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The Temple of Isis

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Listen to me closely my Child...

I wanna show you something... l wanna guide you back to the Ancient connection... to Mother Earth... where the seed of life conceives.

Close your eyes... take a deep breath.... be silent and wait...concentrate on your heart....

Listen to your heart rhythm...Feel the beats... amplify it till your whole body vibrates together with it...

Do you hear the drums playing?

Do you feel the Earth breathing?

Here lays the way to go in...

Are you ready to meet with the Ancient One?

Are you ready to meet with the Divine One?

Here She comes...

Holder of the Sacred Seed of life, holder of the Ancient Wisdom.

She is the Goddess of Heaven and Earth.

The Gatekeeper, the protector of the dead and unborn. She is the Midwife.

She is the Guardian who leads you through the portal of Life.

She is the Mother and the Ruler. Her hands rules nations with care, and leads people to prosperity and peace.

She is the Wife. She is the firm and loyal foundation of the Warrior, the King.

She is here to unite the power of the Lunar and the Solar energies and to harmonize these forces.

Her love heals and her tears restore souls.

She is here to guide you back to the Great Balance. Are you ready?

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