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This time for the kids in need

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I believe I can start with a personal story this time. There was a period in my life when I visited orphanage in Africa. These are those special trips which touch your heart so deep and you can not leave without having a change inside you. I had a special moment in Lagos, Nigeria, with a little girl named Precious. This girl was given to me and we had that kind of immediate bond. I knew I had limited time and I knew I had no option to change this, but still it was extremely hard to leave. These kids were born into a political/financial/economical situation, which they definitely do not deserve. We are lucky enough to have home, safety, education, clean water, electricity around us, and the opportunity to choose a path to build up our life. They do not have these things. Maggie Doyne is one of the hero, who did that change I was not able to do. She was only 19 years old when she went to Nepal and for today she is the founder of Blink Now, an orphanage giving shelter and education more than 200 children. So I live in the other side of the world right now, Africa and Nepal both out of my reach. But what I can do for making that change is to make this post for those kids in need this time and publish their contacts with the hope that there are others out there, who wants to make some changes as well. -Tukutana - orphanage in Uganda - - they are committed to meeting the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs of Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children. -Little Saints Orphanages- Orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria - - they are committed to taking care of orphans, abused and abandoned children. (It is the home of Precious.) -Blink Now Foundation - educational and orphanage house in Nepal - - founded by Maggie Doyne giving shelter, education, and medical service to orphans.

A3, marker pen drawing

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