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The real life Lion King

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

They say when you are a child there is an inner eye staring at the unseen world behind the curtain of the visible world. But we loose that sight by turning our attention towards the material world, and that negligence towards the third eye makes it close down completely.

There are big dreams from that period of time, when you see the world without limit, when you are still in the euphoria of arrival to Planet Earth. But somehow the outside pressure and constant requirements to comply and to fit to the rest of the community starts to build a wall between you and your dreams.

The Breakthrough can be achieved by only a few. That few are able to stand strong against conformity. These are the ones, who declare a limitless world for themselves. These are the ones, who form our world by making wonderful things, and miracles and by doing so they make their remarks forever.

They say Life likes stubborn people and if someone shows the courage by not giving up, Life will give him or her the reward, and opens up doors from nowhere to let them proceed with their unique call.

Hakuna Mipaka - NO LIMITS.

This post is dedicated to Dean Schneider, the real life Lion King, who dared to follow his childhood dream and moved to South Africa from Switzerland to create a home, which never existed before, a place where the lost link of connection between animal and human can be discovered.

Dean Schneider not just gave home for some of the endangered species but also he established and became the unique bridge to understand those animals.

"We need to learn to love them exactly the way they are and not the way we wish them to be!"

Dean Schneider

#deanschneider #whisperer @deanschneider

A3, color pencil drawing on black paper

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