obscene words were picked to throw at me regularly in public places, till I reached the point to become afraid of going out.

I remember how much efforts I needed to stand up and go out of my house each time and to embrace for atrocities which came both from the street boys, from scolds and from the oligarchic fat pigs. I found myself excluded, outcast.

As I was closed up in my house and listening how they were hitting my door with their fist- while publishing 'BLM' propaganda in their social media profile - I had time to research what was really going on and I found the story of the 9000 baby-corps revealed in Tuam and the stories of tortured and killed pregnant ladies by the guidance of the church.

I went deeper and investigated the motives. I found that deeply rooted hatred blinded these people so much, that they built up a whole systematic abuse-system by making up toxic whispers around the victims and separated them by blocking them out from all societies. I remember approaching people for help and being thrown back and blocked out from all connections. Some of them did it for purpose, some did it because of the fear of the community.

I lived through the Covid, where this hatred-venom plagued me guilty of spreading a virus and when I finally reached the point to dare to leave my house, people were turning away from me murmuring some kind of curse against me.

But after I heard about Ashley Murphy, who was killed not so far from me, daytime during her routine running exercise.

And there was me, standing completely alone without any kind of single support, separated from everyone but still standing.

Change came at the last summer, and I received a job offer in my skills. It came out of the blue and I thought some kind of shift was taking place till I figured that the job is blended with sexual harassment and all the extras I have built in, was stolen from me.

It is November now and we are approaching the darkest part of the year.

Just in the last two months I was targeted by 7, SEVEN defamations, three of them was combined with sexual harassments. The last attack was plotted on my birthday and cut me off from my only contact person.

This is the land of fairies and magic, full of beauty and charm. It has the most sacred connection points to the Divine, but that ancient heritage is chocking by the hands of hatred, discrimination and uncontrolled sexual drives.

Call me naive or stupid, but I still stand for a change and even if I am alone and if I am blocked out and kicked out and cast out from everyone and everywhere, I will stand and hold the torch in that deepest darkness to show the way back to the ancient gateway of magic, where all beauty lives, and all love is possible.

#racisminireland #thesilencedones #minorityreport #discriminationinirleand

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