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To the Sea...

Since we have an ongoing madness where the state of Pa*lestine is under attack by a heavily brainwashed homunculus lead by its unhealed trauma and financed and supported by the head of the snake, dropping the whole world into a spin to face our collective consciousness, we also have the greatest opportunity to heal our deepest wound. The knife what it brought dares to cut off the numbing plaster from our third eyes revealing our most crucial nerves what makes us human and revealing the true masters in the purity of the children, the wisdom of the elders, the courage of all the brave men and women. And the resilience of a nation holds our hand and leads us back to our heart.

And if the international waters are still intentionally deaf we still shout Free Pa*lestine.


Special thanks to the press members delivering real news while facing life threats in every moment. May their life will be protected, and their nation will be saved.



Yousef Alhelou

Drawing artist credit goes to the one signed, please advise me the name if you know it.

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