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The Turtle Tale

Once upon a time a special tortoise was born. He had 23 diamond-shaped scutes, all of them were able to reflect the sun. These scutes gave that little tortoise a rainbow-colored coat, which was able to spread out a magnificent light covering him like a protective rainbow aura. Stories were told about the special gift he had and how wonderful it would be if he could reach the stage to develop all the 38 scutes.

But he did not know anything about these stories, nor about his gift. He just wanted to live a happy life and that was all.

But there was a toad in the same area who got jealous of that gift. He approached the turtle and inflated himself to get attention. He was croaking and croaking about made-up stories and betrayals and separated the tortoise from all his other friends and started to use him for his own purpose.

As time passed, the frog developed new hobbies and he regularly climbed up to the top of the shells and he used the turtle to travel around while he was enjoying the upstairs view. The little turtle had no idea that every time the frog climbing up, poisonous venom was spilled to the shell. Neither he noticed that the diamond-shaped scutes started to lose their shines and lose the ability to reflect the sun. He was happy that he could be in a good service of a friend, and that was all that mattered to his heart.

The frog enjoyed croaking in the top of his shield and inflated himself bigger and bigger, while peeing more and more venom out. Slowly an irreversable damage became visible.

The scutes started to fade and a special kind of calcification process started, which stoned the 23 diamonds together without any ability to grow.

That was the time when the tortoise started to realize something went very wrong. He started to feel that his light, super shiny armor had turn to greyish and it became heavier and heavier like stones with each day.

It became more and more difficult to move or just lift himself up.

Till one day, he could not move anymore and silently died buried the dream of rainbow-diamond bridge within himself, while the frog was celebrating his new stone which he used to croak around.

Art by NoelleMbrooks

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