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Warrior and Healer, two faces of the same woman

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This dilemma was around me for years and it was one of the greatest cornerstone of my journey.

How can be a woman gentle and strong at the same time? How can be a woman a fighter and a peace maker at the same time?

It seemed exact opposite qualities for me and it took a lot to figure out that you do not need to choose, the authenticity evolves both.

You do not need to be sweet all the time. You are not submissive and you do not need to accept the role what Society forced you in.

You are a Queen, a Wise Woman, a Wild Woman, a Healer, a Rebel, a Warrior, a Child, a Mother, all in one. You are the gentle hand, who gives comfort; and you are the strong hand, who keeps the dangers out as well.

The lesson is to step out from the Society's expectation and find your own way to build the fine-balance among all these elements and rule all of them.

Your task is to use the correct tool at the correct time.

And to reach this... it is a mastery.