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Thoughts about Stoicism

I had the pleasure to have access to a discussion about the Philosophy behind Stoicism and as always I can not express my gratitude enough for the inspiration it gave me to investigate deeper and find my own answers. Because how else can you make your own path if you do not question every teaching you receive.

So with all due respect, these are my thoughts about the Discussion of the Philosophy of Stoicism.

There are four topics I wish to explore.

These are





What are they? What do they stand for? What is their connection to us?


The theory of Stoicism states that being control of your own faculty is the only way to being control of your life. That means strict discipline over every segments of your life.

During the discussion it explained while we do not have control over our body, material objects, our reputation, our commands over others, and everything out of the reach one's own mind; we have control over our opinion, our pursue, our passion and our decision.

While listening to the list of things out of our control I wondered, if these things are necessary complet