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Thoughts about Stoicism

I had the pleasure to have access to a discussion about the Philosophy behind Stoicism and as always I can not express my gratitude enough for the inspiration it gave me to investigate deeper and find my own answers. Because how else can you make your own path if you do not question every teaching you receive.

So with all due respect, these are my thoughts about the Discussion of the Philosophy of Stoicism.

There are four topics I wish to explore.

These are





What are they? What do they stand for? What is their connection to us?


The theory of Stoicism states that being control of your own faculty is the only way to being control of your life. That means strict discipline over every segments of your life.

During the discussion it explained while we do not have control over our body, material objects, our reputation, our commands over others, and everything out of the reach one's own mind; we have control over our opinion, our pursue, our passion and our decision.

While listening to the list of things out of our control I wondered, if these things are necessary completely out of our control. I do understand that we receive a body right upon birth and it is not ours. However receiving such a great and beautiful gift does not make us a responsible holder for it? Does not make us our duty to taking the best care of it and figure out the mechanism and keep it as fit as possible? And also does not it apply for the rest of the list?

Moving forward to the list of items, which we can control, it is our behavior and our thinking and our emotion. That leads me to my second topic:


Stoicisms claims all the emotions are the weakness of the body. Are they really weaknesses? Or are they the best tools we have to experience this world in the deepest level.

Yes, I understand the necessity of discipline. What I am saying is, rejecting emotions lead to repression and trauma. Living them fully without grasping it, on the other hand would give you a view which can not be experience in any other way.

I believe the control you need over your emotion is to SURRENDER. It is the act of allowing emotions to happen without judging, grasping or repressing them.

The great question here is if surrender can be a type of control or the exact opposite?

Going towards with emotions comes passion. Stoicisms claim that passion is something you need to sub do. Why is that so? Passion by using wisely as compassion, can be a guide of your heart and can bring you to your true call or virtue. You can call it intuition, compassion, passion or love but it is the necessary element what gives the alchemical heat to make the rigid and hard substance emerge into the all. Into the Nature.

Here comes topic third:


In the discussion it was mentioned that you do not need to please others, because your only one duty is to align with the Nature, not the people.

I believe people are part of the Nature too and sometimes they bring the most difficult and hectic task but they are still part of the Nature. As the Buddhist teaching says TAT TVAM ASI: see yourself in the other. As far as you can see the other as yourself, you understand the universe. There is no separation. If you believe that you are supreme, you separate yourself from the Nature, from the One, and these separations are all based on EGO.

Question of control came back in this topic. The great question here is how to serve the rest without giving up on yourself. It is the real mastering task to set up healthy borders in alignment with your own need and necessity. There comes the rule 'love yourself first' because if you are not taking care of yourself, how would you take care of others.

So there is again the control of the mid-ground, what you give out and what you hold back. As far as we have this human body and living in a world ruled by dualism, we need healthy borders to operate.

There is one more question about Nature, and it is the essence of Nature. Genesis said in the beginning there was darkness. The whole creation started from Darkness. That darkness has it all! That darkness has had everything what we have today. That darkness can be the symbol of the Womb giving birth to life. That darkness can be also the symbol of all the unconscious. But that does not mean darkness is wrong. Darkness is the opposite of light and together with light will be whole only. Nature consists light and dark. And in this, we are ruled by

Nature Law.

And that Law considers the Yin as much as the Yang, and does not judge any of them. The Perennial Philosophy searching for the infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change.

There is infinite, unchangeable reality, in my mind it is the central of the circle. The central point is the only point , where there is no centrifugal or centripetal force. If your aim is to reach there, I believe it can be done by surrender.

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