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Toruk Macto, who brought the clans together in great sorrow

They say myths and legends are just fairytales nothing else.

Are they? Or are they the whispers of the ancient, forgotten wisdom from a forgotten world which was once as real as this one today?

What if your unconscious uses the only tool it has to remind you by sending messages about Great Wisdom hidden from you?

And the real question is, why would it be hidden?

Because if it would not, you would know that Nature is able to heal itself and by providing us the perfect body created by evolutional trials, it has the best-tested immune system.

If it would not be hidden, you would know that you have all the senses built-in, to connect to that root and heal yourself from all disease just by reset circuit in your body using nothing else just simple breathing or herbs and pure nature Energy, what is completely free.

If it would not be hidden, you would know that there is no reason to fear, because Mother Earth is a provider.

If it would not be hidden, you would know that they lie to your eyes in order to set up a centralized system using all source of emotional manipulation.

If it would not be hidden, you would see how they plan to destroy your own natural immune system by adding synthetical drugs to destroy natural circles by setting you up for the long-term medical dependency.

But it is hidden and to keep it that way, they have already almost exterminated all the indigenous populations, together with all the Healers and Priestess of Mother Earth.

The question is, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION about what is going