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Warrior quality

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Recently I had a conversation about the necessity of aggression in the 'warrior' personality. The opinions could not divert more. It was not only the definition which I felt was wrongly chosen as there was a great difference in the intention together with the whole idea of readiness for an attack, but also the lack of second initiation. I rather agree with Gandhi 'an Eye for an Eye makes the whole world blind' and I believe that the real power comes from the decision 'not to attack' and the skills of transmuting attacking (aggressive) forces into peaceful one.

To become a Warrior, a Man needs to go through several initiations and lots of that so called 'Dark Night of the soul' when he faces darkness and his own dark-side as well. The quality and the initiation of the warrior depends on how he went through that dark night and what he picked up as a lesson on the way.

Did he see the POWER? Did he manage to see both the Dark and the Light part of it? And did he managed to dissolve the dualism within himself and emerge that two back to ONE again? Did he accept that dark power equally together with the light? Did he understand the deepness of it? Did he learn control over himself and face his own dark side and listen to it?

Because if he completed these deep shadow work, he will reach the level to the next initiation to connect with the opposite gender and reunite in harmony. In that stage he needs to face his deepest fear of dissolving in the Feminine Darkness. But if he can show his own earned surrender and trust in this stage, he will pass through here as well and will come out at the other side with the taste of the Divine Love, ready to operate from a much more higher level from the level of that unconditional love and forgiveness.

It is an extremely hard task, a hardest task of all for a MASCULINE. Therefore the real warriors are only a few. They are the one who are ready to make peace and ready to protect that peace in every moment. They are the great protectors and peace-lovers. Their power is not in the readiness of attack or the alert with aggression. NO. There power is in the silence, in the complete stillness and Peace where everything can happen. They are the master of the skills to choose what to react on and with what tools and in what manners by thinking with their heart and feeling with their mind. This is the true Warrior who returned back to the source and brought back the heart-centered guidance.

When we had a conversation I had to face passive aggressiveness and rejection of my viewpoint for the simple fact that I am a woman and most probably my point of view came from my PMS.

As far as FEMININE has not been raise back to their own throne to the Temple of Sophia, where their gift is to lead the MASCULINE back to their own source, aggressiveness still will be the guiding force.

One of the sad example was that just one day after that conversation, a girl, who interpreted her soul through playing violin and teaching was brutally murdered not so far from my village. She was only 23. She just went to run daytime.

We are living in a very important time in Human history when each of our movements and actions are counted. Therefore it is extremely important what message we are sending out and what kind of vibration we contribute to the Whole.

When the Emperors of each country trying to build up tyrannical system, it is essential to have our great Warriors up in the front and compensate that aggressiveness with their calm, heart-centered guidance.

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