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Transhumanism means losing real values

Nowadays I hear worries about the direction our collective lives are turning. Recently I read the book called 'Homo Deus' from Harari and despite the fact that I do not share his opinion in most cases, and I see his perspective as a 100% logical masculine with a full denial of other realities, I do share his worries about having a life guided by machines or being surrounded by so called 'upgraded' people who are already half machine in order to produce and consume more from a dying culture while declaring 'own nothing and be happy'.

While I try to balance my own feminine and masculine side, by holding both the logical mind and the loving heart in equal term, I should admit that the view what is projected by the WEF is a threat to all our values and cultural heritage.

But I see something else as well, which started much earlier than the thoughts of turning towards to machine for upgrade, and praising machines as the new Savior. I believe there is a major root -cause what provided the possibility that it could even develop to become such a danger.

As soon as humanity declared a man-lead society, where women are second classes, humanity turned away from Nature and started to destroy Mother Earth. The disrespect towards women, especially in men-lead religions are the root cause of all the natural disasters we have around, and the funniest thing in that is that they promoting a solution to use more power, more male dominance to solve it???

Those brutal male-leaded intention mostly came from rejected man, who decided to destroy strong women reputations and their relationships just because they cannot have power over them. What is left is the animalistic desire and the degradation of the moral of society what is going hand by hand with the declaration of Transhumanism.

Yes, we are a technically advanced society, and I am typing this blog in my device and still I argue that the balance has to be made. There were ancient societies, much higher in technology than ours today. If you give a chance and a search about these stories in the border of history vs. myths, like Atlantis, besides your belief it is real or not, it can still teach a lesson. That society was supposed to be much more advanced than ours today and their abomination caused by greed and hunger for power, and it led to turning away from Nature just like nowadays.

AI is like money, it can be a tool or a weapon, it depends on the hand who hold it. When I see people turning to AI without any control, with full trust and looking at it like a salvation, and fighting and running away from vulnerability, I see the same abomination. Nobody can live forever, as death is the part of the natural circle of life. The moment you deny vulnerability and start fighting to have an utmost upgrade of power and the opportunity to live forever like a God, you lost all the value Humanity means. Do you really want to live like that?

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