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The Woman who broke through the glass ceiling

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

When she was born as a fifth child in a family in Poland nobody could tell that her determination and strength would make her world famous, and she would become a role model in front of the whole feminine community.

She grew up during the Russian Military supervision with almost no opportunity for education. Her application to the University in Poland was denied for a single reason of her being female.

But she did not give up. She went to France and worked hard to finance her sister's and her own studies and she got admission to the University of Paris.

University of Paris gave her not only the opportunity for higher education but also the opportunity to meet with her future husband / best friend / colleague who became her greatest support and with whom she received her first Nobel prize.

After her husband's tragical death she turned all her energy to their joint research. In honor of her husband, her unstoppable effort gave her the greatest result. She found a new element and with it, she introduced Radiation to Humanity.

With her second Nobel prize, she became the first woman, who won Nobel prize; the first person and the only woman who won two Nobel prizes, and the only person, who received two Nobel prizes in two different scientific fields.

Her determinations, her results were undeniable and it cracked that famous glass ceiling.

Maria Sklodowska Curie is a hero for all of us as she had not just introduced ironically the 'Greatest Power' on Earth but also she had opened the path towards gender equality.

A3 charcoal drawing,

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