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The Silence zone between thoughts

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Sometimes there are those hard days when you receive that mental slap on your face from the most unexpected sources and at first blink there is no reason for that.

You are sure that injustice is happened and your inside cry for restoration or any kind of balancing act. But most probably you are in a situation where restoration is not an option.

What you can do is to go introspective mode.

Option 1) figure out, if may be there is some logical reason behind.

Option 2) create reaction-free zone

Option 1)

First question: why does it hurt? What feeling are you experiencing? Has it happened before or something similar happened before? If it has happened before what was your reaction for rectifying it?

If it is already happened, could it be that your wound has not healed yet from the previous one and it is needed to repeat to break it, and clear it out for perfect healing?

Could it be that you are threw back to an other round again to experience something else in it, which you did not recognize during the first wound happened?

Is there anything else in that situation what is similar than before? Can you change your reaction in this time?

Is there anything in that situation what is different in this time? What is that and how can you differ your reaction according to that?

Option 2)

What if you do not react at all? What if you do only one thing, ACCEPT? Nothing more, nothing less, just accept it and let it happen.

You will create a reaction-free zone , the silence between thoughts. What you need to do is just accept them together with the whole emotional package arriving to you. Let them reach you, feel them, thank them, and finally let them go. And give thanks for the Universe for the experience.

The most difficult part is to skip the logic. But you can not understand the world beyond the forms by your logic.

It is based on a finer, smoother reality. It is much more about energies and impulse. And in that case all you can do is to show gratitude for the experience, which you are entitled to receive in this body, in this life.

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