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Trust and Doubt, religion or science

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

According to the definition, doubt is a mental state in which the mind remains suspended between two or more contradictory propositions, unable to be certain of any of them. Doubting is inherent to the human brain.

In other words, we have a special gift, which makes us different from the other species, the ability to question situations/concepts/ideas etc.

And there comes trust, which is to allow credit irrespective of the circumstances.

Nowadays I had the pleasure to participate in a discussion about religion and science investigating the possibility of them in exchanging their roles. The conversation was mind-blowing and triggered lots of thoughts.

From my point of view I would say while religion answers our unconscious needs, science entertains the conscious parts. We need both of them to operate. But...

The problem starts, when instead of using them as a tool of getting to know ourselves more, the tools become the weapon of manipulation and the source for power-seeker.

In an ideal world, questioning can not be a problem, since every doubts call for deeper investigation, and leads to deeper roots in both field. Challenging something or someone brings things to attention or brings the person out of his/her safe zone and gives them the opportunity to evolve.

How many times I heard people saying to me that they are blessed in their little safe bobble where nothing can happen to them. Yes, the ship is also safe in the harbor but that is not the task of the ship. A life without development slowly loses the real life energy and the stagnation or automatization densifies all parts into a solid form. When it reaches that so called 'crystalized' state, there is no more change possible, and the energy is not able to move anymore, that is death in the energetic point of view.

All religious systems originally have been built around a certain idea or vision, which with time, has distanced further and further from the original idea. The energy which has been fed the original discovery, has vapored out from the literature and it changed places with dogma, the crystallized, solid structure of the once infinite view.

Nowadays, we can hear the statement 'trust the science', and it should alert the danger what happens when questioning is not allowed anymore, and the system becomes so rigid, that the science turns to be a dogmatic religion as well.

What is the solution then?

If we remain open, and dare to question everything, ourselves, the world, the religion and science, we have the chance to trigger the particles into a whirlpool and always find something new and unique to evolve, which would fulfill our life with fresh energy.

If you want to trust in something, trust the unknown. Trust the Universe, and surrender your whole Self to the fact that nothing is under control. And if you do so, that trust would show you the original life source itself.

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