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The Real Hero

The MAN - with full capital - left the living World this week.

The MAN who knew how to fight, and how NOT to give up.

The MAN, who did not get anything easy but who was not afraid of fighting for his dream.

The MAN, who stood up after every single failure and tried again.

The MAN, who did not care what others did or said because his only concern was his own aim, even when all the circumstances turned against him.

The MAN, who went back to training right after the championship winning, where he won 7 goals for his team, just to train again his shooting technique.

The MAN, who kept everything inside and never show pain to anyone.

The MAN, who lived far away from the fake shining of the Media and protected his family in all cost.

The MAN, who knew what the true value is and put every single seconds to bring the best version out of himself. And he did.

The team player, the team leader, the sportman, the husband, the lover, the father, the child. The Real Human Being.

His last war supposed to take him within weeks, but he fought that battle as well, and he fought it for two years. Because he was one of a kind.

This post is dedicated to Tibor Benedek, the Hungarian Waterpolo Legend, and a true soul.

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