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Transhumanism or the death of Body/Mind/Soul trinity

When I was reading the third book of Dune from Frank Herbert, there was an idea stuck with me. It said 'If you change the environment, the thought-patterns will change as well.'

Everywhere there are thousands of broadcasts and propaganda speaking about the different 'always positive' effects of transhumanism and all of them speak about the urge of 'saving the world' by using the terms 'We are in it together', we have to do it 'for the greater good' or simply forced us by the threat of losing jobs, earnings and losing the ability to go out and live a normal life.

When the situation is ceased to flow in a natural way, and there is an over pushing outside force aiming to one single direction with total control and rejection of questioning or investigating around it, that is the hugest alert which shouts for a full stop and rethink.

During the last three years multiple crisis has hit us but if you standby and remain the observant you can see the fear-mongering systematic-play around a centralized power-manipulation and well-planned mass-hypnosis whispering to take more and more from a gene-manipulated experimental injection with a hidden lists of thousands life-endangering side-effects.

I will now take the rejected ground of questioning and investigating and I will invite you to have a look at the other side.

Our body is the most unique and highest advanced level of technology, which uniqueness came from the dualist ability of merging the two opposites (conscious-unconscious, masculine-feminine, thoughts and feelings). It was not created to just survive. It was created to thrive. That is why it got the name 'Temple of the Soul'.

Body in that meaning is the channel to the greatest Source (which was named as Mother Earth, God, Universe, Great Architecture, Soul).

The Ancient wise ones knew there was a secret path. It is a way to use your body as a channel. Bhagavad Gita speaks about the seven doors in your body which need to be cleansed. Tesla made several research about it and when he found out that the Energy which can be tapped, was higher than all imagination, and it was free, they silenced him.

By forcing technology over the body, the propaganda kicks out the dualist balance, which naturally harmonized in the body, and by rejecting the unconscious or feminine parts, they closing the door in front of you which could lead you to that Source.

They substitute it with medications, injections, virtual 'reality', and other drugs and entertainments and imprisoning you to become dependent on their own fabricated reality.

The real question remains: Are you really want to just survive? Or do you want to thrive?

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