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Turtle tale part 2

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Once upon a time there was a frog sitting and croaking on his favorite mountain. Few knew about the real story of that rock, how extraordinary spirit was dwelling inside, and few saw its legendary turtle shell before it turned to stone.

But one day it started to rain.

As it poured down from the sky, it started to loosening up the ground and the toad jumped down from the top to play with the mud, while the stone slowly started to sink downer and downer till the mud covered it all.

Darkness surrounded it like an ancient womb and embraced it gently like a rocking mother singing lullaby.

It was the sound what started the changes. The ancient sacred Creation Song, the Music of the Spheres vibrated rhythmically around and gave birth to a spark of light inside the shell.

While the toad was carelessly playing around in the mud, deep down in the dark, a little florescent light was growing inside the rock.

The nurturing Mother Earth recalled an ancient memory, and by her voice, the remembrance of the real origin has begun. The memory, which was so ancient and so powerful, circled around the rock, started to shake the whole membrane and burst into a full spectrum of brilliant light drawing a magnificent rainbow-bridge out of the shell and hatched the calcareous caul.

From the deepest dark the turtle emerged back to the surface surrounded by an aura of light like a rainbow coat, which not only reflected the sun but also had sourced from inside.

There was no more greyish petrified concretion anywhere, but instead 38 perfectly formed diamond-shaped scutes, all of them adorned with unique sacred symbols, holding the secret of the creation of the Universe.

And he came along with his brilliant simplicity, while his shell provided ground for the playful dancing of all lights.

#sacredalchemy #resurrection #thirdeye

art @hiddentavern

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