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The Queen title

Nowadays I read couple of posts online about the “Queen title” and why or why not women use it. I got very inspired as I have had to work with that energy as well. For those of us, who came from an abused background, solar plexus and the root chakra is blocked or needs recovery in a meaning that we grew up in surroundings where the motto was “woman find your place and shut up” and get used to the “less or nothing you deserve” treatment. I see my highly talented and extremely intelligent women friends how their life got stuck in this belief and instead of reaching for the stars, remained in a low rank status being abused by all their co-workers since “they can do it so why not”. It is very difficult if you grow up under continuous abuse to identify, let alone stand up and go against the programme which is basically imprinted into you by your loving parents. It causes a cognitive dissonance since if you even identify the abuse, the respect and authority of the parenthood blocking your way to get out. Some of us never get to the stage to reach it and that is it. We are here for them to listen and support their struggles and help them as much as we can. BUT if you are the lucky ”black sheep” who got out of the toxic environment and not just identify but also step up to break the chain, you are in a brand new path, which was never walked before. It is hard since in our minimum 2000 years of history of women oppression, there is no role model to follow. So most of us we turn to the archetypes and create our own models and new “social mask” or “ego” as you like. It is the biggest and hardest lesson of my last 5 years to understand that even if “being nothing” is my desired state to be and being left alone to live my life in peace it is not the case since we live in the mid of an unaware society. Human nature, what mostly follows its animal instinct without noticing or questioning their motives, are wired to take control over the “weak-like” one. As soon as you appear “nothing” and “humble” they will pour the whole table on your head just to demonstrate their dominance. It is a very disappointing and harmful lesson for me to see that being humble and requiring a simple life can not be done without establishing extra-strong boundaries and it is a necessity to step up and show off some power at least at the beginning till the new community got their lesson and find their way back to return to be busy with their own business again and get back to the respectful way you offered them at the first place. Unfortunately this process takes time especially if you jumped continent and got into a community of a completely different level of development than before. On the other hand, I also see and observe a lot of abuse of the “queen title” where kids misusing it for domination and for ganging. As in everything in life, there is a paradox in it and a twisted truth, how an ancient archetype can be used and abused in the same time. All I say is, boundaries are necessary to have in order to have a healthy life and you have to find your own way to balance the amount of force what this process requires. It takes mastery to keep it always in the edge to be fierce and loving at the same time.

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