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We are in it Together

We are in a War.

Mother Earth is under attack.

The Sacred Womb is bleeding, while the population is sitting under a spell gazing in ignorance.

They said 'we are in it together', but as soon as it involves any risk and it requires to step out of the well-designed 'norm' or 'new norm', they just loose interest, and step back and switch on the TV to mute their brain into the coma-level, and the statement quickly became 'you are alone honey, solve it as you can.'

The weakest link in our world population weakens the whole collective. That is what the real meaning of We are in it together. The fire-pot of Woman-rights was and still is Afghanistan, where the situation of the feminine gender is the most critical.

I wish I could say that there were true heroes who stood and fought hard to protect and save our girls but there was not even a single fight, the heroes stepped down silently and fled away leaving unprotected women and girls behind. We are speaking about those girls, who discovered scientific tools to save and protect others' life, because they believed that we are in it together.

Where are the heroes? I will tell you. The TV told them that they could become hero easily if they just sign a paper to take an experimental injection and accept all responsibility whatever it brings. So now they are queuing in lines to become a 'hero'. That is all what it takes. So they took the injection and went back to party, without even consider that others are forced to become outcast just because they believe in Mother Nature and do not want to become hero, just healthy by themselves. So our heroes are having party now with their ticking clock inside their body, while the others are deprived from all human rights.

'We are in it together'

Mother Earth is bleeding. Not only from the deepest wound cut into the whole women-gender, which burst out in Afghanistan, but also from the very womb, which was poisoned by greed, and pharmaceutical power. The Natural healing system is at danger, and pharmaceutical industry grabs everything they can by all hands to manipulate humanity into drug-dependency. And when I say they use all hands, I mean 'We are in it together.'

But are we?

Humanity is complex and we all have our perspectives. That is what makes life colorful. But when we see that people are forced to give up their rights to decide about their own body which they inherited from Mother Earth or women are forced to give up on their whole life, it feels something is not right.

Without harmony between the Feminine and the Masculine, there will be no peace and no healing. While the Feminine is repressed, the most ancient and sacred Healing Source is repressed.

It does not matter which group you belong, even you have a ticking clock inside you, which could easily turn into any kind of disease, or fighting or hiding from deprivation, we should not give it in to division.

Now is the right time to consider what does really mean WE ARE IN IT TOGETHER.

#sacredwoman #weareinittogether #propaganda #afghanistan

A3, color pencil drawing, source unknown

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