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Updated: May 13, 2020

I wondered nowadays what does it exactly mean that you have your own voice?

When you find the frequency where your cord is resonate with the Universe and that 'OHM' sounds out.

Long time ago I was singing in a band. We had our own songs which we wrote and we had several concerts to perform.

On those concerts and also on the trials, each time there was one point when all of a sudden everything was 'leveled up'. It was like a shift and always all of us felt it. It was like we were marching together through discords and false steps to reach that unique, crystal clear sounds.

It took lots of efforts, and there were days when it seemed that just was not happening. Sometimes it felt it is completely useless what we were doing, and the whole music was sounded false. And there came the doubt, why we were doing it on the first place; if we really need to do it? But we kept going on. And there came that shift again.

That was that magical moment when it clicked. It was like we broke through the wall which separated us from Heaven, and all of a sudden all of the voice and sounds were coming crystal clear through the instruments and through my voice cord.

I remember on the concert when we reached that moment, and we - two of the singers - were looking at each other. We were singing a duett from improvisation and it was like the Heaven came down. We felt it. We looked at the people watching us and all of the faces showed the same expression. They all heard it, they all felt it. It was it, the VOICE. It was the true channel, the vibration match to open up that channel. The OHM.

Life took us apart and I moved to the Middle East to follow my dream to fly. I never thought about the price I must have paid for it.

The desert has its own secrets. Respiratory disease was one of them and it repeatedly came back almost every year. I developed bronchitis and I lost my voice. There were years when it took almost ten days in complete mute.

It took ten years till I got the courage to jump out from financial safety and get out of the golden cage.

Two years past and now respiratory disease is threatening the whole world and the first instruction, which was given is to 'protect' yourself by using a mask, to cover your mouth, which is the basic symbol of not to speak, not to use your voice.

Are we really so willing to give up our voice for false safety? Are we really so eager to give up everything we fought for so long because of a fear?

Not so long ago I was walking in a beautiful garden. While I was amazed by the beauty of the garden I was thinking to write about that Voice as a gratitude for getting it back after leaving the desert. Less than 10 minutes later I was attacked because my voice had a different accent than the surroundings. Because if my accent is different, I should not be in the garden. I have never thought that a clear voice could be such a danger but it was the biggest confirmation I could get about the importance of it.

It does not matter how high the cost is, but using your voice and standing up for it is the most essential message in today's world. Because uniqueness DOES matter, because individuality does matter. Because LIFE does matter. Because FREEDOM does matter.

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