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Toxic feminine + weak masculine

Researching the cause and effect of Patriarchy was always a great topic of interest in the progress of returning to the Original Sacred Balanced State.

There is an aspect which is neglected, the story and origin of the toxic Feminine, which I wish to draw attention.

In an ideal set up we could see a Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine partnership, where the Divine Masculine leads by the inspiration of the Divine Feminine. There is a sacred balance and energy interaction between that two. As the Divine Feminine is in direct contact with the Source through her Womb, what is a portal to guide Souls into this World, she has the channel to healing, comfort, wisdom and inspiration. They lead the Masculine back to his True Home and protect his soul in the Divine Realm. The Divine Masculine therefore protects his Source as his most precious diamond in the physical world and by clearing the path and provide safety, he leads her forward and creates the future by her inspiration.

But this harmony was ruined by power-seek individuals who were afraid of the uncontrolled Source of Wisdom of the Womb, so they decided to take control over it. They raped and destroyed the Divine Feminine. The Powerful Wisdom was taken away from Saint Mary and Saint Magdalena, the story was rewritten, and Saint Mary became the Virgin and Magdalena became the slut.

For that power-grab caused the loss of divinity and created two classes of Men. The one who dictates their patriarchic rules to oppress the others, and the other one, who became a reflex organism, only being able to reply by obeying the rules and reacting from animal instinct. That two classes of Men pushed the feminine down to the third level, the oppressed feminine level, where she needs a man in order to become someone.

When women realized their positions, their first point of focus became hunting the male and possess them, lurk them into a marriage in all cost. In this upside-down world, the weak male's only option to feel that they are in control is to push the feminine to fight for them.

The Balance was completely ruined, the Divine Secret of Creation got lost and the whole civilization descended down to animal level, with the basic instinct of survival.

Divine Feminine are that few who found the way to reconnect to their ancient Source and therefore they have the infinite wisdom inside of them. Time does not count in that level anymore as their presence is the Divine Presence which provide the utmost Peace, Love, and Harmony. They are here to help Society and those lost females to reconnect back to the Source. They are here to lift others up and to heal the wound. They are here to awaken the Divine Masculine, the Protector, the Warrior, who will be the equal partner to stand their ground side by side with the Divine Feminine in this revolution.

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