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Integration of the dark part or the dreaded Step to become Whole

It is a normal human instinct to direct your steps always to a better outcome, to a nicer surroundings, to a problem-free life. It is especially true when you have a past with trauma. The first response is to go far away from all the memory what has the slightest effect to remind you what happened. You desperately avoid everything which could reawake the memory. You choose a location what has nothing similar than the traumatized memory and change topic every time, when someone is getting closer to that.

The bittersweet catch in it is, that you can not run away from your past. The more you run, the more it will chase you. You can run to the other end of the world, the same exact trauma will somehow regenerate from nowhere and hit you hard till you are not able to stay and listen to it.

That crying girl inside you desperately needs your attention to acknowledge her pain. She wants to tell you how she was abused and left behind broken. She wants tell you how much injustice she saw in the world, which she should not, if the world is such a positive vibe only as you described to her. She experienced the opposite. She wants to show you her wounds, and tell you how her treasures were destroyed and stepped on. And that experience was so hard, that it broke her down completely. She wants to show you the broken pieces left behind. She wants you to acknowledge her and accept her with her TRUTH as it is.

It is a hard job, and it is not easy not to turn away. But these broken pieces became real diamonds now. If you manage to see them as they are, collect them and place them back where they belong, they will be the cornerstone and the gems of your own structure.

That integration will lift her up and will create a channel for healing and transformation. That crying will stop and a voice will sing again.

That voice will come from the deepest vale and will vibrate through the whole membrane. It will sing like never before, because that voice will be filled with wisdom and the purest light originated from the darkest part of the world. It will be the invocation of the SOUL of Creation. It will be louder and louder and will call upon the ONE, who was denied, rejected and forbidden for centuries by the religion and the culture.

It will call the Great Goddess, the Dark Madonna back alive.

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