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The Warrior Code

I have never wanted to be a warrior, or to get involved in a fight. I just wanted to send a message which was declared to me when due to a serious accident I was in coma very long time ago, that

- the most important thing in life is to see the miracles unfolding in everything and everyone;

- to understand the mystery of life in each breath you take, and each step you make;

- to feel how love connects all dots together and

- how deeper and darker you reach, the purer and brighter the light you see.

But that unique source separated me from the others, who search confirmation by outside sources.

And by following my own source, I became a Ronin, a social outcast with the strongest, strictest discipline rooted into the deepest Connection to Mother Earth.

Having my life based on absolute trust of the Divine put me to the front line and I found myself to becoming a target. I remember the faces back in the desert laughing at me as I did not get the upgrade because I was not willing to close my eyes. And while the others achieved their career goals and success and entertained themselves by abusing the ones in lower positions as the unwritten standard required, I struggled with punishments and restrictions.

It took a long time to see and understand that it was necessary to guide me towards the deeper, hidden root of existence, which is veiled so well from the average population.

The training I received back there, has prepared me for a much more bigger fight, which I wish not to have, and truly wish to avoid. But I also know that my life is not only mine, and staying in the front line comes with responsibilities.

And what I wish the most not to see how people turning into Evil just because the propaganda suggests so, because it has happened before and it had terrible consequences and I believe we have learnt from it since then.

I wish for a better future…

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