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The Real Queen

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

This post is dedicated for ALL the Ones, who dare to stand up against the mainstream,

For the One, who holds her own Truth over rumors.

For the One, who chooses trust over betrayal.

For the One who gives shelter for the outcast.

For the One, who's strength gives motivation to the broken one.

For the One, who heals the wounded ones.

For the One, who is here to nurture and support.

For the One, who bows down to lift others up.

For the One, who dares to Love and remains gentle amongst the hardest trial.

For the One, who sees the Goddess in the other woman and honors her.

For the One, who sees the Warrior in the Man and honors him.

For the One, who holds presence for the others to unfold their destiny.

For the One, who steps over all those toxic low vibrational feminine energy and shines with Grace.

For the One, who's authenticity shines over all the darkness and gives value to this World.

For the One, who's present sparks and fills the place wherever she enters.

For the One, who spreads that forgotten sacred code which is carved into her Heart.

Blessed Be the Real Queen.

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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