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The Social Dilemma vs. Media Propaganda

'The Social Dilemma' Documentary is an excellent example of carefully fabricated bits and bobs, mixing true danger and myths in an exact amount to manipulate you into a hidden agenda.

On one hand it draws attention to the addiction, which is triggered and caused by those social platforms, showing how people are getting under its influence how it modifies their personality for the worse.

On the other hand it labels critical thinking and different perspectives as the sin of society. And here is the point where I would stop and separate facts and fictions.

Yes, it is addictive and it can effect the psyche and especially towards kids and young adults it can be quite dangerous. It is also a high level commercial platform with a designed algorithm. It is AI, the brain, the logic. In an energetical code, this is the masculine logical part.

But life is about balance and heart and brain need to be balanced. One can not exist without the other. Yin and Yang always work together and complete each other, the same way as conscious and unconscious.

It was predictable that as soon as the social platforms get out to the public, it would find its on way and sooner or later the shadow-self will wink in. The overreacted surprise showed by the CEO in the documentary about the fact that it got out of their hands deserves an Oscar specially the part how they try to pass over their responsibility.

Since humanity exists on Earth, there were always conflicts, different perspectives, revolutions, demonstrations, bullies. Social media did not invent these things, it just highlighted them and speeded them up. Those conflicts and revolutions are the birthing places for development. We need those different ideas what challenging the status-co in order to move forward. Stigmatizing it as misinformation shows either lack of understanding of the working psyche or carefully manipulating force in action.