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Let's speak about vulnerability and why it is so important in a world where AI is planned to take a lead to create an artificial world where sickness and death is to be eliminated.

There is a big difference between Authority and Authenticity. Yesterday I was writing an article about power and how power plays its part in our life sometimes to shine us sometimes to hide us. But the main importance is that it will do everything to keep the control in its hand. Just because you have authority it does not mean you are authentic and does not mean that you are your Self either. Actually, the question is if you have the authority or do the authority have you?

To be True to your own Self, you have to show up as you are, to show how life and experiences formed you, how you managed to turn those experiences into lessons and how it led you to find your own purpose to discover your own unique colors. That is how diamond appears.

Do you see now? Vulnerability is the key. Your life, your histories, experiences made you the unique one with a unique message what is yours only. That is why you came to this Earth, and that is your unique contribution.

There is a crack in everything, this is the place where light enters.

Imagine a world where there is no crack. There is no lesson to learn, there is no place for improvement because everything is frozen into a kind of perfection.

We have already experienced what happens when Logic goes without Heart.

We tried religion, it led to war.

We tried Science it led to dictatorship.

The missing ingredients are "surrender" and "love".

Life and Death always goes together. Denying one evidentially led to destroy the other one as well. The real circle is Life-Death-Life where the Death is the middle state for rebirthing into a new life.

The real diamond is made under pressure and the real pearl is the result of pain.

Do you want to be real?

Dare to wear your scars!

Dare to show your Self!

Dare to show the lessons!

Dare to show your tears!

Dare to love!

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